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Bug Bites in Private Areas

Hi Ladies -

Well - its that time of year already! My DD is coming home with horrible bug bites, as she does every summer, but this time she is getting them around and in her private areas. Do you know of anything we can use to help with the itching, as well as to prevent the bites? I dont want to use Off, or any of the traditional methods in that area - maybe something homeopathic? Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you!

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Thank you, ladies! I forgot about chiggers, too! Its happening at DD's school, so I let them know they needed to spray. In addition to these suggestions, I also heard about Aveeno oatmeal baths to help relieve the itching, which it seemed to do. These are great suggestions - thank you so much!

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A., I swear by CORTAID! It takes the swelling out and within a short amount of time the itching just stops. It's great! Hope this helps. S.

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A., I swear by CORTAID! It takes the swelling out and within a short amount of time the itching just stops. It's great! Hope this helps. S.

It has to be chiggers!! I have lived in Texas my whole life and I remember as a kid getting those dreaded chigger bites. They love the ankles, but love even more the back of knees, waist line and unfortunately the panty line and private area.

In order to PREVENT the bites, you just need to stop them in their tracks, before they get to the private area. So, you can use OFF on the feet/ankles area. But, when I was a kid and went off to DayCamp in Girl Scouts for years in Texas, we all filled socks full of sulfur. Then, used it to hit our legs, ankles, etc. Again, you cannot put this on the private parts area, but the sulfur will repel most any insect, including chiggers.

To TREAT the chigger bites. I would soak her in baking soda & warm water in the tub, but also you can put Calamine lotion all around the private parts, just not internally or in the deeper folds of the skin. With Chiggers on the ankles, inside knees, etc., you can use Calamine or we even use to use nail polish to smother them. Chiggers actually get inside the skin. They will eventually die, but if they are bad on the non-private areas, you can buy ChiggerRid to provide comfort and to smother them too.

Hope this helps. Many Blessings - L.

It sounds like chiggers...they like warm, damp places like panty lines and sock lines. I don't have any suggestions but maybe knowing what it is wold help you find a solution. Try Googling "chiggers." good luck!

Try sulphur. My daughter gets her ankles hit with it at girl scout camps every summer and she has never gotten bit. She is at two outdoor camps in the woods and the sulphur has worked best. She has yet to come home with any bites. It does stink though and you will need to wash her socks seperatly or just by cheap ones you throw away.

Be sure to lay down a blanket to sit on outside. It could be chiggers, ants, . . . ouch!

P. <><

Sulphur! I also experienced horrible chigger and other bites at Girl Scout camp and we used sulphur. Just apply powdered sulphur to the ankles and waistline (probably not necessary in the private areas other than on top of clothing - not on the areas directly). Sulphur repels other bugs, like mosquitoes too. There are chigger bite "medicines" out there, but most work simply by cutting off the air supply to the bite area. The myth is that chiggers bury themselves in your skin but that's not true. Topical anti-ich medicines should help some, but otherwise, only time (and not scratching) can reduce them.

Warning - test medicines like ChiggerRid before using it. I had a very bad reaction to that medication when I was a teenager (temporary loss of vision and hearing!)

Hi A.,

My Mom had this problem with my brother when he was little. She gave him B1 vitamins. They send out an odor through the skin that bugs don't like. But of course we can't smell it. I think it'll take a week or so to get it in her system but it works. Also, when she gets bites, you can put meat tenderizer on it, it sucks out the poison. I would probably bathe her in baking soda for her privates. I think there's not alot you could do there. Maybe try some desitin. But get you some B1 it works! Hope this helps!

I have no advice, but my kids have the same thing! And they don't even go outside that much! It freaked me out when they complained about it before bath one night.

That's so funny, we just moved down from Chicago and I was wondering what was biting my one daughter so bad, she likes to sit in the dirt and play and she had all these horrible bites, under the sides of her diaper and under her arms, everywhere! I've been in the north too long and I forgot about chiggers! I'm going tomorrow to buy sulpher powder. Campho Phenique works well on the itching. Smells bad tho.

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