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Bug Bites Getting Infected

Hello Mom's,
My 2 year old is having problems with bug bites. It started about six months ago when a bite on her toe got infected and was swollen larger than I've ever seen a body part get. There was redness moving up her foot towards her let. She was put on an antibiotic for a skin infection and it went away right away. This week she had the same symptoms and it is worse this time. She had three bites and now there are getting blisters too. She had a bite on her face and it made her eye so swollen that her eye was shut for two days. Both of her pinky fingers had bite also and were swollen and blistered. The worse one of the two had red going all the way up her hand. Days later she was bit again on her foot with the same problems. And yesterday I found another one her arm. She is on two antibiotics for skin infections and we have seen her reg. doctor who wants her to go to an allergy specialist. I'm making the appointment today, but everything is out of pocket for us right now and I’m having a hard time coming up with the money. I think I could use some encouragement from anyone who might have gone through this. I feel horrible that she is going through this and cries from the pain. Also my five year old son has swollen up several times but not as bad as her. His ear was four times bigger than it should have been and had a knot on his forehead that looked like something hit him. I would like to have my house sprayed for pest but don't have the extra cash flow for it. Thanks in advanced for your help!

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The best thing for any bug bite - or even snake bite - is Sangre de Drago. It's the sap from a tree in the Amazon rain forest. It has amazing healing properties. If you want a link to a website where you can get it let me know.

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I myself have experienced this.
I had one bite that almost had me admitted to the hospital. It literally made my leg look like someone had taken and burned me bad. (not sure what bit me this time... but I am also allergic to ants and misquitos)
The redness that was spreading is not good.
Your daughter is having some bad allergic reactions.
I have to keep benadryl around at all times.
So that when I have a bite that begins or show signs of swelling.
I have to take some. It does help.
Ice packs and elevation help but benadryl helps the most.
I am so sorry your daughter has to deal with this at a young age.
Sorry to hear that your son is dealing with it as well.
Hope you get this taken care of soon.

WOW! I am so sorry that ytou are going through this. I would suggest asking te allergy specialist if there is a way to work out a payment plan. This way you can pay what you can afford. As far as getting the house sprayed yo ucould do this yourself. If you go to a place llike Lowes or Home Depot they will help and show you the best stuff to use and can even give you tips on how best to use it. Good luck!

I'm so sorry your kids are having to go through this. I know what it's like to be cash strapped and still take care of your family.
My daughter doesn't swell, but she gets nasty, yellowish blisters at the sites of mosquito bites. I try to spray her with bug repellant when she's outside. I've found some really effective ones that are made with lemon grass and eucalyptus. They also have wrist bans that the kids like to wear that help a lot. I know, sounds like putty a flea collar on, but it works.
If the bites are happening in the house, you could try vacuuming really well and washing the bedding. Also, I know ants don't like dish detergent and if that's the problem, I've seen a stripe of detergent in their path stop them. You could also look up some homeopathic pest control methods that can hold you over until you can get the house sprayed.
I wish you the best of luck.

The best thing for any bug bite - or even snake bite - is Sangre de Drago. It's the sap from a tree in the Amazon rain forest. It has amazing healing properties. If you want a link to a website where you can get it let me know.

I can advise you on bug bite intervention. Living in the desert there are all kinds of bugs everywhere! Using Avon's skin-so-soft is the best bug repellent I know of. Even after a bite, spray the oil on the bug bite & the itch will go away. It's safe to use on kids & animals too. You can order from my website youravon.com/dkossob. Good luck.

Hi T. -

You might try boosting your children's immune system with Echinacea or other immune stimulating herbs. For the bites themselves, look for a salve/cream with Plantain, Calendula and Comfrey. Plantain is relieve the itching and draws out the venom from the bite. Calendula and Comfrey are very healing herbs. Also, since they have been on antibiotics, add Probiotics or yogurt to their diet to help rebuild the bood bacteria in their digestive tracts.


M. M. Ernsberger, HHP
Certified Herbalist

I had my 3 year old daughter at the doctor this week for the very same thing. Her bug bite made her cheek swell up so bad she couldn't even open her mouth all the way. The red spread clear up to her eye and just looked horrible. Our doctor had us use Benedryl as well as an antibiotic and it has helped immensely. Your doctor will need to tell you how much to give her. We gave it to her every four hours and within 3 dosages the swelling started going down and the redness went away. Hope this helps. I know how bad it is to see your child hurting like that!

sounds like an allergic reaction - I'm allergic to bee stings in the same way - swelling, pain and itching. spend the money to get a good exterminator so you can eliminate the problem. you're probably spending as much on antibiotics as you would on the pest control! And antibiotics are only treating the symptom, not the cause.

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