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Budding Breast

My 6 y.o. breast looks like its budding--am I seeing right? Should there be a change in her breast at 6?

What can I do next?

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It's possible. My 6 year old has little boobies, she's not flat chested. And she's a skinny child. Some girls stay flat chested until puberty, others grow breasts slowly, others bloom altogether early. Although the last is usually an indication of excessive weight. So the only reason you should be concerned is if she is overweight, which can cause early puberty. If her weight is normal, then it's just the way she's developing.

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there are tons of hormones pumped into the animals that people are eating. People shouldn't be eating animals or animal products. This is the mad science and its results.
We are slowly killing our children by poisoning them with this junk.
Get the kid on a clean, toxin free diet. No sugar, dairy, animal flesh, eggs, processed foods and give her fresh wholesome food: fresh grains, beans, lots of veggies and some fruits. Give her water to drink to flush out her body, and make sure the stuff is or mostly is organic.
Drs will tell you it's 'normal' now b/c that is what they see tons of kids getting but this is NOT how it is supposed to be and it's certainly not healthy. Precocious puberty causes cancers and other diseases later in life.
On a side note, it's wonderful that you are so observant of your daughter.

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Hi R.,

I agree with Jan. Her list was quite complete. Everyone really needs to be eating organically now as our organic standards are simply the way we all ate 50 years ago. Fruits and Veggies from Washington and Oregon (whether labeled organic or not) meet the national standard for organically grown. Eat and drink an abundance of antioxidants for additional protection.

Early development is not healthy for any child. This may push her into early menses and cause much distress later in life. Cancers are at an all time high and I believe that this is one of the main causes. It's good that you have noticed and asked this question now!

God bless,


Do you feed her any soy? Any products w/ hormones? Then yes that will start secondary sexual characteristics early-
if on soy get her off- off any soy, then check for hormones in esp meat products.
Check out WestonPrice. com for more help.
best, k

HI R.,
It is most likely estrogen dominance. Many of our kids are getting xenoestrogens from environmental toxins like plastics, hormones in the beef and chicken, pesticides in the vegetables and fruits. This is causing early development in children, among other serious issues.

Avoid plastic dishes, cups and flatware
Avoid plastic waterbottles Stainless steel is available for kids
Use hormone free chicken and beef. Larger stores carry that, such as the Greenwise brand at Publix. Or your local health food store has it also. This is vital for your daughter, and your family
Avoid restaurant meals.
Buy organic produce when possible

I have studied this issue for many years now and my own 5 year old granddaughter has the same problem. This can be serious for kids as they get older.
For more info, go to my website and read the Estrogen Dominance article. We need to alert all parents to this issue

That seems early for budding breasts. I hear it is happening earlier because of all the hormones in plastics and the hormones in meat and dairy products. Or, is she just a chunky kid?

get to a specialist right away. i dont want to scare you, but this can be early onset pueberty, yes you read it right!
this is happening to girls very very young-it's a hormone imbalance.
In your daughter's case maybe it's nothing & I pray that is IS nothing!


My daughter is 7 1/2 and a little on the chunky side. I bought her a sports bra, even though i can hardly get her to wear it, lol. Like the other poster said, depending on your daughters body type it might just be a little "fat".

Hi R.,

I wouldn't worry about it, some girls just develop faster than others. When I was your daughter's age, my breasts looked like tiny little lumps, and I started growing hair on my genitals by 8. I got my period at age 11, but the doctors said I was perfectly healthy. My mother got hers at 16, but she was underweight, barely eating, and times were different. Girls are now developing earlier. I see 7-8 year olds with budding breasts all the time. My daughter's cousin is 8 and already using a sports bra, and she isn't overweight. Times are changing and girls are just developing faster, she's not ill or anything, but if it makes you feel any better, get her checked out to put your mind at ease.

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