Buckle Fracture in Toddler's Tibia

Updated on June 26, 2010
T.J. asks from Seattle, WA
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My 2 year old fell off a play structure at the park today and has a buckle fracture of the tibia. She's in a splint for a few days until she can get a cast and can't walk until then. Anybody been here before with some tips? What an awful day for all of us, thanks for your thoughts and advice! :(

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So What Happened?

Cast came off yesterday, just in time for our Seattle heatwave! She walked right away, even ran out of the doctor's office. Got a new kiddie pool so she can swim again, plus being in the water helps her leg build up strength again. Trying to make her rest now and then but she's enjoying having her leg back! Thanks everyone, that six weeks went really fast!

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My daughter had a toddler fracture at 11 months. She was cast from her toes to her hip and it never slowed her down one bit. They cast it bent so she could still crawl and she was off crawling as soon as we got home.

You will probably have to carry her around more because she will not be walking on it. Get a lot of DVDs, coloring books, and in door activities...oh maybe time for a doll house.

But I bet she will be a lot more mobile than you think.

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My 20 month old fractured her thigh bone and was in a spica cast down both legs. She handled the whole thing well. It was very tough on her parents though. The thing that worked well for us was a sling for carrying her around. She couldn't move herself but did want to be in all of the conversations. The most important thing for you to remember is that, while this is awful, it will end and be a bleep on the radar some day. It will be a long several weeks. I completely feel for you right now.
p.s. Thin french bread bags and waterproof tape from the drug store work well for baths.

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Hi TJ! My son who is 15 months JUst fractured his fibula---He was in a splint for about 5 days for swelling and now were in a hard cast-----The orthopedic said this is very common for toddlers its called a toddler fracture and they always heal great! My son wont try to walk on his cast but he could if he wanted to, we will go back in 3 weeks for another xray--I know how hard it is but its harder on us then the kido's. The hardest part is he doesn't understand why he can only swing at the park and not go play and bath time is his favorite time ever and he cant get baths with his cast on so we have to sponge him but other then that hes doing ok! And so will you daughter! Hang in there!

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My granddaughter's leg was in a splint for a few days and this didn't seem to be a problem. She semi crawled, "walked" on her knees. It didn't slow her down at all. At 2 she isn't far from the crawling stage and might just go back to crawling.

I looked the buckle fracture up on the Internet and learned that they heal quickly. She should be out of the cast in 3 weeks.

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There was somebody who talked about their little one fracturing his tibia within the last few days. Search for it! I'm sorry to hear about your little one, I can only imagine how difficult it must be!

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Hello ALLLLLLLLLL old rules out the window. It's marathoning movies with icecream time.

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Hi TJ! I actually posted a question about my little guy fracturing his tibia earlier today. He had a cast for five weeks and was actually walking around in the cast after he had it on for about 2 weeks or so. He got the cast off about a week ago and has been really weary about trying to stand on his left leg (the one that had been casted), he's been "walking" around on his knees and when he does stand up, he's pulling his left leg up and just standing on his right leg. I know the muscle is probably pretty weak from not being used and I'm sure he's scared that it might hurt if he tries to walk on it. So after thinking about it, I brought back out a walker (one of the ones that look almost like an exersaucer) my mom had gotten for him to help him learn how to walk, and he was weary at first to use his left leg, but after he put a little weight on it and realized it wouldn't hurt, he was cruising around the house. I think it will help him regain his confidence and re-strengthen his leg at the same time. I hope this helps and I wish you and your little one lots of luck! I know how tough this time is, but you will all get through it :)

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answers from Las Cruces on

The same thing just happened to my 2yr old girl. I am miserable watching her squirm and try to pull the splint off while we wait three days for the orthopedic to see her for a cast. She seems to be in pain, especially at night, even though I've given her medication prescribed by the clinic doctor. Please tell me how your situation is doing. I need some advice and reassurance. :(

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