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Bubble Bath Dangerous for Little Girls??

My 17 month old daughter loves bubbles in her bath! My Mom told me when I was a baby (a few years ago:)) that she was told it causes infections for little girls privates. Has anyone else heard that?

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Yes, I heard that it can cause irritation. We were experiencing some pain for my DD and we cut out the bubble baths for a couple of weeks and it helped. Now we haven't banned bubble baths, but we limit them to one a wee.

never had a problem with my niece or any of the girls I was a nanny for (3) over the years, we love bubble bath. (PS it's soap, so there should be no cause for infection, soap cleans infection)

I don't want to sound to old school, but my granddaughter's
doctor said that too. His actual words were do not let her sit
in bubble bath water to play. If she wants to play let her do it
for a short time then bath her and get her as soon as possible.
My granddaughter would get so irritated and red that we would
have to get some cream for her. So he suggested that she
would not get into the tub with bubble bath and stay too long.
I know how much they enjoy it so. Maybe there is an organic
one or one that would not cause the irritation.
My best to you and if you find one let me know,

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I wouldn't say it causes infections perse, BUT soap in general can cause one's ph balance to go out of whack which in turn yes, can cause a rash or in some cases can add to a yeast infection.. it's also very drying due to sodium chloride which is what makes the bubbles...

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It is true, they can lead to UTIs and yeast infections. In boys too, they are just not as susceptible.
If your daughter never had any problems, a bubble bath once in a while will probably not hurt - I just would not do it every day.
The problem is that soap destroys the natural defenses of our skin and all the "good bacteria" that keep you healthy. If you sit in soapy water the soap will get into the vagina and sometimes the urethra. There it causes irritation and can lead to overgrowth of yeast. This is true for adult women too.

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Yes. They do. Bubble baths should be a RARE treat treat, and when you do allow it, be sure to use something mild.

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yes. it is true. ask your pediatrician. Mine said the same. Look up online about UTI in little girls and it'll say that girls should avoid bubble baths. You can google: "UTI in little girls, bubble baths" and there should be plenty of information available.

Since my daughter was 2, we stopped giving her bubble baths (she's 4 now). That's sad because kids are meant to have bubble baths. That's the fun part of taking a bath!

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Yes, it easily can cause infections and irritations. When I was a child (even up to my adolescents) I would always get some type of infection or VERY irritated from bubble baths. There are some very harsh chemicals in those products to make them sudsy. I strongly urge you to shop somewhere like Whole Foods and get an all natural bubble bath without sodium lauryl sulfate. I have a five year old daughter and I have used nothing but all natural organic products on her since day one. Hope this helps!

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I second (or third or what have you) california baby. I used to get utis a lot, and got more with bubble baths, but my girls have had no problems with the california baby stuff (or anything natural, I would think).

It happened to my daughter when she was about your little one's age. Our doctor recommended using nothing other than Johnson's (or the equivalent off brand) since it is safer and has less perfumes/dyes in it. She gets pretty bummed about not having bubbles in the bath tub ... but we just let her bring in toys instead.

The doctor told my mom NOT to let me have bubble bath when I was little. I had chronic UTIs and he just thought it was best to eliminate anything that could be a contributing factor. I think the problem for little girls it that the urethra is shorter than in little boys and so they can more quickly develop an irritation/infection.

Find an organic version with no dyes or perfumes and maybe that will be safer.

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