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Bruised Ribs Remedy?

Heylo there ladies. I have either pulled some ligaments or bruised my ribs (right side) this weekend while cleaning. It was hurting, but I was still pretty mobile. Then, yesterday, I turned precariously, and almost instantly, I have felt a sharp pain in my ribs and it's hard to move, sit, lay, breathe, laugh, cough, etc. I am 35 weeks pregnant, so I am limited on what I can take. If I went to the ER, they cannot do x-rays because of the location. All I know is that I'm in severe pain with a lot of work to do, but almost immobile and it's killing me! Any thoughts or suggesstions on what I can do while being this hurt and prego?

Thanks so much!

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You may want to see a chiropractor. You may have pulled a rib out of place. Adjustments & electrostim can be safely done while pregnant. Just tell them up front you are pregnant- they use as special table.

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B., as a nurse with 14 years of experience, I cannot stress enough the need for you to see a doctor immediately! Yes, it could be a bruised rib, but please let a doctor diagnose that and rule out anything more serious especially since you are 35 weeks pregnant. The fact that you are in so much pain is worrisome to me. There is a reason for pain: pain works as a message from our bodies to tell our brain that something is wrong and needs attention. Please, please, please see a doctor. even if it is a bruised rib they can help with some comfort measures, but please let a doctor make that diagnosis.

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I am not pregnant but I get the bruised ribs from time to time. My husband massages my side for me and believe it or not it actually hurts when he first starts massaging but it feels better when he gets done. A heating pad helps also. I don't take medications for pain so I use alternatives. Tea is very relaxing and helps ease pain. Rub some Ecyloptus lotion on it. That helps a lot. Also the spray on the pillows helps too.

I would get into a Chiropractor to see if you could possibly have a rib out of place. Sometimes they move/spread when you are pregnant, at least mine did anyways. I see Dr Brady Arnsberger over by Cooper Creek off University Pkwy. He is right next to Urban Flatts if you know where that is ###-###-####

go to your doctor. i have severe back problems, and when i was preg my doctor told me that if it got bad enough, they could put me on tylenol with codine, that it was safest for pregnancy.

Hi B.,

I agree with the ladies that suggested the chiropractor. If you don't have one, my family uses Dr. Scott Thurston at 30A Chiropractic. He's reasonably priced and very thorough with his methods. My ribs have been out of place before and I KNOW that kind of pain. If it's something that simple, then the remedy is simple. I also use a natural pain creme that actually heals and prevents bruising. If you think it's a bruise, let me know and I'll tell you where you can get it.

God bless and congratulations!


GO TO THE HOSPITAL! YOu are in alot of pain and your baby coudl be suffering. They can give you a cat scan or mri instead of xrays and pain meds.

I fell when i was 35wks and it started early labor. I was luckily that the baby wasnt hurt and they doctors stop the contractions for another week. But because of the contractions the umbilical cord was wrapped aroung the baby. If i woud have waited, the baby would have been in serious trouble.

Ice is a safe way to handle pain- never longer than 20 minutes- never longer than 20 minutes-
even if you could get xrays the deal with ribs because they are curved is that if you see the break you know it is fractured, but if you don't see one it doesn't mean anything because you could have missed it on the x ray- so in other words don't worry about not being able to get one.
If you see a chiropractor- and gentle chiropractor then get checked out and see if where the ribs come together with the back bones if it is out of place- so that can be gently fixed.
And if you find an old doc they will know how to do the tuning fork and tell you if it is broken so you will have that information
meanwhile- no sugar, limited motion(I'm sure you already know that) check out Dr. Bruce West for info on supplements for healing safe while prego, best, k

At the very least take a tylenol! Also, I would reccommend that you gring it to your doc's attention. This close to labor you don't want to have any unexpected suprises when you are pushing!!! Your doc will be able to offer you the best advice!

B., First congrats on your baby. I had "slipped" my ribs about 15 yrs ago - don't really know what I did to cause it possibly doing the twist at a wedding, but I remember it being the most painful thing ever!!! Difficult to breathe, sleep, etc., The only thing that worked for me was to wrap your ribs w/an Ace bandage, have your significant other help you.

Good Luck, hope you feel better soon.


You may want to see a chiropractor. You may have pulled a rib out of place. Adjustments & electrostim can be safely done while pregnant. Just tell them up front you are pregnant- they use as special table.

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