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Brown Discharge When I Wipe After the Urination with Pregnancy Symptoms

I had a missed period with pregnancy symptoms(28 days cycle with last priop on 9th Dec). From the past 3 days i see a little brown discharge when i wipe after the urination.
Is it a serious thing or normal? I need to get a OBGYN DR appointment.

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I had similar symptoms when I was pregnant with my son. It is probably nothting, but I would check to see if you're pregnant. It could be the embryo implanting. I would take a pregnancy test and if you're pregnant, you should get a check up with your OB.
Good luck. I hope everything turns out ok.

It's probably implantation bleeding but get a sonogram just to be sure. That's exactly what happened to me. Brown discharge at 6 weeks. Had a vag. sonogram to make sure there was still a heartbeat. My daughter is 7 now!

First things first I would take an at home pregnancy test, depending on the results you would have to make an OB appt, provide them the information and let them make the decision as of when to see you. But if you feel you need to then absolutely make an appt with your gyn.

Are you saying that your last period ended on December 9th, or that your last period started December 9th?

I am assuming you meant your LMP began Dec. 9th. I would say it is highly likely you are pregnant, or you are having a late period (possible since you are BFing). I had implantation bleeding with my pregnancies. I am currently 25 weeks along with my third child. This pregnancy was different because I had a few incidences of brown spotting during the first trimester. It made me crazy with worry (I have suffered 3 prior early miscarriages), but my doctor assured me that brown spotting is common, and that it is old blood finally coming out. It's time to worry if it increases or turns red in color.

In any case, it sounds like you need to make an appointment with your OB pronto. Google "brown spotting early in pregnancy" and read the results. But don't freak out too much... it's likely that you are pregnant and everything is OK.

Good luck with everything.

if you are having signs of pregnancy then you probably are
pregnant, make an appointment with your doctor first thing in the morning to check and make sure because the more prenatal care you receive, the healthier your baby will be
K. h.
brand new mommie
the brown discharge typically means a developing infection
get to the doctor

Brown discharge can be normal, but it can also be an early sign of a miscarriage. Ive had brown spotting before, so when it happened this past October I thought nothing of it. After a week of brown spotting it turned pink and then I went to the DR. I was miscarrying. That brown spotting was my first sign. I dont know if I could have avoided it or not if Id gone to the DR. sooner, but I would go get checked if I were you. Just to be on the safe side.

Since you are still nursing, you may be just spotting. I would get a preg test done. You may want to make a visit to your OB/GYN anyhow.

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