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Bronchitis - Bothell,WA

My doctor diagnosed me with Bronchitis last week. I thought I was getting better but had no ide now irritating the coughing part of it would be. The coughing is getting worse. Anyone have any remedies, suggestion, meds that help alleviate it. I keep reading onlne but I swear all the med sites say "Stop Smoking". I don't smoke. Doesn't anybody get this that doesn't smoke? She did give me a prescrip for antibiotics in case it turned worse and I spiked a fever,etc. This did happen over the weekend an I filled the prescripton. But of course, antibiotics aren't going to help with the horrible coughing. Oh, and I'm nursing my 8 month old so some meds I cannot take.

Thank for any advice.

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Lemon and honey. Basically warm lemon juice with honey. Works everytime! If you can't stand the taste, try adding a little fresh mint, it works absolute wonders!

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My husband and my 13 year old daughter has had bronchitis issues their whole life and the cough will hold on for about 1 - 3 months. I have a humidifier in the rooms at night and it really does help. I also use my Scentsy warmers and put vicks inside them for humidifiers if you don't have one. Hot tea also helps a bit.

Hope it help

I have dealt with Bronchiti's my whole life!
Vick's Vapor machine w/mentholatim gue but add salt to the water
2/3 hot steam shower's a day-steam really bring's that yucky stuff out of the lung's!
an last but not least-rest

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Lemon and honey. Basically warm lemon juice with honey. Works everytime! If you can't stand the taste, try adding a little fresh mint, it works absolute wonders!

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i have bronchitis and I take a cough syrup with an expectorant this helps move the gunk from your chest and lungs so you can start getting better. Rest really is the best cure for this but as a Mom is also one of the most difficult for us to do. The recommendations for eucalyptus and the chest rubs are great however one work of caution with the Vicks is that is a petroleum based product. you'd do better buying the eucalyptus oil and mixing it with olive oil and putting that directly on your chest. You can also do the same thing with Rosemary essential oil both of these are easily available in Whole Foods or New Seasons or any that carry organics. Hang in there, it does go away..eventually.


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I used to get Bronchitis 2-4 times a YEAR! The last time I got it (about 8 years ago), I went to Dr. Cheryl Wood, who is in Lynnwood (a naturopath) and she gave me the worst tasting cough medicine I ever had, along with some homeopathic remedies.

I got over it and haven't had it since.

When you get the urge to cough, I try not to, as much as possible. The reason bronchitis happens is irritation to the bronchial tubes and linings of the lungs. The more you cough, the worse it gets. Yes, non-smokers get it too - I was a non-smoker when I got it the last few years that I used to get it. Personally, I don't think there is a connection between smoking and bronchitis. The connection is between SADNESS and bronchitis, according to one naturopath I talked to.

My other "remedy" is take 1-2 shots of rum in 1 gulp - if you can stand it, then go to bed. For me, the rum burns a lot of the mucus out, lets me sleep, and in the morning I'm usually a lot better.

Hope this helps. I HATED this illness. It is MISERABLE. God bless you and help you to recover.

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You and I are in the same boat. I coughed so hard last week I threw up! My doc prescribed me cough syrup with coedine and an expectorant, and it really helped. I'm not sure if it's safe to take while bf'ing, though. Honey is always a good option, and cough drops help. Good luck!

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My 4yr old gets bronchitis alot and she does not smoke...neither do we...so I don't know why she gets it so often. She has it right now and is on an antibiotic...but the pediatrician suggested Robitussin CF to help with the cough/phlegm. They make it in adult dosage. It's an expectorant and cough suppressant and seems to work wonders with her right now. Of course you'd need to check with your dr to make sure you can take it while nursing. Hope you get well soon.

Ask your doctor to prescribe some coedine cough syrup. It's safe for use during pregnancy and will at least help you sleep.

I am a pastor here in Oregon where it rains all the time, I take care of the sheep in the streets, so I'm outside quite a bit. I have chronic bronchitis, and I smoke 3 cigarettes a day. I don't take antibiotics because they wear down the immune system. This is the only remedy that works for me and it works in 2-3 days. With a fork, crush a clove of garlic 2-3 times a day and swallow it with a little milk. Not sure how it will effect your breast milk, but I'm sure it can't hurt the child, God Bless,

Pastor K.

I am hopeing that I remember this recipe right. I used it years ago for my kids and myself but unfortunately I forgot to write it down. It is one that you can use as many times as you need to as it is completely natural. Unfortunately I can't use it any more as i have developed diabetes so...unless my sugars are low I can't have it.

Honey about 1 cup if I remember right.
Lemon Juice about 1/3 cup
Water (hot to start) about 1/4 cup

Mix it all together and store it in a jar or other handy container. Take a few spoonfuls whenever you need it. It will soothe your throat and help prevent the coughing.

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