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Bridal Shower Game

My son is getting married and I have been put in charge of coming up with a bridal shower game for the shower for our side of the family. There will be mixed ages there from young 10 to older 70's. Any suggesetions for shower games that aren't too off the wall? Thanks.

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My fave is BRIDE bingo as already mentioned. I also went to one where we each got to pick as much toilet paper as we wanted from a roll on the table. Then we had a certain amount of time to make something for the bride out of the tp. Then the bride got to pick which one she liked the best. At this shower, we had lots of flowers, bows, & rings, but the bride chose a strapless bra that someone made. Too cute!

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You can split into groups, about 4 to 5 people, and have them build a wedding dress out of toilet paper. That's fun for all ages.

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At my bridal shower my best friend made a list of my husband's favorites like....favorite movie, food, color, etc. and then ask me at the shower what I thought his answers were. It was a lot of fun! The more creative of the question the more fun it is!

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My fave is BRIDE bingo as already mentioned. I also went to one where we each got to pick as much toilet paper as we wanted from a roll on the table. Then we had a certain amount of time to make something for the bride out of the tp. Then the bride got to pick which one she liked the best. At this shower, we had lots of flowers, bows, & rings, but the bride chose a strapless bra that someone made. Too cute!

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You can split into groups, about 4 to 5 people, and have them build a wedding dress out of toilet paper. That's fun for all ages.

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the most memorable fun game I played at a Bridal shower was using toilet paper to make a wedding dress. You break up into teams and each team member picks someone to model and they make a dress out of toilet paper on the model then the bride to be picks the dress she likes most. It is amazing how creative they turn out and was fun for all involved.

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The quiz about the husband-to-be is always my favorite. You can ask a bunch of easy questions that she'll surely know and then throw in some crazy ones like what was his high school mascot, what was the name of his first pet, what was his favorite toy as a child, etc.

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At my bridal shower my best friend made a list of my husband's favorites like....favorite movie, food, color, etc. and then ask me at the shower what I thought his answers were. It was a lot of fun! The more creative of the question the more fun it is!

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At my shower my SIL had the other girls use toilet paper to make bridal veils. The kids that were there had fun helping the adults. We also played a wedding version of scatagories, hearing the answers was pretty interesting. I've been to showers where they also used toilet paper to make wedding gowns.

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I saw this one done at a baby shower, but it would work at a bridal shower as well, with a slight change of one or two things. This takes a little prep work, but it is so much fun. First you would get a tray togeteher of items, such as things that the newlyweds would need on their honeymoon, like trial size shampoo, conditioner, a bar of soap, a brush, a comb, a pack of gum, any little items that you could fit on the tray and have the tray covered with something like a towel. To start the game, you would need everyone's attention, you would tell them that you are about to take the towel off the tray and have the bride-to-be walk the tray around to all of the guests and they had to remember what is on the tray and write down as many items as they could once you started the timer, but not until everyone has had a chance to see the tray. Then, have the bride-to-be stand at the front of the room one more time for everyone to see the tray again, and then have her leave the room with the tray. Then, instead of setting the timer, tell everyone that instead of writing down items from the tray, they have to write down the details of the bride-to-be, afterall the shower is about her. Have a list of questions about details from what she is wearing, the color of shirt that she has on, what kind of jewelry she has on, what the wedding color(s) are, how many bridesmaids is she going to have, does the couple plan on children and if so how many, etc? But, you don't let the bride-to-be back in until you have asked all of the questions and have her reveal the answers. It really stumped my family the first time I did it at a baby shower, but they all said that it was fun and refreshing, somthing that you weren't expecting and they got to learn things about the event that they didn't know before.

We've done this at bridal and baby showers. Take your future DIL's new name and everyone has to come up with words using the letters of her name. We give them 5 minutes, seems like a long time but isn't, and the one who came up with the most ligit names is the winner. The bride can play too.
Then we've taken a garbage can or a can of some sort and filled it with 10 - 20 small items that the bride/groom will need as a new wife/husband. Keep it covered so no one can see what is inside and then give everyone a 30 seconds to look at the items. The items are then recovered and everyone must write down what they saw. They are only given a minute or two to remember what they saw. The one who gets the most right wins. Congratulations on gaining a new daughter and Good luck and God Bless to you and your son and his future wife.

my favorite was always making a wedding gown or head piece/viel out of toilet paper....fun for younger guests, you can split into teams or for the more frugal all help decorate the bride to be = )
Have fun


First of all, Congrats on gaining a daughter-in-law. Second, a game that was really fun at my bridal shower is take a tray that the bride can hold onto. On the tray there were some items placed on there in no particular order, then I carried the tray around and stopped in front of each guest so they could see what was on there. Then I would leave the room with the tray and the hostesses told the guests to write down what I was wearing. The tray was a decoy and everyone had a load of fun trying to remember what I was wearing.
Good Luck and again Congrats!!!


One I've played a few times -
Celebrity couple match up: You can use just the names or cut out pictures. Have the guests match up the celeb couples. You can include couples from every age group and even fictional couples (e.g., Fred and Wilma Flinestone).

I went to one recently where the host asked the husband to be questions about the bride (favorite movie, food, where they met, etc.). She printed out the quiz, had the guests take it as well and then had the bride answer the questions out loud after the guests were done. It was pretty funny to hear the groom's answers. Good luck with the shower!

I did the games for a bridal shower last year. Two fun ones were a "getting-to-know" the bride trivia game (the groom was our side of the family, so no one really knew her) where I asked her some questions ahead of time and made up a multiple choice quiz and handed it out to the guests. It was a good way to get to know a few things about her and engage her in a party she was the focus of but where she didn't really know anyone. Also we divided up into teams and each team had to construct a wedding cake on a paper plate out of large-size marshmellows, ribbons and gumdrops - this one was really fun and noisy! The team with the best cake won. I've also been at a shower where teams had to make a wedding dress on one team member from toiletpaper or tissue paper.

My mom did a great game for my baby shower, but you could easily do one for a bridal shower, as well. She made up a Mad Lib (a fictional account of what the labor/birth experience would be like) and had each table of guests fill in about 8 words. Then she read the story, and I had to read the fill-in word. Everyone was in tears we were laughing so hard! She is very creative so she was able to make up a good story, but there may be similar things online where you wouldn't have to make it up if you didn't have the time or story-telling ability. It could be about how the bride/groom met, the proposal, and/or an account of the wedding and reception. Congratulations and good luck!

I think the best game to keep people paying attention to the opening of gifts is Bride Bingo...have blank bingo cards and instead of "Bingo" have "Bride" at the top - and a picture of a big diamond ring for the free spot. All of the attendees would then fill out thier bingo card with what they think she will recieve. (this way people dont talk through the gift opening and they are paying attention to the most important person there...the bride!) Have enough prizes to hand out to multiple winners. YOu could use M&M's the color of her wedding for the covers on the cards.

A game that is fun for all ages is BRIDE or the Bride's name spelled out on bags we decorate the bag according to the shower theme and each bag has a letter on it and it contains something that starts with the letter that the bride can use, say in the kitchen B-(baking pan, brush for the kitchen or grill, bread pan, bread box whatever starts with B) R (rolling pin, rubbermaid, ring holder) I (ice trays, icing caps) D - (dish soap, dish towels) E - (egg beater, egg slicer) just to give a few examples, we then give everyone a piece of paper and they guess what the bags contain just by looking at them. Whoever gets the most right wins a prize and the bride gets to open them all and keep them for her kitchen. It is fun to hear what people think up and it is safe for all ages. Good Luck - it seems there are alot of good ideas.

M. - I just went to a bridal shower not too long ago, and the hostesses did something that was very fun. They had "interviewed" the groom prior to the shower, and they asked the bride the questions. She had to give the answer that she thought the groom had given. For example, one of the questions was, "What was Jason's baseball jersey number in high school?" They had 30 questions. Everytime she got one wrong, she had to put a piece of bubblegum in her mouth. She ended up missing 11! Can you imagine 11 pieces of bubblegum??? It was hilarious and especially fun for us since we just got to sit and enjoy!

Best of luck!

M., I have a couple that I can recall over the years that were fun for all ages. One time I went to a bridal shower, and the hostess made the bride come up with a cake recipe off the top of her head. There were a bunch of ingredients sitting out on the kitchen counter, and everyone gathered around and put in their two cents worth. It was fun to see what kind of cook she was going to be. Of course it was baked and shared with all. The second one, I hope I can explain it. It was just the first letter of a word for a sentence, like 2 W T T W which would be 2 weeks till the wedding. or you could say L I A L B for Lisa is a lovely bride and so on. I saw that game in a bridal magazine and made up a whole page that pertained to the couple, it was a real hit. Have fun

I have done both of the previous suggestions. With the toilet paper one, we had to give a piece of advice to the bride to be for each square. The one where you ask the groom questions, the bride had to eat a piece of candy or something like that for every wrong answer. You can also google bridal shower games and get a lot of ideas that way.

An easy one that can be done while opening gifts, eating, etc. is to hand out a clothes pin to each invitee at the beginning of the shower. Then everyone watches each other to see if someone crosses their legs and calls them on it. The one with the most clothes pins at the end "wins" a gift the hostess has provided and passes it on to the bride.

I went to Bridal Shower Games on the internet. And It came up with thios website that for 19.95 I could print out as many games as I wanted for a year. They have some wonderful simple games. Yes the bridal bingo was the best one, but we also did what is the Bride wearing. We had my daughter walk around and greet everyone, then she left the room. We passed out these questions like-What color earrings-What color shoes-Was she wearing a dress? and so on. Good Luck

We have played a game where the guests take a good look at the bride, have her walk around the room so everyone can get a good look. Then have her leave the room and ask questions such as "Is the bride wearing earrings, are her nails polished, is she wearing shoes, sandles, etc. How many rings is she wearing, Does she have on eyeshadow, what color is her shirt, the list can go on and on

I went to a family bridal shower not long ago.. They played a game. They had typed out from family members on each side questions to ask the soon to be wed couple.. They had a big container of bubble gum in the middle of them. They handed out these questions to the people assembled for the shower.. When it came your turn, you would ask the question on the paper.. either to the bride or the groom.. If they missed answering the question right, they had to stick a piece of bubblegum in their mouth... Poor Brett.. He had a mouth so full of gum, he couldnt even close it. Hope this helps you... let me know.

When I did the games for my friend who was getting married, one that I did was a "how well do you know the bride and groom". I had a list of questions, some easy, some funny, some a bit more difficult. Some were like:
Where did they meet? When are their birthdays? What day did he propose? Where were they when he proposed? What are the color of the dresses the girls will be wearing? What are their pet names for each other?

Try and get a few embarassing ones that will make the guests laugh a bit.

Some of the old fashion games are bride bingo-have guests fill out a blank bingo card of items they think she will open up during the shower.

Another one I have seen, it's not really a game, buta way to fill in some time (pending on how many people you have) Pass around a candy dish. Tell your guests to take some candy, but not eat it yet. Then once everyone has taken their piece/pieces, they have to give advice or tips on how to make a marriage work for each piece of candy they took. Some stories can be really funny.

Just a couple of thoughts. You might have the older, more seasoned folks bring their favorite recipe for the bride to be and put in a cookbook format ahead of time. At the shower they could all give their "recipe or ingredients for a successful, longterm marriage. The younger folks can write the letters of their own first name down a paper and then offer suggestions for future baby names one for each letter of their name.

Since you will have all ages, make a list of commericials and see who remembers what product it was for, such as "take a lickin and keeps on tickin..........Timex. You can sit a brainstorm with friends to get ideas or probably google it. Whoever remembers the most wins, save one for a tie breaker.

Depending on how good a sport she is this game is a lot of fun. Ask your son 15 questions and get his answers to them (he can't let her know about it). At the party hand her a jumbo pack of gum. For each question she answers incorrectly she has to put a piece of gum in her mouth. It doesn't sound that hard, but sometimes the men will give answers that surprise you. It's kind of like the newlywed game!

I didn't read all your responses so hopefully no one has said these.I have been to alot but a couple of the most fun (I thought) were the toilet paper wedding dresses and Who knows the bride the best.The toilet paper wedding gowns is a contest.You break up into groups and each team pics a model and give each group a roll of TP you give a certain amount of time and see who can make the best TP wedding dress!
And with the Who knows the bride you can ask her a number of things not everyone would know and print those Q's out.EX: We had what's their favorite Dept store.You can make some of the Q's silly and embaressing.(And of course appropriate with your mixed age group.)That would give everyone on your side of the family to get to know more about her as well!And one that's really sipmle is printing out her full name and having them come up with something to go with each letter.You could do a wedding theme or something about the couple etc...One thing that's not so much a game but nice.I went to a shower where they passed out index cards and everyone wrote down a favorite recipe and they started a recipe box for her.

You can make a list of items newly married couples will need, or use words that have something to do with a Wedding. You keep the master list.(Master list Groom) Then made a list and scramble the letters in each word and give a copy to each guest.(Guest list- rogom) You can have as many words as you like. Give the guest 5 mins to unscramble the words. Some words can be easy and some hard. The one who gets the most right wins a prize to be given to the bride.

My best friend and I hosted a bridal shower for my daughter in law and my friend was in charge of the games. She did a Price is Right game where she had various cleaning products and other items a bride might need and we guessed the prices. At the end of the game she gave a prize to the winner and the bride got all of the products to take home. She also did a game where she had a list of normal and somewhat unusual items that we might have in our handbags (washcloth, emery board, specific year coin, candy bar, etc).

Hope you get good suggestions and have fun!

We did one at my sister in laws shower. It was a spice guessing game. They went to this spice store in KC called Antone's. They bought some common (and a few not so common) spices. Also bought some nice clear glass spice holders. You pass around the spices, and guess from looking at them, what they are. You can't smell or taste. The Bride gets to keep the spices afterwards. I honestly can't remember the other games! I played one at a friend's shower that was a quiz on common things about the bride and groom (age, how many tattoos, where they work, fave color etc..) and you wrote down your answers to check etc... Just have fun with it! Good Luck!

I found a list of celebrety marriages online and I listed all of the wives and folks had to guess who she was married to. It can be fun - usually sparks up some celebrity gossip as well. You can find actors from age 20 to age 70 - so everyone can get involved!

My friend had two really fun games, that were not too corny, at my wedding shower. First, we all thought of a famous wife name (ex; jackie kennedy, marge simpson, lucy ball, ethel mertz, mrs.brady, etc.) We all put whichever name we chose on a name tag and put it on. We did some other things in the mean time. Then the host had us take a note card and stick our name tag on one side and on the otherside was a number 1-however many people you have. So, I had a notecard witht the number one on one side and I stuck my name tag on the other side. We all held up our cards showing our number. Everyone had towrite down each persons number and what their name was (if they could remember them). Whoever got the most right won a little prize. It was fun with out be corny.

Hi! I have taken on the task of throwing showers many times. One of my favorite games to do is the string game. For a bridal shower you would take a clotheline rope and measure it to be anywhere from 10ft to 13ft then you tie kitchen utensils and house hold items onto the rope.Give the guest a pencil & paper.You tell the guest to take a good look at the rope. you have a couple of attendants (this is great for kids to do) walk around and let everyone get a good look at the rope and its contents. The guests think they have to remember what is on the rope. You then take the rope out of the room and ask them how long the rope was. Its great! who ever is closest in inches get the prize. Dont forget to measure your rope ahead of time though! Hope this will be work for you! We have used it alot. And you can use it for baby showers too just substitute baby items on the rope.

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