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Breech Baby! Help!!

my best friend is 32 weeks preg with her 2nd child and she just found out he is breech. she is freaking out since her first ds was born 6 weeks preemie and the whole event was very traumatic for her. he was in the nicu for weeks and she wasnt able to hold or bf him for weeks. shes worried about c section in addition to the possibility of another premature birth. has anyone been successful in naturally turning thier baby at this late in pregnancy? shes in georgia and i can't be with her through this trying time so i feel helpless. asking for your help is all i can do. any suggestions and prayers would be great!

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Tell her to do pelvic rocks. Get on all fours and rock her hips, bringing her pelvis in towards her stomach and then pushing it back out. Do this lots. If she isn't using a midwife, I'd tell her to contact one because many times they know a lot of natural remedies for difficulties. There is still time for the baby to turn on it's own. Although it's hard, tell her to relax and rest as much as possible. But do that pelvic rock thing a lot, really. Will pray for her!

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Hi there,I have four children and two of my babies turned. I am holistic and a massage therapist as well. Tell your bf to get on all fours and rock back and forth, have her do this alot and have her find a doula and and massage therapist who has had alot of experience in pregnancy and she could call a midwife to ask questions.Good luck and many prayers. Tell her to practice yoga and relax stress is not good for her or baby.
L. G in Rockford

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I'll send you a private message with my phone number. It is NOT too soon to start doing techniques on her own to help the baby flip. My son (almost 6 months old now) was breech and no one told me what to do. I didn't get to start these at home, safe, non-invasive techniques until I was 37 4/7 weeks! I ended up having a breech baby all the why through.

I know a few chairopractors that are skilled in the "Webster Technique" I have a recommendation for someone who can work the crainio-sacral nerves, and allignment of her birth canel (believe it or not, most of these thigns I didn't know about until I was breech myself, and I'm a self-proclaimed research-aholic). There is a chinese method of moxy-bustion she can do as well as hypnotherapy (I also have a recommendation for this. The woman who does this before week 36 has a 100% success rate... and the rate goes down with each passing week).

There are severa at home "exercises" that can have a great effect too. I didn't get started on these til after week 38, so I'm not surprised that they didn't help me flip my baby. But she does have a great chance to do things now. If she waits, like I did, based on others advice she'll kick herself for it. Please have her call me, I'll send the private message now.


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K., My daughter was breach at 32 weeks and by 36 she had truned. I had a C-section because of other issues. She is fine I am fine. My second baby the Mid wife did some funky rubb to my back and my frist daughter truned. It is so hard when you have had a traumatic expierence. The fear of re-livung that is probably great but I am sure she will be fine there are so many things they can do now. Thanks M.

Since she's already had a baby she might ask her doc to do an external version which is turning the baby before delivery in hopes that the baby will deliver normally. It's never a garentee that a C-section will not be needed but it's worth a shot.

My first born, my ds, was breech. He stayed that way all through my pregnancy, and he never dropped. THey tried to turn several times but he was a stubborn little dude. I did end up having a C-section and I was terrified, but it is over very quickly and it's the safest thing in that situation. She is 32 weeks so he may still turn, it has happened, but if he doesn't, then just try to reassure her that a C-section is the safest thing for the baby. I do prefer a vaginal birth over a section, my daughter was a successful VBAC, and I would take a vaginal birth over a section any day, but when it comes to the safety of the baby, that's what matters the most.

I have not had a breached baby, but I have had a C-section.

My baby wasn't able to pass through the canel. It's said that either my pelvic was to small for him to geth trough or his head was not properly a lined. I wasn't aware of this until many hours of labor, which resulted in a c-section.

I was ok with having to decision to have a c-section. I beleive it's because I asked my doctor so many questions about it a head of time (just in case). I would suggest your friend do the same to make it an easier procedure on her. It may also be easier if she accepts the facts know, and is more familiar with it.

I'd be happy to help answer any quetions?


I have had one breech baby and have also had triplets that were 6 1/2 weeks premature. With the triplets I had one that was head down, one that was head up and my little girl who was transverse blocking the exit so no one was coming out that way. They all came home from the hospital at 9 days old. As for being breech, it is not that big of a deal. Christina (who is now 15 1/2) was breech and we scheduled a c section. I also recieved an ultrasound I think it was either the day before or the morning of my c section to see if she had turned, which she hadn't. I had the c section and Christina came home with me from the hospital 3 days later. The incission is a little sore but as soon as they had my cathader (sp?) out I was up and walking around. The more mobile she is after the c section the better off she will be. Good luck to her. She will be fine. :)


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