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Breastfeeding Question - Red Rock,TX

Hi Ladies,
I'm breastfeeding my 2nd child....didn't do so well with my first baby....couldn't take the pain. So with my 2nd I told myself that I was gonna tough it out and just do it....so I'm still doing it....she just turned 2 months today and I was wondering if anyone out there that has breastfeed or still is breastfeeding their baby had any pain in the breast. I know that sore nipples come with it but I'm having some pain in my breasts where it hurts to hug my 3 year old. Should I call my doctor and see what she says or is this normal and I just need to bare with it?? Any advice on this would be great!!!

Thank you,

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I agree with those who have said to see a lactation consultant, and just wanted to suggest that you contact the hospital where you gave birth...I know at the hospital where all 3 of my children were born (in San Antonio), they had lactation consultants on staff who were part of the whole labor and delivery service. I was able to consult with them several times after my 3rd daughter, who had latching/sucking issues, was born, and it was all at no charge. Best of luck to you!

Hi M.,

There is a place in the Rice Village called A Woman's work. Here is a link to their website. They can help you.


The store's phone number ###-###-####

Good luck!

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although there are situations where occasionally it is painful, breastfeeding shouldn't be painful if the baby is latching on correctly. trust me when i say that i had SOOOOO many problems. i saw a lactation consultant, cheryl h at special addition who i totally loved, and she helped me figure our my issues. i would definitely see a lactation consultant before calling the dr. email if you want more info.

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Tenderness in your breast at 2 months doesn't sound right. I'm not even sure correcting the latch should make a difference because an incorrect latch should cause nipple pain not breast tenderness. I think it couldn't hurt to talk to a lactation consultant but I would also talk to a Dr just to be on the safe side. Also, I suggest sticking with breastfeeding even if you do have pain for awhile because it is SUCH a special relationship and the pain WILL pass, I promise!

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the others sound right. A yeast infection is sooo painful and also very common in hot weather. Make sure to treat you and baby. also I know I have to eat yogurt daily to keep the yeast from coming back. I drink 1 of those dan-active drinks and it really helps

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I agree with those who have said to see a lactation consultant, and just wanted to suggest that you contact the hospital where you gave birth...I know at the hospital where all 3 of my children were born (in San Antonio), they had lactation consultants on staff who were part of the whole labor and delivery service. I was able to consult with them several times after my 3rd daughter, who had latching/sucking issues, was born, and it was all at no charge. Best of luck to you!

You shouldn't have any pain. Have your tried a lactation nurse? It sounds like the baby isn't latching on correctly and you will need to adjust the latch.

Pain with a hug might mean infection -- call your doctor and have her check you out.

Keep up the work. It took me a while to figure out breastfeeding and after a big struggle I did it for 9 months!!!

With my second child, I also had a yeast infection, as some of the ladies have mentioned. It causes serious nipple pain and shooting pain in the breast. Everyone kept telling me to make sure I latched her on correctly. Sometimes this IS the cause of nipple pain, but since I had successfully breastfed my first for about 15 months, I didn't think that was my problem. I didn't know that a yeast infection could cause so much pain! Yes, breastfeeding is not supposed to hurt and you shouldn't have to just "bear with it", but it's not always a latch problem, either. Look to see if your baby has any white patches in her mouth, which would indicate yeast infection. I totally agree that you should contact a lactation consultant, who can help you determine whether it's a latch or yeast problem. I called one and she had me diagnosed over the phone in five minutes!! If it is a yeast infection, you will need meds for the baby and cream for your nipples (you can use Lotrimin AF from the drugstore, and just wipe it off before the baby nurses). Good luck to you!

Breast Shields: Babies R us carry them, your lactating consultant can show you how to use them.

If your skin is hot to touch and you feel lumpy you may have a blocked duct or mastisis. If its just sensitivity, keep nursing and make sure you are doing it long enough that you are emptying the breast. It's ok to just nurse one side a sitting, just switch to the other side the next time. That way the breast is really drained of both fore and hind (the good fatty brain developing) milk.
Two months in nipple soreness should start to decrease, try air drying (and sunshine if you have a private way of doing this) and make sure that your own perspiration isn't causing part of the problem.
Try different postitions for the baby as she nurses. Maybe a football hold or sitting up if you've been lying down (or vs versa) She might be able to reach a duct with her sucking that has been clogged. Talk about relief!
It's true that sensitivity can increase with nursing, it may just be this...Good Luck!

Congrats on Baby #2 and giving nursing another go!
I'm pregnant with our second child and anxious about breastfeeding again.
I agree with another responder..contact your doctor AND a lactation consultant. There are several places in Austin that provide assistance with breast feeding.
And remember - do what you feel you can do. Two months is great, and if you can go longer, even better. Either way you've accomplished alot!
Best wishes,

This could be mastitis or a clogged milk duct. Do you have any other symptoms (fever or aches and pains)? Do call your doc to have it checked. Mastitis requires a scrip for antibiotic. I had mastitis a couple of times with all my kids early on (at about 2 months as I recall) but was treated and nursed my first til she was 18 months my second for 6 months and am still nursing my third (she is 2 now). Good luck and if the pain is too bad put a warm compress on the area to ease the pain.


Congrats on nursing your baby! It can be difficult at times, despite what most women (myself included) thought beforehand. I was where you are now a few years ago. I experienced sever toe-curling pain with every nursing. Through attending a Nursing Support group thru my local hospital (in OR), I learned that it doesn't have to be painful - even for me. I figured that since all the women in my family had only horror stories to tell me about bf-ing, I just had 'bad genetics' for it. Not so.

My first advice is to call a La Leche League Leader. I see that you're in Red Rock - about an hour away from South Austin (where the closest meeting is to you). However, phone consults are FREE. A Leader can help you over the phone to troubleshoot what's going on to cause such sore nipples....as well as the pain in your breast. You do not need to wait for a meeting to talk to them.
Here is a link to the Austin groups:

I agree with the other mamas who said that it sounds like a plugged duct or the beginnings of mastitis. Please do not go to a doctor until you've spoken with a LLL leader or IBCLC. Not all doctors know what they're talking about when it comes to a lactating breast, and some might recommend weaning to 'solve' the problem. That would be ridiculous and unnecessary. A LLL leader or IBCLC will be able to give you tips on getting rid of plugged ducts. However, if you've developed flu-like symptoms, a trip to the doc is called for...since that indicates an infection - aka mastitis. You CAN nurse while taking antibiotics. Be sure to let your doctor know that you are nursing so he/she can prescribe one that works with that

Here is a link to a list of LCs in Texas:
Be certain to use one with the letters IBCLC after her name. This means "Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant". We're talking training and hours numbered in the thousands, as well as a major exam to earn these letters.

Some questions about the breast soreness:
Is the pain in one place? That is, can you point to it? Is it at latch on? During Let Down/ MER (milk ejection reflex)?
If so, I would change babies position so that either his chin or nose is aimed at the sore spot. This will help pull that milk through. I would take a hot shower and massage that breast and try to work it out that way.
Lanolin is good.
Also, try expressing an extra few drops at the end of a nursing session and rub it in. Breast milk has great healing and anti-bacterial properties!
Avoid using anything that will require being wiped off before nursing (vaseline, chapstick) - that's just more friction on an already sore spot. Also, no matter how you wipe, there will likely be a residue that your baby may/may not suck off as he nurses.
There is no need to “air out” or dry out your nipples. This used to be thought of as a way to help sore, cracked nipples – no more. Now LLL recommends “moist wound healing”. Here is a link that explains this better: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mom/nipplehealing.html
Poor latch is the #1 cause of sore nipples. Look at your nipple when he first unlatches. Is it pink and round? Or white and/pinched looking? If it's the latter at all then that indicates poor latch. Be sure that his tongue protrudes over his lower gums when he latches and while he's nursing. You should be able to pull back his bottom lip while he's nursing to check this. If pulling back his bottom lip breaks the suction, then it's latch...
Have you recently started pumping? Sometimes if the 'horn' of the pump is the wrong size it can cause soreness.
More than anything, please please please contact your local LLL person - this is why they are there - and it's FREE!

Sorry this is so long, but I hope that you find some of the information helpful!
If you have any questions for me, or if something I wrote needs clarifying, feel free to email and ask!

K., mama to
Catherine, 5.5y
Samuel, 2.5y
Baby, due 9/09

sounds like you may need to talk to your doctor or the nurse in your doctors office. You may have an infection, not sure sure how to spell it, mastatitis. Are you sure your baby is latching on correctly? You may want to see if you can find the LeLache League in your area. They are very helpful. I adopted my children and with the help of one of the LeLeche ladies I was able to successfully breast feed. My problem was my son wasn't latching on correctly. I hope this helps.

Give yourself a break....go buy some formula (like women have been doing for decades) and give yourself a break.
I , for one, dont think that breastfeeding is the end all of it all!!!
Your baby will thrive just as well. Any Pedi will tell you that!!!

Good Luck!!
M. :)

Hi M.! I hear ya when you talk about the pain. I have a 3 month old and it was a tough first month or so, he latched on and I clenched my teeth everytime, I have breastfed all my 3 kids, well my first 2 were not as bad but did have discomfort the first month, the latching on part was tough on all three and hugging yup, it's normal I think, I hold my baby outwards because my boobs are so sensitive. Use Lanolin and it helps ease the discomfort you'll find it where they sell baby bottles and such, whatever brand is good. It helps believe me. If you don't have redness or leakage (other than milk) I say you are fine but if you feel more comfortable, locate your nearest lactation consultant, they are awesome and are there whenever so you can ask all the questions and they are very helpful. Hope this helps. BLessings!!

Breastfeeding is not supposed to hurt. If it does, the baby is probably not latched on correctly. Check with a lactation consultant. It's worth it.

Hi M.,

There is a place in the Rice Village called A Woman's work. Here is a link to their website. They can help you.


The store's phone number ###-###-####

Good luck!

Hi M.,
I have a 2 1/2 year old girl. I breastfed her until she was 15 months. Maybe in the first few weeks it was hurting because my nipples were sore, but I don't think your baby is latched on right. It really shouldn't be that painful. Since this is my first and I really believe in nursing, i used nipple guards while she nursed. I haven't read your other responses yet but the guards are a reuseable plastic covering and I found them to work great. Maybe >$5 bucks at Babys-r-us, Target, Walmart. Using them also helps your baby open her mouth wide enough to latch on appropriatly. The baby's mouth needs to cover the areola area, not just have the nipple in her mouth. The other problem I have seen moms go through, including myself, is the amount of milk production. I know that is another topic, but if you have questions on that, I can share with you my thoughts. Goodluck with the breastfeeding!
J. M

After the call to your doctor, a session with a lactation consultant might be in order to see what might be causing the plugged duct/mastitis. You can find one at www.ilca.org (click on the "find a lactation consultant box on the right side). There are a bunch somewhat near you (none terribly close, but would be worth the trip). It is worth it. Breastfeeding shouldn't be a pain the whole time. Keep us posted on what happened.

Hi! And congrats on breastfeeding! Well, if she isn't latching on correctly that sure can hurt. Make sure she opens her mouth WIDE like a baby bird then try to put as much of the nipple & areola in her mouth that you can. My suggestion before spending money at the doctors is to get a hold of your local LeLeche League rep. You can find one online at www.lllusa.org.
Good luck & God bless,
H. B

Good morning,

First of all, make sure that baby is latched on correctly, that can be really painful. I would sometimes get a pins and needles feeling when it was time to feed. With my first child I had a yeast infection on my breasts which really hurt. you may want to see your doctor if you have any redness or burning. Also put some lanolin or some other kind of nipple butter on. It will help with soreness due to dry or cracked nipples. Hot and cold compresses work wonders too. Keep up the good work, the pain usually subsides after three months. Hang on, your almost there.

Congrats for giving breastfeeding a second try. I had lots of pain with my first daughter. It turned out that she had some issues with latch that was causing the pain. I worked with a lactation consultant and it got soooo much better. You could go to a La Leche League meeting (http://www.lllaustin.org/) or consult a lactation consultant to see what's going on. Of course, like the others said, if this is a sudden pain, you might have a clogged duct or mastitis. There's also a ton of useful information on this site - http://www.kellymom.com/

Hi! Congrats on the munchkin and congrats on breastfeeding! I had soreness/pain/clogged ducts etc. for the first two months. Right about that time, things got much smoother. I was and still am a little sensitive on one side right before a feeding--one side just feels fuller. Best advice I got was to start on the painful side and masssage while your little one is eating. That helped me a lot. I also used to stand under the hot water in the shower and hand express on the painful side. Hopefully, things will get much more comfortable very quickly! Hang in there... My son is now 6 months and takes about 8 minutes to fill up on both sides during feedings. Never thought that was possible a few months ago when I felt like he barely stopped to breathe, let alone sleep. :)

I had pain in my breasts when feeding. There is alot of fluid in there. Most of my pain, however, was when the let down occured. It ended about 8 weeks. My 3rd was the most painful.

Try cabbage leaves- that is supposed to help. Do not hesitate to call your Dr or La Leche League- they may be more knowlegable on the subject of what is normal.

Good Luck!

Pain inside the breast is not normal. Call the Doctor. It could be mastitis. You'll need a prescription. You may also want to see if you can find a lactation consultant to help you with baby's latch. A bad latch can make nursing very uncomfortable. Congrats on nursing! You're doing a great job...it sure isn't easy getting started, but it does get better!

I'm breastfeeding my 2nd as well. I was having some serious pain, it would practically bring me to tears, and at his next appt the dr mentioned that he had a slight yeast infection in his mouth and when I mentioned that it hurt to feed he said we were probably passing it back and forth. He gave an oral medication for my son and a cream to put on my nipples. I used it for abt a week and I haven't had pain since. The dr told me that for just basic irritation to use the Lanolin Cream. I haven't had to use either in a while and no more pain.

Yes! Call thr dr. Could be yeast, mastistis (sp?) Or a plugged duct. Or your right, could be nothing. Hope you get some answers.

That sounds like a solid case of mastitis- nothing you can't do anything about and with a lot of nursing and pumping- a call to your dr. and some antibiotics you will be pain free in the next day or so- you just have a clogged duct that is begging for release. Look up on the internet for some ideas to help but call your dr. asap- the sooner you get rid of that the better! I nursed 4 and had it with 3 of the 4- I know what it feels like and I want you to have a great bonding time with your baby girl!

You should call a Dr. You may have an infection. Breastfeeding, if done correctly, need not be painful. After you determin whether you have an infection, you should also meet with a lactation consultant. She will sit with you and help you figure out a better way to breastfeed that is more comfortable. Good luck!

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