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Breastfeeding--help with Sore Breast

Hello, I'm nursing my first (who just turned a year on Friday) and we're in the process of weaning...last week, my right breast started to get sore. It got worse, and I used Lansinoh cream thinking that since I was nursing less, my nipples were less tough (like they were when I first began nursing). Well, it continued to get worse and it seems like there is more milk in this breast than in the other. I don't think it's mastisis because I don't have a fever or anything...any ideas...and how I can continue to wean? Thank you!!

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Thanks for the advice, ladies...I am pretty sure I had a plugged duct and it is feeling MUCH better now! I'm down to nursing once a day, now!!

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Hi A.! I nursed both my girls and had sore breasts upon weaning for several days. I was surprised too how much more sore I was the 2nd time and I had plenty of milk for a while until my body adjusted. Cabbage leaves do work wonders if that is the problem.
I also wonder though if you don't have a plugged duct. With my second daughter I had them frequently and they are incredibly painful but w/o the mastitis symptoms. If I remember correctly the recommended treatment is cabbage, ice, and massage to open duct. There is plenty of info on line about dealing with them as well. It could turn into mastitis if not opened. Good luck!

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I have had mastitis twice and I never had a fever either time, but my breast was sore and swollen and hot. It seems like every time I get sick with something, I never manifest all the symptoms. Just so you know.

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Cabbage leaves work wonderful for sore breasts. Cover them completely and re-apply when wilted as needed. I nursed and weaned off four children.

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Hey A.!! I have 3 little boys ages 5, 4, and 2!! :) I breastfed all 3 and what I am about to tell you may seem crazy, but worked for me.

Go to the grocery store and get a head of cabbage. When you get home peel 2 big leaves off and put them over your breasts and put a bra on, I liked using a sports bra. Sleep with them as well, you should dry up the milk in a few days with no pain. Try to avoid real hot showers and standing in front of the water, b/c that of course stimulates your breasts to make more milk. Hope this helps!!


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It sounds like you're engorged, is all. (But you used Lanisoh -- is it the nipple or the skin? -- if it's that, it may be yeast.)

If it's just engorgement, a warm washcloth and some pumping to relieve the pressure will help. Weaning hurts because our breasts are producing what they're used to and the babies are nursing less. Supply exceeds demand. It takes a while for our bodies to adjust and produce less. So, don't pump it all -- you'll just convince your breast to keep producing. I've not tried it myself, but binding, I hear helps too.

Good luck!

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If you are allergic to wool DO NOT USE LANSINOH, it is made of/from wool. It took me a couple months to figure this one out so I suffered breastfeeding with really burning and irritated nipple. It was my first time breastfeeding so I thought that is what suppose to feel like til I spoke w. a lactation consultant. After I stopped using Lansinoh breastfeeding was no longer a pain and discomfort part of my day and my baby and I got to enjoy breastfeeding for 13 months!

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