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Breastfeeding - Queen Creek,AZ

My newborn baby won't breastfeed. I'm engorged and he can't detect my nipples. He just cries and won't latch on.

What can I do next?

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They were supposed to help you learn how to get him to latch on in the hospital. If they didn't, you need to get a nurse to help you or a close relative - mom, sister, aunt, etc. Some babies have a hard time learning it, but they all can! Good luck!

First you need to pump so you are not engorged and it will be easier for baby to latch on. You may want to hire a Lactation Consultant. I hired one because my daughter was having trouble latching on and it was even my second child! They are worth the money.

Check out this website http://www.drjacknewman.com/. Especially the video clips. I would also recommend pumping to lessen the engorgement and to shape your nipple so that it's easier for your baby to latch onto. Good luck. It's worth all the effort.

E....if you are in Albuquerque, please go to the breastfeeding support group at the Presbyterian Hospital on I-25 and Central on Thursday at 11am. It is on the 5th floor if you take the elevator at the entry level of the garage or the East end of the Hospital. It is free. It doesn't matter if you had your baby there or somewhere else. It doesn't matter if you are late. I've been going for 10 months. It will SAVE your breastfeeding. There are lactation consultants and TONS of Moms who have had every issue. It has been really packed lately, but if you get there by 11:15, you should get a seat. Call me anytime or right before and I will meet you at the entrance. K. ###-###-#### (baby James is 11 months old and 100% breastfeeding still)

E.! Hang in there!! I had such a hard time in the very beginning. If you have a pump then pump for 20 minutes on each side (if you have a double pump then pump both sides at the same time for 20 mins). This will help keep you from being engorged and will help make your breasts softer so baby can latch on. Babies have a hard time latching when you're engorged because your breast is so hard they can't suck it into their mouth. If you don't have a pump then you can buy a breastshield from Target or babies'r'us...they're made by Medela. Anyway, you put that over your nipple and areola and it helps give baby something to latch on to. You can also try massaging your breast while the baby nurses to help your milk come down...and you can even kind of "milk" yourself to help get some milk out.

If you do pump, give the milk to your baby from a bottle...but make it kinda hard for baby to drink from the bottle...pull the nipple out every so often, etc. Don't be alarmed by the small amount of milk you might get...newborns don't eat very much at one time.

I attend a weekly breastfeeding group and I'd be happy to invite you as a guest...if you're interested send me a message.

Good luck!
I wanted to add after reading posts about the lactation consultants that our mom's group has a lactation consultant there (that's who conducts it)...it's free of charge! Also, if you delivered at Banner you can call them and let them know you delivered there and are having issues and ask to schedule an appt with one of their lactation consultants....I delivered at Banner Gateway and the lactation consultants are wonderful...let me know if you want more info about the breastfeeding mom's group...

Use nipple shields... my sister had the same problem & the nipple shields really helped pull her nipples out! Blessings!

Don't give up, breastfeeding is the best thing I could've done for my baby! Hang in there, it hurts at first, but if you talk to Doris, she "solves it all." I literally could not have done it without her. She also has a BF support group every Thursday. She's amazing. Pump-n-go.com
I know you must be in agonizing pain you poor thing, so here is her number too, off of her website, to make it easy to just dial: ###-###-####
Tell her Amie's mom - L. Murray sent you. Good luck to you, hang in there,
and the posts about pumping a little to release the pressure (to avoid mastitis) until the lc can get to you is a good idea - I'm sure Doris will explain that to you over the phone. Good luck, ~L

Hi E.,

I just wanted to all that the Lactaion Nurse will also check to see if your child is tongue tied. this will prevent him from nursing well.

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