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Breastfed Infant Is Suffering from Constipation

I was wondering how any of you have dealt with an infant suffering from constipation. I have a two month old who was going No. 2 normally up until a few days ago. The first time he went once in a period of over 36 hours and has not gone since (going on 48 hours). I hear that it is very uncommon for a breastfed babies to be constipated. My first son never suffered from this. I contacted my doctor who said to insert a thermometer up you know what to help him out. I feel like there should be a less painful/uncomfortable options. Any suggestions? What can I do to prevent it?

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i remember that some BFed babies only poop like once a week sometimes. Does he cry and sound like he is uncomfortable or is straining when he is pooping.
"In fact, at 3-6 weeks of age, breast-fed babies may only have one stool a week. This is because breast milk leaves very little waste in the intestines to be passed. Again, if the stool, when passed, is not hard, this is completely normal. In general, it is almost impossible for strictly breast-fed babies to become constipated."
from http://www.umc-cares.org/

It isn't too unusual for breastfed infants to go for a while without pooping. Unless you notice real discomfort from him, just be aware of what you are eating, rub his belly, and don't worry! My son has gone through many different pooping patterns and never a problem. Good luck!

Hi D.,
My name is B. and I am a health care practicioner.
I would reccommend that the breast feeding Mother take a little oil warmed in the palm of her hands and gently rub the baby's belly in the direction that the colon moves which is up th eright side, from right to left under belly button and down the left side.
Gently tapping can stimulate colon as well.
It is also o.k to give the baby some water in a bottle and keep the mother well hydrated.
If this persists please feel free to call on me.
I can help.
-B. Miller###-###-####

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Unless your baby has little hard poops when he does poo it is not constipation. Breastfed babies can go up to 7 days without a poo with no worries. My little one was only pooping every 3 or 4 days or so and my docs says it is totally normal. No worries ma! Their bowels are still really immature and working out the kinks so to speak. : ) Another thing you can do if it worries you or he seems in pain is lay him on his back and pump his legs towards his chest, like a bicycle, but both legs. My girl is 7 months old now and she will still go a day or two sometimes and she is completely healthy. I know it seems wierd, but if he is not in pain I would just leave it alone. Oh and please don't give water as someone said! It has been all over the news not to give babies under 6 months water, not to mention breastfed babies get all they need from mommy. : )

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My advice is:
DRINK MORE WATER! In this weather, people are evaporating all over the place! We really need to drink more water anyway, and to help your little one is a great reason to start! It couldn't hurt!

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hi D.,
I breastfeed my son and about three/four months old he started having a bowel movement every three days. He seemed constipated, but the doctor said he was okay, I just had to watch my diet. Well, now since he has been eating solids he goes everyday and still is constipated. Just saw my dr. yesterday and told me I have a constipated baby, so I have to make sure he gets enough fiber everyday. I think we just have babies who suffer from constipation and we are going to have to be careful with their diets. My son doesn't eat rice cereal and banana. I would write down when he has bowel movements and talk to your doctor.
good luck!!!!!!!!

It is perfectly normal for a breastfed baby to go even a week or two without a bowel movement. You do not need to try and speed things along. Breastmilk doesn't have a lot of waste to its composition so sometimes the body doesn't need to eliminate as often. Check these sources out :) You will know if your baby is constipated if when he does poop it is hard little pellets - as long as the poop is soft when he does go he should be fine!



I have a 7 month-old baby and when he got constipated my mother made prune tea for him. It worked great. To prepare a prune tea is easy. Just add a dry prune to an 8oz. of boiling water. Let the water boil for couple more minutes with the prune. Let the tea get completely cold before offering to your baby. Give one ounce every 8 hours. I wish your baby can get better. Mine did!

I remember thinking my daughter was constipated because she didn't poop for about a week. I too was only breastfeeding her and my lactation consultant told me that constipated is when they NEED to poop and are in pain. Just not pooping is not constipation... I took this advice over the pediatrician's that said to give juice (which actually constipates more BTW!).

Your baby is probably using all the nutrients from your breastmilk to grow and therefore has nothing to excrete!

Enjoy your baby!

My friendʻs baby, who was breastfed didnʻt go for 21 days.
Her Doctor was going to do something on the 22nd day..

Be happy that you donʻt have to change all those nappies..

Thanks D. for writing! I too am having this trouble with my 2 month old son, so it is helpful to know that I am not alone! It's frustrating as a mom not to know all the answers regarding out babies! Good luck and I hope he goes soon, just for your peace of mind sake! :)

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