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Breast Milk Coming in EARLY

I am 28 weeks pregnant today and wondering if any one else has had this problem. My milk has already started to come in. Im leaking ALOT! My bra is soaked, I have stains on my sheets. Should I start pumping? Is there anyway to lessen it till he comes?

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I talked to the doc and she said basically what you all said. Dont pump, and wear pads. Ive already started the pads and they are helping. Thanks so much! Now to get blood sugar under control (Im hypoglycemic).

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This is normal for some women. I suggest that you pump and donate to a milk bank (google that) for babies that are allergic to all formulas. It is what I did when my milk came in at 20 weeks. If you want to message me feel free.

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I had some small leakage not like you are describing. I would talk to your Doctor about it...


when you pump it stimulates your body to release oxytocin..which is the body's natural hormone to induce labor....the synthetic is pitocin that they use in the hospital...

You are only 28 weeks if you go into labor now your baby your baby will have a fight ahead of him/her....seriously not trying to be mean or sound that way! I am an RN and work in a womens center....I just don't want you to think that it's ok to pumo b/c I read one of the comments said foryou to pump and freeze it....

But some breast pads for your bra's and you an buy comfy night time bra's for the pads....and talk to your dr about it at your next visit

just PLEASE PLEASE dont pump

I began leaking at 18 weeks! My doctor said it was a good thing. I of course was absolutely mortified when out in public and I would leak. Best advice stock up on breast pads.

oh yea did I have that problem!!! I started leaking when I was 5 months pregnant and although I did not nurse, I continued to leak until my daughter was about 1! Its not milk its colostrum. talk to your doctor about pumping it. In the meantime, wear a good bra 24/7 and go buy Lansinoh nursing pads to save your shirts, they're the only ones that work. And try not to let hot water in the shower spray on your breasts either it will only stimulate more "leakage"!

Just let it run its course because if you start pumping it can induce labor and at 28 weeks you dont want too go into labor this early it is way too early! But it is completly normaltoo have milk come in early!

Its most likely not milk, but colostrum. Which can come in early on many women, myself included. DO NOT pump, it could cause pre term labor, talk your OB if your concerned.I had to make sure my bra was snug, if I wore a loose shirt that brushed my nipples, they would leak down the front, it was icky. You could try getting some nursing pads though. that may help a lot! but DO NOT pump. You can hurt your baby!!

DO not Pump. it can bring on early labor. Breatfeeding or pumping stimulated the milk ducks and releases oxttocin which cause the uterus to contract.

This is normal for some women. I suggest that you pump and donate to a milk bank (google that) for babies that are allergic to all formulas. It is what I did when my milk came in at 20 weeks. If you want to message me feel free.

It's not real milk yet. I was on a med that caused me to make "milk" and my baby was 11 yrs old

Welcome to the end of your pregnancy! This is very normal so don't be too freaked out. The same thing happened with me. Just put some nursing pads in your bra and you won't be stressed out about going in public and leaking. I leaked a lot too and I found that Johnson's and Johnson's nursing pads held the most milk and never leaked on me when I was out and about. Hang in there!


My milk came in early too. But, it was too uncomfortable to wear a bra at night so I would wrap a towel around myself to keep the bed clean and my husband dry.

Whatever you do, don't pump!

Have a blessed day!


Listen to the pros here! Obviously, everyone has an opinion but the LaLeche League is your A-#1 source and I would trust them completely. Best Wishes!

There are groups for women who breast feed. I did for all of my children(4). I did leak but not as much as it seems you are. LaLache is great for advice. They know everything about breast feeding. You can look them up on the internet and find some contact names to get advice from.

I never had this, but my doctor said milk can start coming in at anytime during pregnancy, some women start leaking even earlier than you. I do breastfeed my son and did with my daughter so I can tell you one thing that can help with the soaked bra is nursing pads, they make things a lot easier. Also, for at night, get a good feeling nursing bra (which you'll need anyways) and wear the nursing pads at night in it. I'm not sure if you should start pumping, ask you doctor at your next appointment, but I would think not because pumping will make you produce more which will make you even more uncomfortable before your little one is here and nursing. Good luck with everything and have a nice quick labor and delivery.

I know it's uncomfortable, I had a somewhat similar situation to what you're describing. I leaked A LOT! Everywhere I went. I had to start wearing nursing pads when I was four to five months pregnant!!! It would wax and wane though, totally weird.

I know you might think of pumping, but I truly cannot emphasize how important it is that you DO NOT DO IT. It WILL release the hormone oxytocin, it very well CAN set you off into premature labor, which believe me, is the LAST thing that you want. You're little guy isn't finished cooking yet!

Many women who have gone over there due dates in the days of old would be encouraged to have their husband give them nipple stimulation in order to release the oxytocin and aid in getting their labors going. Many physicians these days don't give any credence to it because they'd rather pump you up with their expensive synthetic drug forms of it.

Another thing to consider is...if you were to pump anyway, and your labor didn't start....what affect would this have on the production of colostrom??? Honestly, I'd just wait it out. i did. And I had my little bundle of joy at 38 weeks exactly (even though I was having contractions, but irregularly, as early as 33 weeks).

You don't have much longer, and I know it sounds trite (and sometimes impossible when your at this uncomfortable stage), but just enjoy the time and this special closeness that you have left now. It will be over before you can comprehend it.

Best of Luck to you!


Hi A.,
Congrats on your pregnancy- what a wonderful surprise! I had leaking while I was pregnant with both my children. You should not pump, as it is colustrum leaking, and your body won't produce the milk until after the baby is born.
I never heard of any way to lessen it. The best thing to do would be to wear breast pads in your bra. Lansinoh brand is expensive but work well and are harder to detect under a bra.
Hope this helps.

I'd start pumping it and freezing it. It's probably colostrum, which is the best kind of milk there is. If you want to breastfeed, then I wouldn't do anything to try and stop milk production, or else it can stop entirely. Good luck!

Do not pump this will stimulate you into labor. When you pump or breastfeed it causes your uterus to shrink and go back to normal, this is not what you want to happen while your baby is still inside there.

With this pregnancy and with my DS I started leaking around 20 weeks. Just get some pads for your bra and wear it at night too. No need to pump, some people just start leaking early. Good luck


Children are a blessing from God. I was also told that I would have a very hard time getting pregnant if I could at all. I was still on birth control even still. Four months later I was pregnant. What is meant to be will be. Enjoy you little bundle it is the hardest most fulfilling job you will ever have.

I also had the problem of leaking while pregnant. I had to get nursing pads (the ones you put in your bra). It is common for women to have this and nothing to worry about. Afraid to say it wont stop. But be thankful because you will be able to breastfeed and you will have enough milk. Its just your body's way of preparing.

Good luck!!

Well, this leaking is certainly surprising to you, isn't it? Congratulations on your surprise but welcome pregnancy. Your body begins to produce colostrum during pregnancy in response to hormonal changes. Some women never leak and some leak a fair amount, as you are doing. This is normal. Just wear breast pads to help with the leaking. Pumping is not recommended or necessary. I would recommend getting active with your local la leche league group. It is a great way to learn during pregnancy about breastfeeding and helps moms to prepare in advance for this natural act that also requires a lot of knowledge and preparation.

Good luck!

J., lactation consultant for 20 years and League leader for 25 years!

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