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Breast Leakage

Ok so for some this might sound like a stupid question. I have stopped breastfeeding for about six months now. I have checked my breasts before by squeezing to see if anything has come out and it didn't. Well just recently, actually today, I was working out and felt wetness on my shirt by my nipple. So I checked by squeezing and yellowy clearish liquid came out. Not sure if this is normal or not. This has never happened before while I was working out. Not sure if this is any relation, but i have been very dizzy lately and extremely sleepy and weak and somewhat nauseous but I have the Mirena IUD in, since Feb. 06. I have been thinking maybe i am getting some bug. Could that even cause the sudden leakage. Very confused.

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Ok so my leakage is still happening but thankfully to your responses and talking with the Dr. this is normal ang I am not worrying about it anymore. No I am not pregnant, took about 5 test all came back negative. I have decided to remove my IUD because I think that was some of the reasons for my symptoms. I just want to thank you all for responding and giving me great advice and more knowledge.

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I stopped b-feeding in March and still find that sometimes I still have a little milk, I asked around and found it was completly normal.

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It is usually normal:) Also the color sounds normal as well. It always takes a while for me after I quit breastfeeding before everything completely dries out.

However, have you taken a pregnancy test? Probably just the flu like you are thinking, but............? The IUD will not affect the results of the test and I have heard of people getting pregnant while on the IUD (although thankfully it is rare).

Also if you only have discharge from one side then it would be good to check with your doc. Discharge from both sides is more normal. Could also be an increase in your prolactin levels from your pituitary (sp?) gland as well.

We were blessed with four beautiful children the last being born just two weeks ago!

Hi Christie, The first thing that came to me was, maybe your pregnant, don't know but some of the symptons sound like it! G.

I know someone who did get pregnant with the mirena (nothing is 100%). While leakage can occur for quite some time, I'd get a pregnancy test done and call your doctor. Good luck!

Actually, it isn't uncommon to have some leakage for quite awhile after weaning. With sexual contact, friction from clothes, hot showers, a crying baby, etc - it can happen for some women. On the other hand, it is also possible to become pregnant, even if you are on birth control...so keep close tabs on your cycle and take a pregnancy test if it will make you feel better. I have a two friends who have became pregnanct while on birth control.

-Best of luck!

You still might be pregnant... the Mirena IUD is 99.9% effective, but there is still the .1% chance that you are pregnant. Take a test to make sure. You body might be changing too, but I would definately take a test. My friend has had the IUD for over a year and just found out that she is pregnant.

I am not really sure if this is normal. Is it possible to still be pregnant? I suppose anything is possible! Have you asked your doctor? With my 2nd child I leaked a lot for a while after weaning but while breastfeeding I was overproducing milk and it just took a long time to be completely dried up. I also have a question for you about transcription. Where did you get connected with that and do you do it from home? Is it possible to get me info about that? I have tried to find a connection and no luck so far. Were you in the field before and trained already? Please contact me if you wouldn't mind. ____@____.com Thank you! S. Tripp

I stopped b-feeding in March and still find that sometimes I still have a little milk, I asked around and found it was completly normal.

Well, you might be pregnant even though you have an IUD so find that out first. Also, my baby is almost 10 years old and I have had leakage in my breast before I even had children. the doctors did tests to see if i had high levels of something i cant remember and i guess i didnt. so they dont know why i have leakage.
Maybe your doctor can find out why cause i havent asked about it for over 19 years and maybe they know more now.

It is entirely possibly that, since the "stored" milk did not leak out and was not obsorbed, you could have an infection in one of your milk ducts. It IS normal to have some "leakage" through the first year after breastfeeding (it is all dependant on milk production, and how long you fed), but the discharge is usually more like thick milk. I suggest first of all taking your hands from the rib-cage and pressing firmly but gently down to the nipple to "self express" as well as examine for lumps (the signs of a clogged duct) and possibly saving any discharge in a baggie in case you are going to go see the doctor (he can do a culture and se if there is bacteria). Often, though, if it is a clogged duct, the expressing will allevieate the issue enough to allow your body to heal.

I stopped nursing about a year and a half ago and I still get a let down feeling and still have about a tbsp of milk per day! The doctors checked my PROLACTIN and THYROID levels and they were fine. Most of my friends who nursed also still get what I call "sour milk." It is pretty normal, but the other stuff could be also be due to your thyroid or prolactin levels or sometimes even a benign pituitary gland tumor (5% of the population has these- fairly normal.) The best thing you can do is let both your OBGYN and Primary know and let them decide what to test. I would also get online and do some of your own research. Once I put my mind at ease of not having a tumor, or any other issues- I felt so much better. Good Luck!!!!

I would take a pregnancy test first. No birth control is 100%, other than sterilization. If the test comes back negitive, then call your Dr. Good luck



I would definitely recommend you letting your OB/GYN know...this is something (gently squeezing) they have you do for self breast exams (looking for breast cancer). I would definitely rule that out first!

You could call the La Leche League and ask them, but I think I'd encourage you to take a pregnancy test just in case--no kind of birth control is 100% reliable.

Hi K.,

You did not ask a stupid question ! I am the mother of 3 kids and I nursed them all. The milk glands can hold and leak milk for more than 2 years as I can personally attest to. I can't speak to the other symptoms you mentioned, but if you are starting a new diet/exercise program that could be a huge part of the dizziness, tiredness and nausea. Sometimes our bodies fight change. I don't know anything about the IUD so my best advise would be to talk to your doctor to alleviate any questions completely but I'd bet you are just fine. Best wishes!

Hi K.! My son is 18 months old and I haven't breast fed since he was 6 weeks and my right breast still has milk discharge. My OB told me last May if it didn't clear up he could prescribe me something but I haven't gone back. I figure it will clear up with time. I don't think you should have any worries, unless the color changes and you experience pain.

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