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Breast Feeding Pillow

Hi there,

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good breast feeding pillow?

Thanks so much!!!!!!!

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i got a boppy, but really found that it was easier to feed him with a few other pillows i had lying around the house. maybe thats just because i got used to it at the hospital though. Good luck!

Hi A.,

Looks like you've got LOTS of recommendations already. Can you try some different pillows out (friends')? I think different body types/babies make a difference. That Boppy that everyone loves just didn't work for me -- the little guy kept sliding down between it and me, making things pretty miserable. I ended up getting a My Brest Friend pillow after using it at a lactation consultant's office and really liking it. We're still using it almost a year later. I've also read good things about the Kushies breastfeeding pillow, and it's less expensive than either the Boppy or Brest Friend. Hope you find what works great for you! :)

I used my Boppy every day for 12 months, and hated being without it. COuldn't ever get regular pillow scrunched up right when we were travelling without my Boppy.


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i got a boppy, but really found that it was easier to feed him with a few other pillows i had lying around the house. maybe thats just because i got used to it at the hospital though. Good luck!

My first baby was tiny, and never did get really heavy so I never used one with her. But my son on the other hand is a tank. He loves to nurse all the time, and he is really hard on my back to hold him, so I do use a boppy with him.

Hi A.,

I have a Boppy Pillow and absolutely LOVE it!! I bought one for upstairs and one for downstairs. It sits nicely around my waist for when I feed my son. I don't just use it for breastfeeding but also for when my arms get tired of holding him I sit on the couch with the boppy and him laying on top of it. The great thing too is that you can buy additional slipcovers in cool designs. The slipcovers are easy to remove and wash. It has been one of my most favorite things since our baby was born.

Boppys. I loved them. I got 2 (one for upstairs and one for the basement) and it was worth it. Used them as nursing pillow for almost 2 yrs.

I used the George brand pillow. Very simalar to the Boppy but it comes with a cover and is way less expesive than the Boppy. You can find the George pillow at walmart for about $20. It has so many uses. I had my son sleeping on it for about a month when he was a few months old because he had a cold and slept better when he was elevated. and you can strap him in to the pillow so he wouldnt wiggle off. we used it for tummy time. I used it to put behind him when he was learning how to sit up. And of course I use it for breast feeding. I've never had the Boppy brand pillow but from others that I know who have the Boppy and switched to the george pillow I hear the george pillow is softer than the boppy. I'm really happy with it. And as my son grows I'm sure I'll find more uses for it.

I had a hard time nursing at first. I got the My Brest Friend pillow and it's great- it really helped. It snaps around your waist so you can change the height. I tried the boppy and regular pillows at first and they were alright but the My brest friend pillow made a huge dfference. Absolutely worth the money. You can get one locally at becoming mothers or online at target.com or amazon.

I wasn't a huge fan of the Boppy, just like some other posters. I really liked the Boppy Cuddle Pillow... purchased it while pregnant to help me sleep more comfortably and it turned out it works great for nursing, too!

But I mostly just use a variety of small pillows. I think it's such a personal thing and you'll probably find that your pillow needs change as your baby grows. My best recommendation is to get a good variety of small pillows... different sizes, different degrees of firmness. Then you can try out different combinations & find something that's *perfect* for you & your baby... even when perfect changes to *new* perfect. ;)

Best of luck!

HI A.,
I used the "Boppy" it worked great for me. I bought a cover for it with my second one and that helped keep the pillow itself a bit cleaner. Anyway, I found you could also use "Boppy" to keep baby on the couch (before roll stage) and various other uses. God Bless!

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