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Breast Feeding - Cleveland,OH

Hey moms out there, love this website for help so I am back t ask another question. Just found out that we are expecting (due in June or July) and I am thinking about breast feeding. However, i know nothing about this area. Looking for some help about breast pumps, what to buy, what to avoid, any tips at all. I am thinking about feeding and also pumping. Any tips would be great. Also was wondering about your thoughts on buying a pump off craigslist. It seems a little weird to me just wondering if I can do that but buy like the tubing and stuff for the same product or is there a way to sanitize the whole product.

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I would not buy a pump. Look around, many places rent the really good (and expensive ones), and you just buy new nipple shields and bottles and the like. The little hand pumps and the affordable ones just do not work if you are needing to pump enough for an actual feeding. I was luck to get half an ounce with my hand pump.

I would be a little bit leary of buying a USED pump off of Craigslist or e-bay, but you can find new ones on there all the time for a lot cheaper than at the retail store. If you know the person that you are getting a used one from, then I wouldn't worry about it too much, and yes - you can get new tubing to replace the used stuff. I personally LOVE breastfeeding. I have found that a hand pump is quicker for me to pump than an electric pump....so you may just try that!

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Consumer pumps are not to be used by multiple people -- I would not buy a used pump off of craigslist despite the savings. Not worth the health risk to your baby. I would recommend the Medela Pump in Style Double Electric with the battery backup and option to single pump. I would also suggest getting a great book like The Nursing Mother's Companion: Revised Edition by Kathleen Huggins and/or taking a breastfeeding class (like the birthing classes). Most of the maternity services at the hospitals offer them for a small cost. Some of my friends even had their husbands take it too so they would know how to be supportive. Also, before you head to the hospital, post a request on here or somewhere else for the name of a great lactation consultant and La Leche League group in your area or look them up on-line in case you have trouble. Better to be armed with information BEFORE the baby is born :) And, don't be afraid to ask to see a lactation consultant at the hospital if you need to -- that is what they are there for.

Best wishes mama!
From former-nursing mother of 2 and 1 on the way

I highly recommend breastfeeding!! Kudos for making this decision!! YAY for you and for baby!!!

I used Medela pumps and loved them all. I used the Harmony handhelp pump while out (between classes at school), a Lactina Select (hospital grade, borrowed from WIC) while at home, and a Pump 'n' Style once I returned the Select. I liked the features and the trusted name. And the price! (I got them used and they worked just fine!)

If you buy used, it is recommended to use all new tubes, etc. I don't understand that, as no milk ever contacts the tubes. If you sanitize everything before using, it should be safe.

Call your insurance company and ask if they pay for a breastpump. Many of them do but few people realize it. Mine covered it once I got a "prescription" from my doctor for it.

I haven't read all the responses, but wanted to answer a few questions from my experience. I knew nothing about breastfeeding, other than I wanted to do it. With my first, many circumstances made that very difficult and we only made it a few weeks. However, I didn't let that experience deter me from trying again. And I did successfully breastfeed my other two children, one until 13 months and the other until 11 months when they both weaned themselves.
I used a Medella (sp?) pump in style and I loved it. It is an electical pump, not a hand operated, and it was efficient and quick which was what I needed as I pumped during breaks at work. You can buy off craigslist or ebay, just don't purchase the tubing and bottles and nipple guards and stuff. You can order those online or find a medical supply store (check with your hospital). You will need to sanitize the new supplies, but you can't completely sanitize used tubing/etc. to a degree of safety that I would be comfortable with.
Also, contact your LaLeche group. Check with your hospital lactation consultant. Find a local breastfeeding support group. By beginning the learning process now, you are doing yourself and your baby a wonderful service by being as prepared as possible and setting yourself up for the greatest chance of successfully doing this! Best of luck!

You can rent a pump ~~the hospital will fill you in on the details, its the better way to go financially. I never had to use one on a regular basis and just had a manual one to eliminate engorgement on occasion or to make a bottle of milk if my mom was coming to town and would want to hold and feed the baby.... and I nursed for 3 years...
You will love breastfeeding, it is SO AWESOME.

I would not buy a pump. Look around, many places rent the really good (and expensive ones), and you just buy new nipple shields and bottles and the like. The little hand pumps and the affordable ones just do not work if you are needing to pump enough for an actual feeding. I was luck to get half an ounce with my hand pump.

Breastfeeding is a wonderful and nurturing experience. The first couple weeks can be a struggle, but once you find your own system with your baby it is worth it.
I love my Medela and have recommended it to all my friends who have also loved theirs. They do cost a more, but if you know you are going to have more than one child and use it a lot it is worth the extra money. If you do go with buying from craigslist or ebay make sure the unit was well maintained and cleaned properly before storing.
I would recommend the book "So That's What They're for!" by Janet Tamaro. It is a very informative book that makes you laugh too.
Best of luck and congrats.

A fantastic resource for breastfeeding moms: http://www.kellymom.com/

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