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I just had a baby & he is 1 1/2 wks old. And i am worried that he isnt getting enough to eat. i thought breast milk should be pouring out by now but mine isnt. when i go to breastfeed him he stays on maybe 10-20 min then falls asleep, and i get scared and worried that he isnt getting enough to eat. i try pumping but it takes at least 30 min to an hr to get 4 ounces. i stopped breast feeding for a couple days and went to 3 different formulas and the doctors told me not to switch formulas so i stopped and then just started to breast feed again. Also my breast hurt when he is breast feeding. what should i do to make sure he is getting enough and is there and good breast feeding tips? Thanks

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well i didn't give up on breast feeding, i give my son a bottle every now and then and nurse him as much as possible. he went to the doctors on Wednesday and he had gained weight and the doctor told me to keep doing what i am doing. so i kinda have a schedule down which i think is okay. the baby sleeps about 3 1.2 to 4 hrs and then usually will wake up and feed for 10-15 minutes and then go to sleep so i think he is doing alright. thank you everybody for the great advice & support, i defiantly need lots of support as i am a new mother, thank you again!

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Keep at it! If you feed him when he's hungry it's working! Don't pump if he's eating so often and don't give him formula...it'll get better just feed him when he's hungry!!

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I'm not sure where you are located but if you are near Valrico I would love to meet with you and make sure you have a good latch. I know it always hurt if I had a bad latch. Although pumping, especially at such an early time made it hurt a lot and gave me bruising. I think at such an early time you aren't going to be pouring milk out, have you become engorged at all? Even though it seems like he isn't getting enough and pumping doesn't produce enough, neither is a measurement of how much your baby is getting. Some babies suck vigorously for only a few minutes and get more than enough. There are so many variables. Just talking to your doctor, a nursing consultant, la leche league or a good friend who nursed should answer most of your questions. Sometimes stress about producing enough can cause a lack of production and decrease let-down. Feel free to email or call if you would like to get together and just talk and see how it is going. (I have two that i nursed for 23 months and 18 months). Good luck - L. ###-###-####.

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Hello A., like all the other moms are saying, Hang in there. I tried breastfeeding my daughter, but the stress at work and the long hours form home did not help me very much. I was a restaurant manager and work mainly at night. I remember sitting in my area managers office during restaurant rush our trying to relax while I was pumping and all i could think about was the 1/2 hour wait list and that VIP party that was coming in at 8 pm. After 4 months of breast feeding and pumping I gave up. With my second child I told myself to take it one day at the time and he is now 10,5 months and I still breastfeed. I started to supplement with formula last week, because my breast can't seem to keep up with his appetite. After almost a year of breastfeeding I am fine with that. Don't force the situation and don't blame yourself if it doesn't work out the way you want.

Thanks K.

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Hi, A.. Well, I am not a big fan of La Leche League because they can be really, really strict and rigid about their breastfeeding advice, but I think you need a lot more info than we can give you on this website, and you need some support and reassurance. Here are some facts to reassure you in the meantime:

#1 - breast milk does not come pouring out. Ever. Your nipples are not like bottle nipples. There are no holes in your nipples the way bottle nipples have. Sometimes the milk will spurt out for a moment, but it's not the kind of thing that pours out of your body. Your nipples and milk glands are similar to sweat glands: you never pour sweat out of your skin, do you? Your milk will come out a little faster and heavier than your sweat, but the baby has to suck it out. So don't be alarmed at what looks like a small amount of milk.

#2 -- you make more milk by the baby sucking on your nipples for longer periods of time or more frequently during the day and night. If baby is not hungry, he will not nurse. When he is hungry, he will cry for it and then he will nurse. It's ok that he only nurses for 10 minutes or so at a time. He will nurse longer when he gets a little bigger and hungrier. Don't worry about that.

#3 -- make sure you burp him the same way you would need to if you fed him from a bottle. He can still get gas and colic from breastfeeding, although he shouldn't get it as badly as bottle fed babies sometimes do.

#4 -- breastfeeding hurts for the first few weeks, but then your nipples and breasts gets used to the process, and it doesn't hurt anymore. Don't worry about this. If you are light-skinned, it will hurt a little worse than if you are dark-skinned. Again, don't worry because if you keep at it, you will stop hurting altogether in about 2 weeks.

#5 -- don't stop breastfeeding suddenly unless you are sick or baby is sick and can't nurse. Also, if you have to take prescription medicine, you will need to stop temporarily, pump your milk and throw it away because any prescripttion medicine can hurt your baby.

These are some of the basic bits of information you need to breastfeed. It doesn't come as naturally as we all think it should, LOL. Like anything else, it's a skill we learn. I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning, and even when my child got older, I still had to learn new ways to adjust to his growth and health issues. Don't feel bad if breastfeeding has a few mysteries. Most of us didn't grow up with moms who did it.

Now get some good information from a woman near to you who has good information and excellent experience. A lot of people will tell you strange things; make sure you check out any advice you get because doing the wrong thing will keep you from being successful.

It sounds as though you've done everything right except for stopping breastfeeding for a few days. The baby is very, very young and you don't want to mess up his feeding patterns. He will suck down as much as he needs, and as long as you drink plenty of water and other fluids (about 3 quarts to a gallon a day, including juices and soups), you will make enough for him.

He will go through growth spurts frequently when he just can't seem to get enough -- when they are in growth spurts, they need more food -- and then he will seem to lose most of his appetite when the growth spurt calms down. Don't be alarmed at this. Babies grow in spurts, not in scientifically regular ways that are the same every day or every week.

It really does sound like you're doing just fine! If he's satisfied at 10 minutes or so, then you're producing enough and it's coming out at the right rate. Again, he will go through a growth spurt soon and nurse more often, and then he will need less again.

Remember that he's just a tiny baby and has a stomach that is about the size of his little fist. He can only hold a few ounces at a time. He's going to sleep a lot until he's about a month or 6 weeks old.

I hope that breastfeeding turns out as wonderful for you and your son as it did for me and my son!

Peace and blessings,

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please oh please do NOT give up!
if you are near Miami, go to FAITH PLOUDE at Mercy Hospital- check out their lactation services.

OR call la leche league! it's FREE!!!!
The La Leche League Breastfeeding Helpline w/access to toll free breastfeeding help 24 hours a day. Just call 1-877-4-LALECHE (1-877-452-5324)

meanwhile check out www.kellymom.com

but please keep going!! you can do this!!!

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If he is gaining weight, he's getting enough. It's normal to have some discomfort for the 1st 6 weeks. It will dissipate trust me. If you are having a lot of pain then you may have an improper latch. Call a lactation consultant. They will have one at the hospital you delivered at. They are always happy to answer questions and are very very helpful. Mine was a lifesaver when I thought I was choking my son because I had an overflow of milk! And with pumping the trick is to pump at the exact same time every day but with a 1 1/2 week old you shouldn't be pumping at all. you are supposed to wait 4-6 weeks until your milk is fully established and he is on a feeding schedule. So that could be why you arent' getting very much. Please call a lactation consultant I can't stress enough how they will help.

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Remember to drink a lot of water. Also, contact La Leche League members for breast-feeding support. Google it.
"Today's sucking is tomorrows milk"...so let the baby nurse til he falls asleep.
Nothing is wrong with what you are doing.
And yes, it hurts to have an infant suck at your breasts; but not forever. It takes a while (ok, a few weeks, perhaps) to get used to your routine.
You may try a warm compress before (just water soaked towel)
nursing, which will alleviate the initial pain. Also, once the baby is comfortable nursing (hey, he's 2 weeks old!!!)
you will both get into a comfort zone.

Blessings....And Drink Water!!!

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Take all the advice given here, but I also wanted to add that if it turns out that you are either unable to breast feed or need to suppliment with formula, do NOT let anyone make you feel bad or guilt about it!!! Breastfeeding is best but it's not possible for everyone. Thank goodness in this day and age we have formula to fall back on if necessary!!

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Hi A.,

I went through the same thing and my baby ended up loosing too much weight. Here's what helped: First and foremost - prayer. Second - a major decision to commit to pumping every 2 hours during the day and if you can take it, once during the night. Third - take FENUGREEK! This stuff is amazing. Ask your doctor if you have any concerns about Fenugreek, but if you decide to use it, you'll be amazed. I don't care if you only get 1 ounce every time you pump. Just save it and give it to your baby. I would feed, then pump for 5 to 15 minutes afterwards. 5- 15 minutes is doable. You won't get much, but it's the constant stimulation along with the Fenugreek and prayer that's important. Know that if this isn't something you can do or if it just doesn't work out, ask your doctor what formula to use and use it. Don't feel guilty. Ultimately, the most important thing here is to maintain your baby's health. I will keep you and your little guy in my prayers. This too will pass. My little guy is 14 months and we breast fed until 11 months when he weened himself. If you had told me that was possible when my nipples were bleeding and my baby was getting skinny, I would have never believed it. Oh, and use a nipple shield to get a good latch if you are too sore, but it does reduce the amount of milk transferring from breast to baby by a small percent. That may be no big deal for those who have lots of milk, but for those of us that had what seemed like only drops, it's a huge deal. I had to use it for about 30 seconds and then quickly remove it and put him back on. The shield would create a good form for him to latch on to, so that would help him get back on without it. I sure hope the best for you both!

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