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I just had a baby & he is 1 1/2 wks old. And i am worried that he isnt getting enough to eat. i thought breast milk should be pouring out by now but mine isnt. when i go to breastfeed him he stays on maybe 10-20 min then falls asleep, and i get scared and worried that he isnt getting enough to eat. i try pumping but it takes at least 30 min to an hr to get 4 ounces. i stopped breast feeding for a couple days and went to 3 different formulas and the doctors told me not to switch formulas so i stopped and then just started to breast feed again. Also my breast hurt when he is breast feeding. what should i do to make sure he is getting enough and is there and good breast feeding tips? Thanks

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well i didn't give up on breast feeding, i give my son a bottle every now and then and nurse him as much as possible. he went to the doctors on Wednesday and he had gained weight and the doctor told me to keep doing what i am doing. so i kinda have a schedule down which i think is okay. the baby sleeps about 3 1.2 to 4 hrs and then usually will wake up and feed for 10-15 minutes and then go to sleep so i think he is doing alright. thank you everybody for the great advice & support, i defiantly need lots of support as i am a new mother, thank you again!

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Keep at it! If you feed him when he's hungry it's working! Don't pump if he's eating so often and don't give him formula...it'll get better just feed him when he's hungry!!

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I'm not sure where you are located but if you are near Valrico I would love to meet with you and make sure you have a good latch. I know it always hurt if I had a bad latch. Although pumping, especially at such an early time made it hurt a lot and gave me bruising. I think at such an early time you aren't going to be pouring milk out, have you become engorged at all? Even though it seems like he isn't getting enough and pumping doesn't produce enough, neither is a measurement of how much your baby is getting. Some babies suck vigorously for only a few minutes and get more than enough. There are so many variables. Just talking to your doctor, a nursing consultant, la leche league or a good friend who nursed should answer most of your questions. Sometimes stress about producing enough can cause a lack of production and decrease let-down. Feel free to email or call if you would like to get together and just talk and see how it is going. (I have two that i nursed for 23 months and 18 months). Good luck - L. ###-###-####.

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Hello A., like all the other moms are saying, Hang in there. I tried breastfeeding my daughter, but the stress at work and the long hours form home did not help me very much. I was a restaurant manager and work mainly at night. I remember sitting in my area managers office during restaurant rush our trying to relax while I was pumping and all i could think about was the 1/2 hour wait list and that VIP party that was coming in at 8 pm. After 4 months of breast feeding and pumping I gave up. With my second child I told myself to take it one day at the time and he is now 10,5 months and I still breastfeed. I started to supplement with formula last week, because my breast can't seem to keep up with his appetite. After almost a year of breastfeeding I am fine with that. Don't force the situation and don't blame yourself if it doesn't work out the way you want.

Thanks K.

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Hi, A.. Well, I am not a big fan of La Leche League because they can be really, really strict and rigid about their breastfeeding advice, but I think you need a lot more info than we can give you on this website, and you need some support and reassurance. Here are some facts to reassure you in the meantime:

#1 - breast milk does not come pouring out. Ever. Your nipples are not like bottle nipples. There are no holes in your nipples the way bottle nipples have. Sometimes the milk will spurt out for a moment, but it's not the kind of thing that pours out of your body. Your nipples and milk glands are similar to sweat glands: you never pour sweat out of your skin, do you? Your milk will come out a little faster and heavier than your sweat, but the baby has to suck it out. So don't be alarmed at what looks like a small amount of milk.

#2 -- you make more milk by the baby sucking on your nipples for longer periods of time or more frequently during the day and night. If baby is not hungry, he will not nurse. When he is hungry, he will cry for it and then he will nurse. It's ok that he only nurses for 10 minutes or so at a time. He will nurse longer when he gets a little bigger and hungrier. Don't worry about that.

#3 -- make sure you burp him the same way you would need to if you fed him from a bottle. He can still get gas and colic from breastfeeding, although he shouldn't get it as badly as bottle fed babies sometimes do.

#4 -- breastfeeding hurts for the first few weeks, but then your nipples and breasts gets used to the process, and it doesn't hurt anymore. Don't worry about this. If you are light-skinned, it will hurt a little worse than if you are dark-skinned. Again, don't worry because if you keep at it, you will stop hurting altogether in about 2 weeks.

#5 -- don't stop breastfeeding suddenly unless you are sick or baby is sick and can't nurse. Also, if you have to take prescription medicine, you will need to stop temporarily, pump your milk and throw it away because any prescripttion medicine can hurt your baby.

These are some of the basic bits of information you need to breastfeed. It doesn't come as naturally as we all think it should, LOL. Like anything else, it's a skill we learn. I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning, and even when my child got older, I still had to learn new ways to adjust to his growth and health issues. Don't feel bad if breastfeeding has a few mysteries. Most of us didn't grow up with moms who did it.

Now get some good information from a woman near to you who has good information and excellent experience. A lot of people will tell you strange things; make sure you check out any advice you get because doing the wrong thing will keep you from being successful.

It sounds as though you've done everything right except for stopping breastfeeding for a few days. The baby is very, very young and you don't want to mess up his feeding patterns. He will suck down as much as he needs, and as long as you drink plenty of water and other fluids (about 3 quarts to a gallon a day, including juices and soups), you will make enough for him.

He will go through growth spurts frequently when he just can't seem to get enough -- when they are in growth spurts, they need more food -- and then he will seem to lose most of his appetite when the growth spurt calms down. Don't be alarmed at this. Babies grow in spurts, not in scientifically regular ways that are the same every day or every week.

It really does sound like you're doing just fine! If he's satisfied at 10 minutes or so, then you're producing enough and it's coming out at the right rate. Again, he will go through a growth spurt soon and nurse more often, and then he will need less again.

Remember that he's just a tiny baby and has a stomach that is about the size of his little fist. He can only hold a few ounces at a time. He's going to sleep a lot until he's about a month or 6 weeks old.

I hope that breastfeeding turns out as wonderful for you and your son as it did for me and my son!

Peace and blessings,

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please oh please do NOT give up!
if you are near Miami, go to FAITH PLOUDE at Mercy Hospital- check out their lactation services.

OR call la leche league! it's FREE!!!!
The La Leche League Breastfeeding Helpline w/access to toll free breastfeeding help 24 hours a day. Just call 1-877-4-LALECHE (1-877-452-5324)

meanwhile check out www.kellymom.com

but please keep going!! you can do this!!!

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If he is gaining weight, he's getting enough. It's normal to have some discomfort for the 1st 6 weeks. It will dissipate trust me. If you are having a lot of pain then you may have an improper latch. Call a lactation consultant. They will have one at the hospital you delivered at. They are always happy to answer questions and are very very helpful. Mine was a lifesaver when I thought I was choking my son because I had an overflow of milk! And with pumping the trick is to pump at the exact same time every day but with a 1 1/2 week old you shouldn't be pumping at all. you are supposed to wait 4-6 weeks until your milk is fully established and he is on a feeding schedule. So that could be why you arent' getting very much. Please call a lactation consultant I can't stress enough how they will help.

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Remember to drink a lot of water. Also, contact La Leche League members for breast-feeding support. Google it.
"Today's sucking is tomorrows milk"...so let the baby nurse til he falls asleep.
Nothing is wrong with what you are doing.
And yes, it hurts to have an infant suck at your breasts; but not forever. It takes a while (ok, a few weeks, perhaps) to get used to your routine.
You may try a warm compress before (just water soaked towel)
nursing, which will alleviate the initial pain. Also, once the baby is comfortable nursing (hey, he's 2 weeks old!!!)
you will both get into a comfort zone.

Blessings....And Drink Water!!!

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Take all the advice given here, but I also wanted to add that if it turns out that you are either unable to breast feed or need to suppliment with formula, do NOT let anyone make you feel bad or guilt about it!!! Breastfeeding is best but it's not possible for everyone. Thank goodness in this day and age we have formula to fall back on if necessary!!

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Hi A.,

I went through the same thing and my baby ended up loosing too much weight. Here's what helped: First and foremost - prayer. Second - a major decision to commit to pumping every 2 hours during the day and if you can take it, once during the night. Third - take FENUGREEK! This stuff is amazing. Ask your doctor if you have any concerns about Fenugreek, but if you decide to use it, you'll be amazed. I don't care if you only get 1 ounce every time you pump. Just save it and give it to your baby. I would feed, then pump for 5 to 15 minutes afterwards. 5- 15 minutes is doable. You won't get much, but it's the constant stimulation along with the Fenugreek and prayer that's important. Know that if this isn't something you can do or if it just doesn't work out, ask your doctor what formula to use and use it. Don't feel guilty. Ultimately, the most important thing here is to maintain your baby's health. I will keep you and your little guy in my prayers. This too will pass. My little guy is 14 months and we breast fed until 11 months when he weened himself. If you had told me that was possible when my nipples were bleeding and my baby was getting skinny, I would have never believed it. Oh, and use a nipple shield to get a good latch if you are too sore, but it does reduce the amount of milk transferring from breast to baby by a small percent. That may be no big deal for those who have lots of milk, but for those of us that had what seemed like only drops, it's a huge deal. I had to use it for about 30 seconds and then quickly remove it and put him back on. The shield would create a good form for him to latch on to, so that would help him get back on without it. I sure hope the best for you both!

You have recieved some great advice already, but I just wanted to add that your babies belly is tiny - think smaller than their fist right now - they need such a tiny amount of milk which is why you are only making a tiny bit.
Do not pump yet it is too soon- your baby needs to be getting all of the milk from you and pumping too soon can cause problems for you - not to mention you just need to allow yourself a few weeks to recover from childbirth.
Your body was made to breastfeed, keep reminding yourself of that - you were designed to make exactly what and how much your baby needs. Dont give up, I promise you will be so proud of yourself if you dont.
Do not supplament with formula either by doing do you are just telling your body to make less milk.

I speak from experience, my 10 month old son is still ONLY recieving breastmilk, and I have worked full time since 3.5 months post partum.....there will be time for you to pump if you need to store away milk too.

And 4oz at 1.5wk PP is AWESOME!!!!! Seriously!

Contact a La Leche League Leader in your area. Do an internet search. The first few weeks of nursing are light, no worries here. Your breast pain is something you do need to fix however. There are many different kinds of pain. Is it just the nipples that are raw? Baby may not be latching on right. We each of my children my nipples needed to be conditioned almost a month before I got used to it. Please don't give up the nursing, formula is so inadequate in comparison. Just keep putting baby to breast. The more he sucks, the demand for your milk will come in. Make sure he's opening wide (tickle his lips with your nipple), then kind of gently slam him onto your breast. Have baby's belly button facing your stomach and keep him up high with pillows. Try Lanolin ointment in between feedings and go braless as much as you can. I have a Natural Mom e-book that has a huge section on nursing problems in it. You may benefit. www.wheelsoflight.org

A., all the advice to call your lactation nurse is the best advice to follow. What she will do is have you come in, weigh your baby before you nurse him, and then again after. She will help you with the latching process and she can help you figure out what to do or change to get rid of, or at least relief some of, the pain. What hospital did you deliver at? I work @ 2 hospitals in OB, so you can always let me know which one you were at & I can try to help find out what number you need to call. Best of luck! Please let me know if you want some help!

Keep at it! If you feed him when he's hungry it's working! Don't pump if he's eating so often and don't give him formula...it'll get better just feed him when he's hungry!!

Take some wash clothes and soak them in hot water...not too hot. Place them on your breasts for a few minutes before feeding. Also if he keeps falling asleep switch to the other breast after about five minutes. Try to keep him stimulated so he fights to stay awake. You can talk to him or switch his position. Try the football hold.

For the aching breasts let the water from the shower hit them or find a better bra.

I know you must be worried and frustrated. I understand that it is your first baby, you will be fine. If he breastfeds for 10 to 20 minutes that is ok. Sometimes when baby falls asleep during feeding you can softly move the feet and will start feeding again. If you are in Puerto Rico contact la Liga de la Leche and they will give you the best orientation. go to the website www.lacted.com it is in English and it's a breastfeeding education organization that will help you. Good luck! Please let me know if this helped you. God Bless!

I'm a mother and a grandmother, I breastfed all three of my children, all of my grandchildren were breastfed. If your baby is nursing for 10-20 min and falling asleep, he is getting enough. You need to relax and let nature take its course. If he were not getting a full tummy, he would be crying and crying. He's not, so relax. Breastmilk is the best milk available to a newborn and you need to stick with it. Breast milk will drop much slower than milk from a bottle, so don't worry about not pumping much out. Just relax and it will be fine. Grandma

Breastfeeding can be hard in the early weeks, especially if you don't have good advice and support.

I really wish you hadn't switched to formula. :(

Please make an appointment with a good lactation consultant in your area. Also, nurse as much as you can!

Not everybody responds well to the pump. the way you know your baby is getting enough is through weight gain and wet and soiled diapers. He should be gaining about 5-7 oz a week and having at least 6 wet diapers a day and plenty of poops. This plus if he is content after feeds and you feel your breasts are softer afterwards, it's likely he is getting enough.

I am concerned that you stopped nursing and now say your breasts hurt. Do you have a hard, painful lump in your breast? If so you have a clogged duct. Otherwise you may just be engorged from not nursing.

Your supply may have taken a hit when you went on formula. Try breast compressions while nursing. Eat oatmeal every day and consider taking fenugreek herb. Here are some articles to read on making more milk and also check out www.kellymom.com.



You can come back from this and learn how to bf. It gets much, much easier after the first month or so-- don't give up!

Send me a private message if you want to talk by phone and I'll give you my phone number.

Contact La Leche league for consultation and the schedule for local chapter meetings so that you can talk to other moms directly. Don't worry, your baby is likely getting what he needs. If he needed more, he would nurse longer. You should be having his 2 week check-up soon, so you can talk to your pediatrician. You milk will likely increase any day. If this is your first baby, tender breasts are common. I remember it taking a while for me, but this is were La Leche league can be a great support for you, offering technique suggestions and positioning suggestions. The first baby is a great learning experience, but in general relax, enjoy, and learn from your baby. Congratulations!

He is eating 10-20 minutes and then falling asleep! That is a happy, satisfied baby. Just relax and enjoy.

Back in the olden days (when I was a baby) they actually weighed the baby before and after the feeding to see how much he ate. Goodness so glad we are not required to do that. Your baby is happy and satisfied- you are doing a great job!


A., I wanted to give you some more words of encouragement because you are doing the BEST thing for you and especially your baby. All these women are giving you wonderful and sound advice. Use your resources (you are), and keep at it!! This is something you'll NEVER regret :) Congratulations!

From a fellow breastfeeder, E.

For starters you should never stop feeding. The nursing is what produces more milk. Also do not pump them, you are pumping out the milk that the baby needs. Relax. Drink plenty of fluids. The main reason most women don't produce enough milk is they don't drink enough fluids. Try putting a gallon of water in the refrigerator and making sure you drink the entire thing before bed time. Also, the doctor told me a glass of red wine in the evening will help you to relax and produce more milk. I never had to use the wine because I had plenty of milk because I drank plenty of fluids. Also avoid any spicy foods, onions, garlic, etc...
Hot showers, allow water to run on your breast right before nursing or put a heating pad on them for a few minutes. That will help.

Hi. I nursed both of my children for 2 1/2 yrs each. The more you nurse, the more the milk will come in. You must eat healthy food and lots and lots of water. This will help you. Just keep nursing. Yes, in the beginning it hurts. But after about 3 weeks it won't hurt anymore and you'll love it.

I nursed my first born until 2 yrs and 3 mths. I was pregnant at the time she was still nursing and had to give it up. I thought that giving birth just 4 mths after I stopped nursing my daughter would have my breasts already conditioned to nurse my newborn. Wrong. It started all over again, pain & everything. And again, after 3 weeks, all was perfect.

Just keep going!!

The most important part of breastfeeding is to be confident in your ability to feed your baby! You know he is getting enough if he has wet diapers (that's the biggie), has poopy diapers and seems satisfied after feeding. My little one was a power nurser. She never nursed for more than about 15 minutes total. There is no hard and fast rule for time. Babies will nurse anywhere from 10 minutes and up. Breastfed babies will nurse every 1 1/2 hours to every 3 hours. You start the time from the time you start nursing. Make sure that he is latched on well when you are nursing. Breastfeeding does take some getting used to. You are in the very early days. Check out Kellymom.com and breastfeeding.com to see pics of what he should look like when latched on. You can also contact the lactation consultant at the hospital where you had him. They will be happy to make sure he is on correctly. Ditch the formula and don't worry about pumping right now. He is regulating your supply to get your body making exactly what he needs. By pumping right now and introducing formula you are sending mixed signals to your body. You can do this! :)d

Check out WestonPrice Foundation- what you eat effects your milk production,
and if you are breast feeding(really do it if you can the benefits for your baby are huge) also see Weston Price for what to feed him- and NOT formula

A. please don't give up! You are giving your baby the most wonderful gift of health and switching to a bottle this early may lead to nipple confusion which will make breastfeeding more difficult. What pump are you using? I highly recommend Medela as it is worth every penny. When I first had my baby I tried pumping with another pump and hardly anything came out. Then I got a Medela and could easily fill bottles of extra milk for her when I was out.

Here are some other tips on improving your milk supply

Good luck and stick with it!


Stop all bottles and formula. It takes your body 6 weeks to know how much to make and if you skip nursing sessions your body will think the baby does not need it. Thus causing supply issues

As for pumping a lot of mothers do not respond to a pump. And you should not pump until week 4 or 5.

A baby's belly is VERY small so it does not take much to get the baby full and a lot of the nursing might just be comfort nursing.

The nursing did hurt me for awhile but I have nursed 2 and still nursing the 2nd. If you have any questions contact your local LLL.

Hey there Miss A.! Don't fret my friend this is "normal" ! I swear I never thought I was producing enough milk until my daughter was almost 4 months old!! It never seemed like i could pump very much, but trust me and everyone else who will post in response.....Your baby is getting more than what you can pump!! He is still very tiny and weak and as he gets stronger so will his sucking action and his ability to get even more milk!!Keep pumping though as this will help to increase your production since you did take that little break! When he falls asleep when nursing, tickle him under his chin or on his ear calling his name to awaken him during nursing and try to switch him to the other breast too after that initial 20 min on the first one.It will progressively get easier for both of you.... The mild discomfort for your nipples was very common for myself and most other Mom's I know for the first couple of weeks...but if its truly "painful" where you can't handle it he may be latching incorrectly....and definitely consult with the lactation consultant at the hospital/birthing center where you had him.....several times if necessary (that's what they are there for!!) I thought I would be lucky if I made it 6 months I had so many issues in the beginning, then I shot for a year....and lo and behold I did it for 2 years!! Good luck!! You can do it!! L.

Sounds like you need to visit your lactation consultant. But if you're intent on breast feeding, don't supplement with formula and stop breastfeeding: the more you feed, the more milk your body produces. Have you weighed your son? He will probably drop a few ounces at this ages, but he shouldn't drop a lot of weight. Make an appointment with your LC ASAP. My younger daughter was very painful to breastfeed in the beginning, and after visiting the LC, I realized that I was putting her on my breast incorrectly; position is important, and it made a huge difference.

Keep up the good work; a lot of women give up. I breastfed my son for 3 years. It took a couple of months to get the hang of it but I kept working at it and before long that's all my son wanted.

I used to put cool wash cloths on myself and I bought that ointment to moisterize and before long, I built up breast stamina. The more you breastfeed, the more your milk will come in; I did do formula and breastmilk but after so long, he refused formula. He knew what was best. I have no regrets; my son is fun and smart and of course beautiful. We are very close and I plan on doing so with my daughter. My milk dried up five months after I got pregnant. I kept trying but it hurt so much that I saw stars. I told my son that there was no more milk. He used to say when he tried, "mama no milk". Nature has a way of taking care of the unborn. I did try to keep feeding him but if there is nothing left; plus, he was only feeding a couple of times a day. Probably more for comfort.

I hope this helped.


The true indicator for deciding if your baby is indeed taking in enough breastmilk is a scale. When a scale is not available, you then must look at the soiled diapers and how many being changed. If you are using disposable diapers, it's often hard to tell just how wet a diaper is because of the super absorbant material in the diaper. A newborn should be nursing about every 2 hours, 10-20 minutes at at time, actively sucking with some breaks in between. Every baby is different, however, and some babies "nibble nurse" like my first baby did where she would nurse, break, nurse, break, fall asleeep, nurse, break. This type of nursing can go on for an hour...or more. My second child, I called her my "down to business nurser" because she aggresively nursed actively for the time she was at my breast and once she was filled, she was filled until the next nursing session. My third child had a weak suck and did not gain weight as a result. Most doctors want to see a newborn at 2 weeks post partum so please do not begin using formula unless it's absolutely necessary. God made breasts to produce breastmilk for babies knowing that mommy's milk is best!

With all that said, here is a guideline to follow where wet/soiled diapers are concerned. 6-8 wet diapers (disposables) or 8-12 cloth diapers. With disposable diapers, you should be able to feel the mushy gel inside the diaper. The wetter the diaper, the mushier it feels. Also, your baby's poop should be yellow seedy looking. The color could be greenish if baby is getting too much foremilk. There are two types of milk that make up breastmilk. Colustrom is the yellow substance that appears before your milk comes in. At a week and a half, you should be seeing milk, which is white, not yellow. Foremilk is the watery milk that looks very much like skim milk. The foremilk quenches the thirst of the baby and the longer the baby stays actively sucking, then the hindmilk comes which is full of fat(creamier looking) and it's the hindmilk that fills the baby up and is responsible for the weight gain that is necessary for a baby. It's a good idea to allow your baby to nurse at one side for at least 20 minutes to ensure that an adequate amount of hindmilk is received. Every woman finds a nursing style that works for her. For me, I allowed my baby to nurse on one side until my baby came off satisfied then I would try to nurse from the other side. If the baby did not nurse from the other side, it was that side that I would nurse from at the next nursing session or if my baby did nurse from the other side but not as long, again, I would nurse from the side that was not nursed on long enough at the next session. Not every woman produces a lot of milk where it's leaking profusely from their breasts. With my first and second daughters, I had TONS of milk, but much more with my first than with my second. With my third child, I did not have tons of milk as a result of my baby's weak suck but his lack of weight gain was an indicator. Continue to nurse as often as possible. By nursing often, you stimulate your breasts to make more milk. When you take your baby to his first doctor's visit, the doctor will weigh him. If he's not gained weight, my advice is to contact Le Leche League in your area right away to get lactation help. Ask your OB or pediatrician for the number for Le Leche League in your area. They can also put you in touch with certified lactation specialists. Do NOT be afraid to get lactation assistence. I had to get help with my third child. If you simply cannot wait until your baby's first doctor visit, give them a call and ask if you can pop in for a few minutes to weigh your baby. They will understand your concern. Or, if you have a scale at home, weigh yourself naked on the scale without the baby and then weigh yourself naked with the baby (naked) and subtract the difference. That is not the best accurate weight, but it will give you and idea where he is weight wise. Please do not be discouraged. I had to supplement formula with my third child. I hated using formula for many reasons: the cost for one, but secondly, I wanted so badly to breastfeed, as I breastfed my first two children without any problems. The bond that occurs between mother and child when breastfeeding is so beautiful. Please keep nursing and trust that your body is doing what it was designed to do.

do not worry!!!he is just fine, if you feel that he may not be getting enough then feed him more often but he will let you know if he is hungry! my daughter is now 10 months and has only been breastfed. she is very healthy!! and now lets me know when she wants to eat! i had the same problem with pumping , i can barely get anything but she gets tons!! the pain that you are feeling is from your milk coming down!! it will happen alot!! lol hope this helps

Your breasts will hurt for a while. It does get better. As long as he is going through 10-12 diapers per day he is getting enough to eat. Also, if you want to increase your milk supply, make these cookies... http://www.recipezaar.com/Oatmeal-Chocolate-Chip-Lactatio... ...I am addicted to them. Once I started eating them the milk started pouring out. Also, pumping will never produce as much as nursing will so don't judge output by that. Don't give up!

Your breasts will produce enough milk to keep him full. It is very normal for a 1 week old to nurse for that amt of time & then fall asleep. Breastfeeding is a lot of work.
As for it taking that long to get 4 oz....that is a lot for a newly nursing Mom. think about how little your baby's tummy is. He/she should only need about an ounce per feeding at this point.
And your breasts hurting...again, totally normal!! If you feel like it's hurting more than it should, contact the hosptital's lactation dept to speak to somebody to make sure that the baby is latched on correctly.
Good luck & Congratulations on your new baby!!

A. honey...do not dispair. Ive nursed 4 hungry baby boys and all were different. Not just their feeding patterns and manerisms but my lactation process also. My first I was a mere 20yrs old and the last I was 39. If you can get through those first 6weeks youve got it made and you'll never regret it. After that, the experience is extremely rewarding. Sounds to me like your little one was satisfied to begin with. The more you nurse the more milk your breast will supply. Dont stop or supplement. You may have days when he is completely satisfied and on schedule then he'll bump it up a bit with more nursing. That is his way of making you produce more. You're breast will...catch up. Trust me. With my first I was completely engorged, the second had complications so I was on a schedule and pumping. The third was a grazer and liked to nurse for brief periods at a lot of intervals and the last I never became engorged but he was plenty healthy and I nursed for 7months. Let your nipples air dry and try not to cover too much with pads unless going out. If you are anything like I was it only hurts when he innitially latchs on, this too will stop. Best of luck to you. D.

It sounds like you are doing really well. I know sometimes it seems like they are not feeding well, but it is really hard to see how much is coming out. Breast pumps don't always do as well getting milk out as the baby. If you got 4 ounces out and you have only been doing for a week and half that really is good. Just remember if you stop breastfeeding it means your body will stop making milk. So if you want to breastfeed keep that baby on your boob. ( which I found to be the most enjoyable thing, knowing I was feeding my baby the best stuff on earth)
It is a demand /supply the more the baby nurses the more milk that will be made.
And if you are in the Bradenton area I know a great lactation consultant who can weigh your baby before and after feeding to show you how much the baby is actually getting.

10 to 20 minutes really is a good amount of time for him to feed at his age. Because you stopped for 3 days, your supply went down, but as long as you keep feeding him and pumping your body will make all the milk he needs. If he was not getting enough milk, he would let you know. He would be crying and rooting around, looking for more. If he is sleeping, his belly is full and he is happy.

Maybe your pump is not strong enough to puul a lot of milk out or maybe your milk has not come in fully yet and youa nd still getting mostky colostrum. Remember, your body will provide what your baby needs, as long as it is in demand, by nursing or pumping.

Breastfeeding always hurts the 2-3 weeks, you really just have to bear it,(I know, it stinks) then once you get past that point it will be smooth sailing.
Alway call a lacation specialst, I have used them and they are a huge help.

I have 2 of my own, my son is almost 4 and my daughter is 15 weeks. I breastfed both. Don't worry or stress out too much and also don't let anyone make you feel gulity at all if you decide to switch to formula. :)

Being a breast-feeding Mommy is HARD WORK! They tell you if it hurts, you're doing it wrong... TRUTH IS... no matter if you do it right or wrong, it is going to hurt for a few weeks. Just make sure it's not an infection or blockage... otherwise, use very hot water and massage gently. (Pumping helped alleviate my engorgement... but you should be beyond that stage now.)

The other issue you brought up about whether your son is getting enough... in most cases he is. You have to trust that. Keep your pediatrician appointments and baby weigh-ins... that's the best measure that he's getting enough. If you ped. is happy that your little man is gaining properly, then it should ease your anxiety. I believe that there are two weight gain charts out there: one for formula-fed babies, another for breast-fed babies... make sure you and your ped. are referring to the correct one. (Breastfed babies tend to gain weight at a slightly slower pace than formula fed babies, I believe.)

Whatever you do, if you are committed to breastfeeding... don't go back and forth yet with formula. You won't give your supply the chance it needs to stabilize to the right quantity for your son... it will diminish and then you will be in a situation where he may not get enough!
Pumping is not necessarily an indication of how much your son is getting when he feeds, either. Mother Nature is the best "pumping machine" out there -- so keep up the breastfeeding. As another post said, your son may be a power feeder... my children both were. My feeding sessions were about 10-20 minutes too and both kids stayed on track (even above) for weight gain.

You may even choose to work in a pumping session to keep your supply up (and build some reserves)... I usually did this around 10 pm or very early in the morning when milk reserves were higher... and always pumped if baby slept through a feeding to relieve the buildup... Listen to your body and listen to your son's demands. You'll work out a schedule that fits you both... it does take a bit of flexibility and blind faith in the beginning.

You're doing just fine, Mamma... keep it up!

Mommy to Katelyn, almost 4
and Matthew, almost 2
Breastfed #1 for 8 months (exclusively) and #2 for 6 months (with formula supplements from time to time because I had to return to work).

Hi A.,
I also had many issues with breastfeeding in the beginning. I suggest that you contact a LaLeche league group in your area http://www.llli.org/WebUS.html
They were able to help me. You might also check out their help pages http://www.llli.org/resources.html
Do not wait! and don't ask your Dr. (they usually aren't that helpful). If you don't have a LaLeche group near you then find a lactation consultant. Stick with it. It is hard but soooo worth the effort =) Good luck!

Again..hang in there! It always hurts for the first couple of weeks but your breasts will get used to it and soon you shouldn't feel a thing. Let him nurse as often as he wants. My daughter only nursed for 10 minutes at a time but she nursed every hour or so at that age. Your doctor will let you know if he isn't gaining enough weight at your next visit. For now just nurse away!! Good luck!

A., if you are not located too far from celebration fl at the hospital there they have a great luncheon every monday for new moms and they have 2 lactation consultants to help you out, I will copy and paste the info below from there website. I found these luncheons to be great and make some new mommy friends my daughter is now 4 and I still have friends that I made in that class!

Breastfeeding Friendship Network

This class is especially designed for the new mom and her baby. The first year of life with a new baby can sometimes be stressful and overwhelming. This class is designed to provide support and helpful information on baby care to the new mom. A light lunch will be provided. Lactation consultation available. Scale also available for weight check.

Cost: $8 or you can purchase a ticket, 3 programs for $20

· Celebration Health Monday’s 12:00 – 1:00 pm
For more information please call ###-###-####

You need to see a lactation consultant and the hospital should have one on staff. Call her! Arrange to meet her so she can see for herself. Also, if you pump to give yourself some relief from the fullness, see how much you are producing and gage that against the fullness/emptiness of your breast after pumping. How does that compare to after the baby eats? 10-20 min per side is plenty. How often are you nursing? If the baby is sleeping too much he may not be getting enought to eat. Try feeding every 2 to 2 1/2 hours. Even if he is only suckling and not eating, he can stimulate more milk production IF he is latching on correctly and that is something the lactation consultant can check for you. I really encourage you to not give up breastfeeding! Hang in there and be determined. You didn't say why your breast hurt when he nurses. Is it the fullness (are they hard?) or is it the nipple? (he's not latching on correctly). The best advice I think any of us not there can give you is to see a lactation consultant asap! Best wishes.

I would strongly suggest seeing a lactation consultant. They helped me tremendously with both of my kids. It is normal for the babies to fall asleep at the breast when they are so little. It can be so frustrating because you always wonder if the baby is getting enough. If the baby is gaining weight and isn't crying after feeding then I would say the baby is satisfied. I found that when I pumped I never pumped as much milk as I know I had in me. For what ever reason I just wasn't able to pump a good amount but when my baby ate she was fine and not hungry. A consultant can make sure the latch is good (which maybe why it hurts)

Don't give up if it is something you really want to do. It took me a good 3 months to get a good milk supply and now I still breastfeed and my daughter is 7months and weights 18 lbs.

It never worked out with my son, so he was a formula kid but he is a healthy 5 year old. Whatever works for you and has you less stressed is the best solution.

Good Luck
W. M.

Don't give up. My first it took 4 weeks for it to not hurt anymore. She wasn't latched on properly. I breastfed till 17mons. My second it took 6 weeks before it wasn't painful. Same thing, latching problems. He nursed for 15 mons. I think babies have such little mouths that it first it takes a while. I was dertermined not to give up because breastmilk is "liquid gold". My two are very healthy and I give credit to the breastfeeding. Wish you the best for your beautiful newborn.

First of all, congrats on wanting to continue breastfeeding. Babies at his age only eat 1-3 ounces per feeding so no worries about how much he is getting. Also, when I pump (with both of my kids) it takes me FOREVER to get sufficient milk out. Your breast should not "hurt" when you are feeding. I would say tender for the first couple of weeks should be normal. He probably isn't latching on correctly. Go to www.kellymom.com they have a lot of good advice there.
Good luck

Hi A.,
I breastfeed all three of my kids and am still breastfeeding my one year old. No matter how perfectly latched on the babies were, it still hurt until your nipples get used to the whole thing. It only lasts the first week or two and then you are usually good to go.It really helped alot to use that cream for your nipples. They give it to you at the hospital. My advice would be to HANG IN THERE! It takes a while for the milk flow to increase and your babies sucking causes that to happen. So if you keep taking him off to give him bottles, your breast nipples are not getting stimulated and you won't make more milk. I wouldn't worry too much unless he is super fussy and seems hungry. Then maybe give him a little formula or expressed milk to hold him up until the next breastfeeding. I would let him nurse as much as he wants. The lactation consultants had me worried when mine wouldn't stay on for longer than 10 minutes! My mom breastfeed 5 of us and said that each child is was totally different. So don't worry too much and don't give up! Good luck and God Bless you and your sweet new baby!

oh please give yourself and your baby time!!!! it's always funky in the beginning, but we managed to populate this whole earth before formula and "ounce checks!" i'm currently nursing my 2 month old & nursed his brother for 17 months until well-into my 2nd pregnancy. my first guy latched on right away and suckled like he never wanted to let go, my boobs hurt (that only happens for the first weeks-month or so), and i leaked milk everywhere! my second guy barely wanted to get on, would only go for 5-10 minutes, and would fall asleep, and my boobs are much less leaky for this one. my second baby who eats less often (&with seemingly less milk being produced) is waaay fatter than my first was! don't worry...after a few weeks, our bodies sync up and the baby lets us know how much to produce and how often...just let the baby lead the way...they wont let themselves starve...we're made to do this :) and pumping is really annoying for me too, but it'll kinda get easier. jeez, with my first guy, it would take me 2 days to get a 4oz bottle! granted, i was only pumping once a day, but it allowed me to stockpile enough for a sitter sometimes. sometimes it helps to nurse on one side while pumping the other. anyway, stick with it! feed when your baby wants to and soon, the baby will figure it out and you & your boobs will figure it out & everyone will be happy! you can do it! good luck & enjoy :)

It is just so important for you to see a lactation specialist. You should not change formulas like that. I'm highly suprised the doc didn't tell you to speak with a lactation specialist. It is so important to see them when you feel that you are not producing enough.

Your breasts hurt because you are full and you are not keeping him on long enough... unless you have a fever. Then you need to see your doctor ASAP.

Did they not give you any info after having the baby?? I googled Breastfeeding 101... hope this link helps


Good luck!

A., you've gotten some great advice already. I just want to give you the web address to the La Leche League site. They have a great forum where you can get support from other breastfeeding moms. It's http://forums.llli.org/ This site helped me tremendously!

Also, I would caution you NOT to pump while you're trying to get comfortable with breastfeeding. Pumping will only stimulate your breasts to make more milk, which will cause problems... engorged breasts will make it hard for baby to latch, overactive letdown, too much foremilk, etc. You ARE making enough milk if your baby is sleeping and satisfied after eating and is having enough diapers. And the baby is always going to be more efficient at getting milk out vs. the pump, so it's not really an accurate picture anyway IMO.

Good luck with everything. You're doing a wonderful thing for your baby AND yourself!

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