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Breaking the News About the Easter Bunny/Santa

My daughter keeps asking me if the Easter Bunny is real. My question is what age is the right age to break the news WITHOUT breaking her heart. My fear is her feeling like she has been lied to for so long. Any advice on how this discussion is approached would be greatly appreciated!

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My boys that are 8 & 11 have asked me this question for years. I have asked them why they ask and it's because other kids at school tell them that they aren't...kids can be mean... I ask my boys, if they think that Santa and the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are real. I tell them that if they believe, than those 3 are real. What they believe is totally up to them, I know that when my 11 yr old quits believing that the younger one will to, because they are so close. My sister-in-law (children ages 25-22-19) still get Santa and Easter Bunny gifts. They know the truth but it's fun for them and fun for my sister-in-law.

I dont know everyone thinks that i am wrong because i dont just bring the idea of easter bunny, santa or any other sort of thing. I just think its wrong to put ideas in kids mind and them not be true.

My daughter is 9 and questioning the fun things we believe in. some of her friends do not. I told her it was ok if her friends don't believe then I simply asked her if she believed. she said yes and we left it at that.

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My Mom never broke the news to me. I am 31, the Easter Bunny still visits my husband (he's 30), our son (he's 11) and I. So does Santa Clause. Why break the news to them? Eventually kids in school broke the news to me, but I never told my Mom and even now she makes me a stocking from Santa. I won't ever tell my son. I'll let him believe in magic until he wants to stop.

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My husband and I have never lied to our kids about the Easter Bunny and Santa. They know the real meaning of the Holidays, and that is what we celebrate! That way, when they are older and find out anyway, we won't look like big fat liars to them, and they will still trust us to always tell them the truth.

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WHen my girl starts asking that question I was given some good advice and will pass it onto you. I was told to tell her that as long as she beleives that the easter bunny or santa etc etc is real then they will still come and visit and bring eggs and presents.

I dont know everyone thinks that i am wrong because i dont just bring the idea of easter bunny, santa or any other sort of thing. I just think its wrong to put ideas in kids mind and them not be true.

It really depends on her age and how you approach it. My son is now 12. Last year before Easter (age 11), he would say things that made me believe he either already knew from kids at school, or was questioning it. As hard as it was, I sat with him away from his siblings, and explained that the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, etc. were all reflections of our love for one another-the spirits of those holidays. I told him that while it was fun to be a kid and not know the truth, it was almost more fun to have this special secret that your little ones did not know about. He became very excited, and helped shop for Easter goodies, and even hid the eggs last year for his siblings,and of course himself, because he wanted to still pretend for them. This year he and I ran around in the snow hiding eggs, and he couldn't help giggling the whole time because he is now in on the secret, which he thinks is better than not knowing the truth. As far as Christmas this past December, I took a cue from "Polar Express". I bought a large silver bell ornament that looked like the one in the movie from Santa sleigh. I made a poem about why he was receiving the bell, and signed it from Santa. Then the ornament was hidden on the tree, and he had to find it. I told him to shake it, and he caught on, and said that he could still hear it (just like in the movie). While he knew the truth, the other 2 children did not. They thought Santa left him a real sleigh bell! So I have 2 more put away, and as the other 2 kids learn the secret, they will receive their bells with the same poem. It's sad, because it's another part of childhood gone, but exciting to pass on the "secret". Good luck!

I would just tell her that as long as she believes that the Easter Bunny is real.

I think my sister had a good idea for this, when my nephew was about 10 or 11 he kept asking about them too, she asked him, "what do you believe" and she bascially told him all that mattered was what he believed. She had told us about this, so when he asked me, I told him the same thing.
He was at the age where he knew he probably wasn't real, but was just unsure and he was satisfied with that answer he got. Plus my sister told him it doesn't matter if he's real or not, as long as you believe you will still get presents, etc.

I simply tell my kids that some people believe in the Easter bunny and Santa. And if they do that's fine. If they don't that's fine.

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J. H.

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