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Breaking Out in Hives Every Day!!!

omg i'm going crazy. for the past couple of months, i've been breaking out in hives every day. it'll start with an itch somewhere like my arm, i start scratching, the hives pop up and spread to cover my entire arm. as i scratch and scratch, hives start appearing on my back and pretty soon my whole back is covered and i'm wanting to roll around on a giant brillo pad. i have an appt w. the allergist a week from now to get some testing done but i can't think of anything that has changed in my diet or toiletries to make this a sudden problem! any thoughts?? thanks!

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i am under a lot of stress but that hasn't changed either since i've always been under a lot of stress due to life circumstances. i guess its to the allergist i go! i really hope he can put an end to it. sooo itchy :(

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In the meantime, you can take Benedryl or a similar antihistamine to help relieve the itching. Try not to scratch the hives. Scratching does cause them to break out more and to spread, as you've found out.

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My husband was just dealing with this a month ago and nothing in his life had changed except that he was under tremendous stress. He went to the doctor, she determined that it was more than likely stress and she advised him to stay on Claritin (or something similar) for one entire week, 24/7. After the end of the week, the hives had vanished. So you may try a similar regimen and see what happens. Hope you feel better soon!

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Other posters are right – stress can be a big factor in how any allergy exhibits, AND it's possible to develop an allergy at any time.

I crashed with a bazillion chemical and environmental sensitivities over 25 years ago, right after my beloved grandmother died, and my life has really never been the same since. I have had to re-learn what's safe to eat, launder my clothes in, put on my skin, and how to handle stress better.

One thing that has helped me immensely is homeopathy. Only about 80% of people respond to it, but if you're in that large group, you may get relief from one of the several remedies that help with hives. You can buy these inexpensively over the counter (less than $10 per remedy), and they are extremely unlikely to cause any symptoms of their own. They just work, or don't.

You can google "homeopathy for hives" (or for allergy) and get the various remedies that might help. The one that is foolproof for me (may not be exactly right for you) is called Histaminum. It works equally well for me in any OTC strength available. One supposedly important tip is to drop the little tablets directly under your tongue from the lid without touching them first with your fingers.

Good luck – hives can be torment!

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How about stress? Can do it....you know?

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My mother has been having hives, to the extent her entire face swelled up twice last week, and her doctor traced it to anxiety after the death of my Dad almost 4 weeks ago. Yours also may not be an allergy but a stress related reaction, have you been under any?

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I had something like this happen for almost a year. Everytime I got stressed (especially at work) I would break out in hives. Mine was linked to an outbreak I had after taking diet pills with an extremely high nut extract content. I went to the doctor and we cleared it up immediately, but then I kept having these flare ups for months! My dad's ex-girlfriend was really into holistic health and she had me take milk thistle and something else for a while and it's never happened since. It's like I just had to break the cycle.

Another thought, even though you haven't changed your routine, you very well might have developed an allergy to something you're currently using. Once I got into my thirties, my skin became soooooo sensitive I can't use any kind of scented lotion or deoderant. I found that out the hard way after my legs and armpits broke out in horrible itchy rashes. If I spray perfume on my skin, my chest, neck and arms will completely break out.

The allergist should be able to help. Good luck.

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I suggest you REDUCE the amt of detergents in your laundry and start there or begin a second rinse. Just because YOU have not changed products does not mean your products have not changed their ingredients.

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It may not be that it's a new set of hives each day but more so that hives tend to run a cycle. a cycle that can last from a few days to a few months...

A few years back, I, too, was suffering from hives over and over... therefore, I began to read up on hives and discovered a few things.. Consider this, while you may not be allergic to specific foods, once the onset of hives, then allergic or not, certain foods can make hives worse.. (for me, egg whites)

also, Chlorine in the water can definitely irritate the hives and even bring a case of them on.. (consider getting a filter for your shower that takes the Chlorine out) since using mine, I even notice that my skin is less dry...
In addition, I use one for our drinking water.

Now, you may have realized this by now.. but the hives get worse at night (the warmth under the covers can spur the hives on) ..... in which case, cotton clothing for bed is essential as it breathes... this goes for sheets.... synthetic ones can also make matters worse..

Also keep in mind that while you didn't seem allergic to certain foods/air pollutants before, could be now your system (constantly being stressed) is now speaking up.. I should also note that sugar , processed foods and other things such as peanut butter, white flour, vinegar and other cured foods can definitely aggravate your system in such a way that hives show up and or reoccurring yeast infections.. I discovered that once I cleaned up my diet , dealt with my stress more effectively that not only did my hives finally go away (and never return I might add) but so did the bouts with yeast... I think if you try some of the things I did that you might find them helpful..

good luck to you!!

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Try changing your laundry detergent---clothes and sheets/pillowcase to a totally chemical/fragrance free one. Maybe rinse them twice.

I had a reaction to yeast that came out of nowhere. I have been completely yeast free and I feel so much better!

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In the meantime, you can take Benedryl or a similar antihistamine to help relieve the itching. Try not to scratch the hives. Scratching does cause them to break out more and to spread, as you've found out.

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