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Breakfast Ideas for Baby

My baby is 9 months old today, and I am running out of ideas to make her for breakfast. She really likes eggs and if she could she would have one every day. I do not want to give her eggs everyday. I tried giving her yogurt with fruit, pancakes. She does not want to have her baby cereal anymore.
Any recipe ideas you could share would be appreciated.

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Thank you everyone for replying, I received really good information. I seriously thougth that eggs where not healthy to give to babies everyday. Bu than again I am a new mom and I am still learning I guess I am just going to try to make her eggs different every day. Some of the ideas I received I am going to have to figure out how to make them for her, she still has no teeth and sometimes chews her food and sometimes just wants to swallow it without chewing. Once again thanks for replying back

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French toast cut into little bites or strips is nice, and a little syrup to dip it in. I make regular oatmeal as the weather gets cooler. There are fun shaped healthy cereals- Smiths has one I love to buy called Heart to Heart- it has little heart shaped pieces with o's. Different cold cereals have different crunches and that is fun for them. Different flavors of jam on toast. Summer fruit is wonderful mashed for them. Super Baby Food has tons of recipes for little ones- it's a great book.

My son (who granted, is now 22 months) loves vegetarian suasage & bacon (morningstar farms) and waffles (with jelly and sometimes syrup, although when we want less mess we just add some butter). When he was 9 - 18 mos he ate frozen blueberries and loved them! We got the idea from someone at daycare who said they are great for teething (any fruit will do). good luck!

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Actually, eggs are a great baby food - I wonder why you don't want to give her one every day? They have a bad rap for cholesterol, etc. but babies actually need a lot of *healthy* fat and cholesterol in their diet - it is essential for proper neurological development. I always grated veggies in my daughter's scrambled eggs, like carrots, zucchini, or mushrooms, or added finely chopped spinach or parsley. She loved it, and now she loves her veggies as well.

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there is a great cookbook out there for little one's called Mommy made and Daddy too Home cooking for a Healthy baby and Toddler. By Martha and David Kimmel.

My girls still like some of the recipes, although I don't have to puree or chop anything fine anymore.

I have used this book through both of my girls and plan to use with my son when he is born.

Good Luck.

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Hi S.,

One of my son's favorites is crock pot oatmeal. I make many variations.
Mix in crock pot:
-1 cup mixed whole grains/legumes (some suggestions to mix: eg. millet, steel cut oats, quinoa, amaranth, barley, brown rice, lentils, etc.)
-5 cups water (made need to add more later on depending on crock pot)
-2 cups chopped apple
-1/2 dried fruit, chopped

Turn on low & let cook for 6-8 hrs.
It's extremely easy & healthy. I freeze in ice cube trays & my son eats 5 cubes (= 1 oz. each) warmed up for breakfast. The fruit gives it a slight sweetness & it's very tasty.

I agree with not giving eggs everyday, or any food consistently everyday. There is nutritional benefit to variation. Further, some doctors do not suggest eggs until 1 year.

Hope this helps,
L. L. Kwan, ND
Naturopathic Physician

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We like regular oatmeal w/ honey & raisins or blueberries.... however, our absolute favorite is called baked oatmeal...
4 1/2 c. oatmeal
1/2 c. honey
3/4 c. olive oil
1 c. water
3 t. cinnamon
3 t. baking powder
a dash of salt
2 eggs
Mix all these ingrediets together & then add raisins, peaches, strawberries (I use the frozen ones from Costco), or if you want a treat put chocolate chips in. Put into 8" by 11" pan. Bake at 350 for about 20-25 min. Serve hot w/ milk or cold w/ or w/out milk.

I make this the night before I need a quick breakfast.... I made the mistake of using chocolate chips & that is the only way we like it now...... strawberries are good too though. Hope this is a good idea for you. :)

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I have a 10 month old, 2 teeth on the bottom. She has pretty much whatever I fix for all the other kids. We had regular oatmeal this morning, little brown sugar to sweeten it and I fix it with raisins and mash hers up really good, sometimes I stir in a little baby fruit. She eats pancakes, bagels, toast (butter and low sugar jam (yummy), tiny cantaloupe, watermelon, peaches, tiny grapes, berries, cereal, french toast (loves it!), sausage gravy and a biscuit (ok), breakfast potatoes, anything she can feed herself she LOVES! She also is having less of a taste for her baby boxed cereal and enjoys eating whatever we eat. If she has cereal in the morning, like cheerios or yesterday we had cookie crisp, I let it get soggy in the milk for a bit and then she has an easier time gumming it. Good luck and remember that they go through non-eating times as well and maybe her pickiness is just that. Silly babies!

Hi S. -

I'm not why but my ped told me to old off eggs until 1 year at my daughters 9 month check. From what I've found by researching online, babies should only get egg yolks until 12 or 13 months. You may already be doing this...but thought I would put this out there as a heads up just in case. Also, you can check with your ped on what their recommendations are as well =)

Grilled Cheese is a hit, but if your like me.... itty bitty peices. frozen peas or 1/4 cut frozen grapes...really really small cut and then freeze them for fun ? or hard boiled eggs cutt small... toast with butter cut small , but it is squishy for bitting. If I think of more, I will edit

At that age and beyond, my son loved to eat oatmeal. I would add pureed baby food fruit that I had made for some sweetness without adding bad sugars like I like to eat oatmeal with! Even smooshing up some banana is good in it. He lapped it up. It was the perfect thickness that he was able to help feed himself without it falling off of the spoon. Hope this helps!

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