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Breakfast for 17 Month Old

Hello. I have a 17 month old daughter and I am wondering what to feed her for breakfast. Since she was a year, we have given her cheerios and then a Gerber 2nd Foods fruit with mixed cereal. I like to give her the fruit because I know that she is getting at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day, as well as a fruit and veggie with each meal. However, I feel that she is way too old for the 2nd fruits and would like to give her something else comparable in the morning. I thought of slicing bananas or oranges or giving her applesauce. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can continue to give her fruits with her breakfast? Thanks!

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Thanks to everyone who gave me some ideas. She has been eating table food since before she was one (I should have mentioned that before I was told to give her "REAL" food), but I haven't been giving her "REAL" fruit in the mornings. I wanted to see what everyone else has been doing.

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I give my kids sliced bananas or those little manderine oranges that are packed in those little cups. The kids love them because they are sweet and they are so easy for baby's to eat. I also give canned peaches. It seems like the canned fruit is a lot softer when they don't have many teeth. I give them an egg, cereal or pancake and then the fruit on the side.

Try grits, oatmeal, or cream of wheat mixed with fruit. Pancakes or waffles with fruit. Cottage cheese with fruit. Pancakes/waffles with a glass of juice. Eggs with cheese and sliced fruit on the side. There's tons of possibilities.

hello L.

my daughter is 14 months and for breakfast she likes to have sliced fruits like strawberries, apples, bananas, and grapes. She also likes kiwi but that I feed her the others she feeds herself.Usually she will eat 2 strawberries, 1/4 of an apple, and 5 grapes then I'll let her have 1/2 of a granola bar or whole wheat crackers.

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my 16 month old loves oatmeal! there is a variety pack at Giant Eagle with different flavors it is easy to make. She loves strawberries.bananas and yogurt loves the reg adult dannon and yoplait whips

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Hi L.,
My son loves sliced bananas, mango, cantelope, blueberries (i cut them in half), ripe pears and peaches, pretty much any fruit that is a little soft. Since your daughter is over 1 year old, you could also try slices of strawberries and oranges. Have you ever given her scrambled eggs? My son loves pieces of scrambled egg (sometimes with a little shredded cheese mixed in), pieces of toast with butter, and plain whole fat yogurt (sometimes I'll mix in a stage 2 fruit to make sure he's getting enough fruit), too. He doesn't always like something the first few times I introduce it to him, but he usually gobbles it up after a few days!

Hope this helps!

Hi L.,

Sliced bananas are great! You could even put them into oatmeal. Gerber also has cut fruit in their "Graduates" selection that I used with my son - he loved them. They had apples, peaches and pears (there may be more but that was all they had at the store I shopped at). All the fruit is soft and in bite sized cubes. It was great! You could also buy canned fruit - in juice if you want it healthier - and cut it up yourself.

I gave my son a lot of fresh bananas and canned peaches in pear juice when he was about 12 months as they are really soft and easy to chew.

At 17 months your daughter can eat just about anything that you do. My 17 month old loves scrambled eggs with cheese and a little bit of salsa. She can use a spoon or her fingers if she feels like it. She also eats lots of fruit. She has plenty of teeth, so I don't have to cut things up small for her anymore. She likes apple slices, strawberries, peaches and banannas the best. I also give her raisins and other dried fruits as well. They are really sweet; she eats them for snacks and thinks they are fruit candy! When I buy canned fruit I make sure that it is juice or water not syrup. I like something sweet for my breakfast, so I try to give her the same thing and fruit is definetly sweet.

My daughter is 13 months old and also eats cereal and fruit for breakfast most mornings. I have given her sliced bananas, peaches, pears, oranges, and applesauce. She loves them all, but bananas are her favorite.

Dear L.,

I assume that she has teeth, thus she can eat any fruit or veggie out there. I would at least slice the grapes in quarters or halves so that she does not choke on it, but my 20 month old has been eating every fruit since about 1 year. Expose her and let her try everything, she can chew it up. I would watch her as she handles the food since this is new for her, but there is watermelon, either chunks large enough for her to hold and bite or small enough to pop in. Stawberries, quartered or sliced, blue berries --one at a time, kiwi sliced (the seeds are small so no need to worry about that, etc. I hope this helps.

About me: I am a working mother of two (5 year old boy and 20 month old girl.) I've been married almost 15 years.)

A few suggestions I have are canned mandarin oranges, yogurt, real fruit-spread on toast, frozen waffles with fruit, & simply fruit juice.

I started giving my son regular fruit when he was about 15 months old. He loved it! I just gave him a little bowl of mixed fruit every morning. He still wants his fruit in the morning and he's 5 now! We did everything...bannana, strawberries (may need to hold off if she has not had berries yet due to risk of allergic reaction), grapes, apples and later oranges (to cirtus). :) Enjoy!

She should be eating "real" food! Kids are ready for "real" food by 10-11 months - or earlier. Babies should be 100% self-feeding (with fingers) by their first birthday so she's way overdue. For breakfast, just give her a variety of healthy cereals, cup of milk and some fruit -- pears, peaches, bananas, apples, oranges - whatever. Just cut it into bite-size pieces.

And don't worry is she doens't have all her teeth yet. They mean nothing. Babies can gum anything. None of my kids had a first tooth until well after their birtday (totally normal -- range is 3-18 months for getting first tooth). All my kids were 100% self-feeding 'real' food (ie, whatever the rest of the family was eating) by 8-9 months. This was normal in CA - where we lived when my son was born. Apparently it's not as normal around here because I can't believe how many people around here are giving their 10-11 month olds jarred baby food!

fresh fruit is great and you can put it with plain or flavored yogurts
oatmeal is great for some texture and applesauce is always good, don't forget eggs

While berries are in season, blackberries, rasberries and blue berries are all soft and finger sized. Sliced bananas are great (my son is a banana fiend to this day)and sliced or cut strawberries would be good. Canned peaches & pears (no sugar added) can be cut into bite sized pieces also without giving your little one a bunch of added sugar.

For veggies, peas, cut green beans, corn and carrots (all from the frozen foods section and then thawed or heated) are a great way to give her finger foods that are soft enough for her to chew (even without teeth) and just the right size. Also, buying frozen gives you the best quality because you don't have to deal with the added salt of canned or the "picked too soon" problem of shipped fresh fruits & veggies. Getting them started on vegetables early won't guarantee no future fighting over eating them (both of my kids loved vegetables at her age, but refused to eat them from about 4-8 without a fight), but it does lay the ground work for future acceptance (my 13 yr old now eats them without complaint).

Good Morning - I have 22 mo old twins and they LOVE fruit. I'm with you, they get fruit with every meal and a veggie with every lunch & dinner. I can't remember exactly when but once they were on finger foods we cut up pretty much every kind of fruit and mixed it in with their gerber oatmeal and served it on the side as well. They still eat oatmeal with fruit at least 3 x's a week. Some of their favorites are blueberries, raspberries, watermelon, apples, bananas, oranges, strawberries, peaches, pears - just cut them up into small pieces to ensure she doesn't choke. I even buy canned peaches, pears, pineapple in 100% juice in the winter - this works well too. And yes, applesause is a staple at our house - they love those little cups & Motts makes no sugar added that is less expensive and has the same ingredients as baby applesauce. Good luck!

Breakfast fruit suggestion...berries, berries, berries. My kids love berries - strawberries, but raspberries, blueberries, blackberries too - they require little to no preparation- just rinse and serve. Bananas are good too. Try and give a variety - every fruit has a different combination of nutrients to offer. Plus, the bigger variety you offer now, the more they'll like as they get older. Look at the labels of the stage 2 fruits you've been giving her - she is a little old for the pureed stuff (in my opinion) and I doubt you give her the same jar everyday - so look at those for a starting point. My kids love cantaloupe also - takes a little more preparation, but if you cut it up as soon as you get it home and serve it mixed with the berries it's great. I would also recommend making sure to include some protein - cheese, eggs, sausage, yogurt - these things will help her feel fuller longer and not make her so carb heavy first thing in the morning. Hope this helps!


My son is 15 months old and he has been having real fruit for about three months. He will eat anything and everything, kiwi, strawberries, blackberries, grapes (cut in half), banana, melon, pineapple, apples (without skin) and anything else you can think of. He also eats whole wheat waffles, pancakes, scrambled eggs with cheese, whole wheat bagels with jelly, english muffins, and nutri grain bars.

I would stick to fresh fruits as much as you can!

You can use the Dole or Del Monte fruit bowls. They are perfect self-feeding fruits because they're precut into bite-sized chunks. The only thing I don't like about them is that they are either packed in light syrup (read: extra, unnecessary sugar) or the so-called 'sugar-free' ones typically have Splenda in them. I always drain off the syrup and give them a quick rinse.

For fresh fruits, you can give pretty much anything as long as you cut it up small enough and remove seeds. Bananas, peaches, soft apples, mango, papaya, smashed blueberries, pineapple, seedless watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew - the possibilities are limitless! Introduce her palate to nature's candy store by letting her try a wide variety of fruits. I think your attention to good nutrition habits will serve your daughter well in the long run!

How about some oatmeal with the fruit mixed in? Or yogurt with fruit?
I used to cut up some strawberries to go with the cereals. Used raspberries, blueberries, etc. when in season as well. Peaches and pears are great. My children really loved pineapple but it can be hard to digest for some little people.
Pancakes with some berries or other fruit mixed in the batter will take away the need for the syrup.
What about some cut up watermelon or other melons?
French toast can be cut into strips and dipped in applesauce too, really good if you mix a some cinnamon in the egg mixture you dip the bread in.
Children like bananas so I think it is okay. I stopped this fruit with my children because the oil stays in your system for awhile and moisqutos (I can't spell this morning, :( ) love the scent and taste and I was tired of the bites on my children in March and didn't buy them again until October.
As they got older I used 100% fruit juice in place of a fruit sometimes at a meal or if we had eggs for breakfast.
You are definitely going the right and healthy eatting habit way and I think you are wonderful.

Go ahead and slice up some fresh fruit for her. It is good for her. Also she can eat eggs and sausage and things like that now. Don't limit her on the foods unless of course she is allergic to something. Also you could try the gerber graduates which has small chunks of fruit in it. It is in a jar and the fruits and veggies are small bite size pieces. She is pretty much old enough to have regular foods now. Whatever you make she can eat as long as it is cut up small enough for her. Once in a while it is ok to give her like I said sausage and eggs etc. for breakfast just not all the time because of the fat and cholesterol. Fresh fruit would be the best for her because they are packed with vitamins and minerals.

I am 31 and have been married for almost 12 yrs. My husband and I have 3 boys ages 10,7 and 4. They are quite a handful!

Just cut up some fruit and let her eat it.

We used to slice bananas every morning for our daughters, and now that they are 27 months, we just give them each half to eat. They eat at least 1/2 of a banana every morning. Applesauce is a good idea. The little fruit cups that Dole makes are also soft and easy for them to eat. They also eat almost a whole nutrigrain bar for breakfast, in addition to their cereal or pancakes, etc.

I often give my daughter yogurt for breakfast. We like the YoBaby brand. Some of the flavors include cereal plus fruit for a great source of calcium, iron and protein.

Good luck!

My own 17 month old eats dry cereal, frozen waffles, instant oatmeal, pop tarts, you name it, he'll eat it. I, too felt my kid was too old for jarred baby food even before he was a year old, (he ate table food exclusively at 11 months). Try mandarin oranges, or other foods she can feed herself, she might surprize you.

hello L.

my daughter is 14 months and for breakfast she likes to have sliced fruits like strawberries, apples, bananas, and grapes. She also likes kiwi but that I feed her the others she feeds herself.Usually she will eat 2 strawberries, 1/4 of an apple, and 5 grapes then I'll let her have 1/2 of a granola bar or whole wheat crackers.

Anything she can pick up with her fingers is great. Try kiwi fruit, strawberries, blueberries, and especially watermelon.

Any fresh fruit is great. Frozen/fresh pancakes & waffles. Cereal bars. Bagels & english muffins. Scrambled eggs. I also liked to give Cherrios or other self feeding cereal, just to follow up & make sure they are full. What are you eating for breakfast? She can have the same thing.

My daughter really enjoyed eating any foods that she could pick up and feed herself. I would reccomend trying cut peices of strawberries, blueberries (halved) and bananas. I would also offer yogurt and rice or oatmeal cereal (if it's thick enough to stick to the spoon, she may start feeding herself)

Some days my daughter enjoys a waffle with a tiny amount of butter or scrambled eggs and toast.

I gave all of these items to my daughter at age 1. Good luck!


You can do all kinds of things. Cut up bananas, give her blueberries or seedless grapes, cut up strawberries... You can also mix most fruits into oatmeal or yogurt or pancakes. Most fruits are quite soft, so they should be easy for her to eat.

Your idea of slicing fruit is the perfect idea. Not to mention, most of those convenience fruits aren't all that great; not compared to fresh fruit!
Our daughter is 18 mo/old and has had a banana with her breakfast since she was...gosh...probably a year old or younger. Sometimes we do other fruits, too, like sliced peaches, apricots, strawberries, blueberries,apples, oranges etc. She also eats oatmeal w/ cinnamon, and has recently developed a "Kix Fix", so she eats them dry with her breakfast. Additionally, to make sure that she has absolutely everything that her growing body needs, she has her shake which she LOVES. It's a food-science nutritional product designed and balanced specifically for kids. Includes the Omega-3's and other brain food nutrients.
I attribute this shake to my kids' awesome immune systems. I can get you more info if you're interested.
But definately encourage the fresh fruit over the Gerber.

Fresh fruit - it's summertime! Cut up small chunks and put them in a dish or on a plate and let her pick up or use a spoon and eat herself. My daughter has been eating cut up bananas, peaches, pears, watermelon, cut up grapes, canteloupe, blueberries, apples, pineapple - whatever I have on hand at the house. I keep some of the all natural applesauce (Kroger brand usually) and take that with me in the diaper bag, but will use it in a pinch if I need to.

Sometimes she has eggs and bacon, organic cereal bars, fig bars, oatmeal with bananas in it, or lately she wants cereal with milk (just like her big brother!). She's pretty independent and wants to do everything herself so I let her. Just put a bib on her!

Whatever you are eating...she can have too.

I know, I'm a little late but hopefully this helps ya all the same. I have a 22mo old. One of his morning faves is lightly sweetened oatmeal with raisins in it. I dump in a whole box of those individual servings. He loves it. Also, I recently discovered that, like me, he loves pineapple in natural juice. I remember mom feeding us bananas and milk sometimes too. How about some fruit yogurt or maybe play around with some smoothie recipes for breakfast? Good luck to ya! Shannon G.

Try grits, oatmeal, or cream of wheat mixed with fruit. Pancakes or waffles with fruit. Cottage cheese with fruit. Pancakes/waffles with a glass of juice. Eggs with cheese and sliced fruit on the side. There's tons of possibilities.

I gave my daughter cream of wheat with bananas. Slice into fours and she should be fine. I think you could also feed her grapes sliced into fours or any of the other soft fruits. You could also put them into a food processor.

You are right, babie don't need purees past about 9months! my son started eating chereios with milk or oatmeal from a bowl on his own around 16 months. It's messy for a while, but he got the hang of it. It's great not having to feed him anymore.

Sorry if this is a repeat, but how about pancakes. Maybe put some fruit on top of it. My daughter is not a big fan of pancakes, but maybe yours will be!


We give our 15 month old daughter applesauce every morning and follow it up with cereal. It's great because you can buy the single serving packs and we make sure to get the all natural (no extra sugar) pack. I know Mott's makes it and I think there's another brand name that does all natural applesauce. Our daughter gobbles it right up.

She also likes bananas and we just break pieces off for her to eat up.

L. M

Hi There! You know it's really what you feel comfortable giving her. I make my 19 month old the same foods I eat! This morning her will have toast with butter, egg, blueberries and milk. You could make pancakes with a banana in the batter. Oatmeal with fruit on the side or on it.I don't love to hide food, but reintroduce many times. Good luck!!!


Yogurt with fruit in it or yogurt and you add the fruit. Plus the yogurt will be good for her too :-)

I also have a 17 month old daughter. She loves any fruit I serve her - especially if I am eating it too. I usually give her french toast, pancakes, or a cheese omelet for breakfast with either a banana, blueberries (I usually cut them in half just in case), melon, grapes (cut in quarters), pineapple, peaches, etc. She will also have some cheerios before she is done.

When you slice a banana and gently squeeze it in the center it will naturally split into thirds- also try the fruit cups- Dole peaches or pears- drain the syrup and rinse it under water- already diced up friut. Gerber also sells diced friuts and veggies in a jar- single serving. It's pricey but the only way I could get my then toddler to eat carrots and G Beans. They also sell Gerber Freeze-dried friuts and veggies- my son loved them and it was a great snack. They also recommend that particular brand for adults trying to lose weight too because it is the least amount to sugar/calories per ounce.

My son was really into cereal bars at that age. Quaker makes these breakfast bars (Oatmeal to Go bars) that taste like cookies and are surprisingly healthy! They are very soft and chewey and come in good flavors.
He also loved scrambled eggs.
I used to roll ham and cheese and slice the rolls into pinwheels.
Mini bagels with cream cheese (added bonus, for some reason kids make little mess with these!) are good. Get the plain mini bagels and make her a sandwich in them.
French toast cut into sticks. Toaster waffles, pancakes or an english.
My son still digs mac and cheese, but to mix it up I make him pasta salads or I sneak stuff like ham and peas into his mac and cheese.
Chicken nuggets are good, get the Tyson fully cooked ones. They are soft and good sized for little hands.
Fish Sticks, Tater tots, or crinkle fries

Hi L.!

At 17 months, she can eat cut up fresh fruit! My son loves them all! I sometimes do applesauce, or get the no sugar fruit cups if I'm in a hurry. My son stopped eating the jarred food at 9 months.

He also loves cereal, toast with jelly, eggs, and bagels with cream cheese. I usually serve those with a side of fruit.

As the others have said try all kinds of fresh fruit cut up in bite size pieces. Or instant oatmeal, waffles, cereal bars ect. You could also make a fruit smoothy... use some fresh fruit vanilla yogurt and enough oj to thin it out enough to drink in the sippy put it all in the blender and blend until the fruit in chopped up enough for the sippy.

She's definitely too old for baby food! At seventeen months, she needs real food to get the nutrition and substance she needs.

This is what I give my daughter:
a 6 oz cup of whole milk
a grain serving (to replace the cereal) such as a whole grain pancake, a whole grain waffle, a peice of whole grain toast, half a bagel, ect.
fresh fruit, such as a small banana, a few apple slices, grapes, ect.

Any fruit you can eat, she can as well-you just need to cut it up into managable bites for her age and/or skill level.

If she likes to feed herself, try blueberries - my oldest and youngest love them. Many times I serve a waffle, with a bit of low-sugar syrup for dipping and top the waffle with blueberries, strawberries, apple bits, peaches...I'm pretty lucky in that the oldest eats all fruit. I weaned him away from the jarred stuff by 12 months, the youngest I started at 6 months with "table food" mashed down so he can eat it.

MY little brother is 15 months old and we just let him eat with us at the table. So why don't you try that. It really helps out.

Hi Lanie. My response may be different from what you'd expect. I have a 2.5 year old and she still enjoys "baby food". It's a great way, i think, to get her to eat organic vegetables and fruit. I make sure she feeds herself, eats plenty of other regular foods, but she's a normal toddler who really doesn't like to eat a lot of things, so as long as she's willing to have these as a supplemental food source, i'm ecstatic. not much difference from the consistency of pudding or other foods we think of more as "grown-up."

just a thought. best of luck.


My daughter, 13 months, LOVES breakfast. I usually give her multi-grain waffles(2,yeah 2,lol) w/sugar free syrup, just a smidge. I always add one of the following: diced strawberrys, sliced seedless grapes, quartered blue berries or peeled diced peaches all fresh whatevers readily available. She loves them all. If you have apples on hand I put them in them microwave after dicing for about 20 seconds just to soften.Bananas are one I haven't tried, I'll have to borrow that. Hope this helps. Also sometimes for lunch I make a turkey sandwich on wheat press it with my hand and chunk it, on the side baby carrots. carrots in the microwave barely cover with water and cook 40 secs, then slice. Add milk as her drink, great lunch?

Good decision keeping the fruits in the morning. My son loves fruit. Bananas sliced up in small pieces is definitely a great idea but that could get tiresome after a while. Some kids love oatmeal with the fruit in it. Some of the oatmeals on the market even have little bits of apple in them. Even cutting up fresh fruit is easy. So many fruits are easy to cut... melons, pineapple, strawberries, kiwi, or grapes. Another great morning food is yogurt and they even make yogurt with real fruit on the bottom. Even if she isn't eating fruit you can simply give her juice for breakfast. Small children don't need but 4 or 5 servings of fruits a day and you'd be surprised at how small a serving is. Just keep trying new things. I sometimes will also give my son apples or toat with peanut butter but it could still be a little too sticky for her. Good luck.

I give my kids sliced bananas or those little manderine oranges that are packed in those little cups. The kids love them because they are sweet and they are so easy for baby's to eat. I also give canned peaches. It seems like the canned fruit is a lot softer when they don't have many teeth. I give them an egg, cereal or pancake and then the fruit on the side.

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