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BPA Free Bottles (Namely MilkBank and Breastflow)

Hi Mommies!

I'm nearly 20 weeks pregnant with my second baby and will breastfeed again. It was a wonderful experience with my first and I'm so proud of myself for sticking it out and making it work.

That said, I know that we'll use bottles after the 4 week mark (either expressed breastmilk or formula--I really hated pumping!) so that my husband can help out with nighttime feedings and such. With our first we used Avent bottles till the whole BPA scare came to the surface and switched to the Avent Tempo so we could at least keep the same nipples. I was okay with them, but annoyed at how much and often they leaked and am hesitant to go back to them even if they are BPA free. I've been doing some research on bottles that are out now both online and through friends and am wondeirng about first hand experience with a few brands.

Have any of you used either the MilkBank or Breastflow bottles. I'm intrigued by all of the great reviews the MilkBank bottles have gotten but can't really figure out what they entail (lots of parts?, etc). I was glad to see that the Breastflow is available BPA free, but concerned about what seems to be a TON of pieces... Thoughts??

Throw in any particularly positive or negative thoughts on other brands, too. I know I want a wide neck bottle (do any glass bottles come in wide neck?), but am pretty open to other ideas and suggestions.

What can I do next?

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I use Born Free, both in glass and BPA-free plastic. They have worked great with zero problems. Babe took to it easy first time too, when she was 4 months.

My son also used Breastflow bottles the entire time he used a bottle. They are great and fairly easy to clean. My niece also used them and WOULDN'T use anything else. They really were a life saver in a time of panick and from then on worked like a charm! The piece problem isn't that bad either. I am a supporter of the Breastflow bottles big time!

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Not sure if you'd be interested in this brand, but Dr. Brown's makes a wide-neck BPA free bottle. Yes, there are a few pieces to them, but we hand washed 5-8 bottles daily for the first year and didn't find it too overwhelming.

BornFree makes a glass, wide-neck bottle. It does have some pieces, but they were pretty easy to use and clean and the bottles are incredibly sturdy. Ours have been dropped a couple of times and we've had no broken ones! They also make plastic, BPA-free ones that I used in our diaper bag and to send to the sitter. It was a little lighter to carry around that way but still the same bottle and nipple for my daughter.
Hope this helps! Good luck with Baby X!
J. M

I also used Medela bottles after I learned more about BPA...it turned out to be much more convenient for me because I was pumping with a Medela pump!

I use Born Free, both in glass and BPA-free plastic. They have worked great with zero problems. Babe took to it easy first time too, when she was 4 months.

I use Born Free and really like them. They never leak. You can get them at Target or Babies R Us, and come in both BPA free plastic or glass. (i use plastic) good luck!

Medela bottles have always been BPA free and they now putting a glass bottle on the market. Check them out at Medela.com - they are located in McHenry IL

Advent does sell BPA free bottles now. So If you liked the brand before, You csn know use it again this next time.

D. Y

I breastfed my daughter also and whenever we were out or needed to give her a bottle, the Breastflow bottles were the only type of bottle that my daughter would take. There weren't too many parts to them. There were two nipples (one that you put inside the other) and a ring that you use to tighten the nipples on to the bottle, but that was it. Once you get the hang of it, they are fine. I would use them again. Good luck with your new little one!

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