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Boys and Ear Piercing?

While sitting at the dinner table tonight, my 14 and 9 year old sons both told me they would like to get their ears pierced… both ears. I didn't think I would have such a problem with it. If someone were to ask me if I thought they should let their boys get their ears pierced I would have said... why not! It wouldn’t bother me. If they were rude or acted terrible, that would bother me.

After all I was 8. It doesn't seem to be an issue when a girl gets her ears pierced at any age. If they change their minds later on they can always take them out. But, I’m not sure. I didn’t say yes or no. If my daughter were to ask me now at age 3 I wouldn’t hesitate. At least, I don’t think I would. My boys are good boys and very clean cut. Just wanted your thoughts.

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I'm cool with piercings on teens of either gender. I don't like pierced ears on younger boys, but I honestly hate pierced ears on little girls too.

When kids are old enough to actually own their fashion choices, I'm pretty much an "anything goes" kind of person as long as those choices aren't sexually provocative or inappropriate for a specific setting. My SD is 14 and has double piercings and has dyed red streaks in the underside of her blond hair for a couple of years. I think the look is a bit cheap and trashy, but she likes it and cleans up nicely for holidays and family functions so...whatever. If my 14 year old son wanted his ear(s) pierced I would have no problem with.

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I would be fine with the 14 year old, but I would probably make the 9 year old wait until he was 12 or so. As far as one ear or both, I would go with whatever the style is amongst his peer group. No point in having him get one ear pierced if it would be an embarrassment for him. Around here men in their 30's and 40's have one ear (as was the style in the 80's and 90's), but teens and 20's have both.

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The 9 year old probably only wants to because big brother wants to. If you're comfortable with both of them doing it, why not? Now's the time for them to experiment with looks if they want.

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Its fine.

Just a story: when I was a kid, I pierced my own ears.
Used ice and an apple in the back.
Then I went out to the living room, told my parents "I pierced my ears! Look!" I was really excited and wasn't doing it to irk them. I just did it myself. Cleaned it before and after. Sanitized the earring I used and had sharpened the tip with, to pierce my ears.
I did not get an infection at all.
Mind you, this is in addition, to the pair of earring holes I already had, which my parents got for me previously.

I also had a mohawk and different colored hair, and was into punk.
Was I a weird kid? No.
Was I a bad kid? No.
Was I rude or a terrible kid? No.
Am I still that way? No.
I was a kid then.

How did my parents react? They were unperturbed about it. They didn't flinch. My Mom just said "keep it clean!" Mind you, my parents are typical standard parents. Not liberal or anything. From an earlier era.

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I agree with the others. My boys are 8 and 14, and so far have not expressed a desire for earrings, but my 14 year old has had some pretty awful hairstyles. I let him know which styles I prefer, but also let him know it's his hair, and he can decide what to do with it. The earrings are the same thing. If the boys are good kids, like yours and mine are, I'm not going to get too worked up over simple things like earrings or hairstyles (or clothes or other personal choices). I'll just be thankful that they make good choices when it comes to the important things in life.

Fortunately right now he has chosen a great hairstyle! We'll see how long it lasts. :)

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They are more than old enough to decide. If they decide they don't like it later on, they can just stop wearing an earring and the holes will close up.

ETA: I misread their ages as 14 and 19. I would still be great with the 14 year old. The 9 year old I would make wait. I did mine in high school and I don't see that waiting should be a big issue. Of course if he was 19 - then whatever he wants to do with his ears is fine.

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my son got his pierced at age 8 for his bday. He was a very good kid. He was on a wrestling team so I think he wanted it for intimidation purposes, plus his dad wore an earring, so I let him. He quit wearing it at 18 and hasnt worn one since. (gotta love maturity)
I don't like two pierced ears on guys tho, I think it looks crappy... but I'm old so that's probably why.
I'd worry they would want those gauges tho-- those are pretty awful looking... so if I had an 8 yr old now that asked for a pierced ear I might be more inclined to say no just for that reason.

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I wouldn't have a problem with it. And just to be aware, you should check their dress code at school, it may not allow for it unless of course you homeschool.

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My husband would say NOT ONLY NO BUT HE$$ NO. When you turn 18 and a legal adult - do what you want with your body...

I PREFER my "men" to be clean cut and no piercings. I would ask that they wait. But also ask WHY they want their ears pierced. Unlike a tattoo - should they change their mind - they can take them out and the holes will close up.

They are YOUR kids. Go with your gut!!!

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My personal preferance is that boys keep short hair and no earrings. Realistic probably not.

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ETA: Oh, boy, I read this incorrectly... I thought you wrote that your boys were 14 and 19. That said, I'll have to change my answer-- the fourteen year old- yes, if he wants to care for the piercings, but the 9 year old should wait until he's 13. 13 would be my rule if it was for a boy or girl.

Here in Portland, it doesn't seem to be a big deal for a boy to have both ears pierced. Certainly more common on the men.

Deleted previous answer...for obvious reasons.

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