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Boy or Girl? (How to Tell ... Myths)

Okay, some of you will probably think I'm silly but that's okay. I'm 11 weeks pregnant and of course, I don't know if I'm having a boy or a girl. It will be probably be a couple months before I find out from the doctor. But I know there are myths on how you can tell. I don't know how accurate any of them are but would like to try them just for fun. I tried that Chinese calendar thing and it said a girl. But I was using a book on how to conceive a boy or girl with my last one, was trying for a girl and got a girl. This time we were trying for a boy. Okay now this is really going to sound silly. I purchased a bird a couple years ago and asked the lady if it was a girl or boy. She put a pencil on a piece of string in front of the bird and it started to move a certain direction and she told me it was a girl. How about myths about twins? I've only gained 3 pounds but I feel huge, maybe it is just because it is the 3rd pregnancy. Anyway.... I would love to hear any myths anyone has heard. Thanks, H. ^_^

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Well, It's a boy! I did the pencil on a string test and it said boy. The ultrasound last month confirmed it. I didn't have any morning sickness with my girls but got sick twice this time. The heartbeat was slower at the doctors office and he kicks a lot more than my girls did. Plus I felt him kick several weeks before I was supposed to. I feel like I'm carrying lower as well. I read that japanese thing that tells you what your baby will be. Well, it was wrong! Anyway, that is about it. Thank you all for your input.

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I have been told morning sickness is a good sign. None to very little with a boy and extreme with a girl. I know I had a boy and very little. My friend had a girl and was sick the whole time almost.

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The string thing does work, but let me tell you a little something about it. First you will want to tie a paperclip, needle etc to the end of the string. You need to find the yes and no in the string. Ask it is my name (Blank) now whatever way it circles is your yes, then ask it a yes or no question that you know the answer is no. You should have a yes and a no for the string, the ask it if you are having a girl and see what way it turns, then ask the same about a boy. The question must always be yes or no though. You should have one yes and one no, then you will know what gender your baby is. I actually use this method for alot of things and the it has always worked, but i have an actual penduleum. Give it a try then write the answer down, do it with mulitple things in your life and see if the answers come true, and then let us know.

Ok I have a few myths :) Have you done the niddle one? I am sure everyone knows that one. YOu lay on the floor and have someone hold a niddle on a string and if it starts moving in a circular motion it will be a girls and if it will move up and down is a boy. Next one, there is a myth about how you look when you are pregnant that determines the sex supposedly. If you are glowing, and look more attractive than before you are pregnant you are having a boy, and if you look tired, no energy, non attractive, is a girl. Other myths is the shape of your abdomen. I think it is if is low and oval shape is a boy? and if it is high and round is a girl? I may have this backwards :( and the last one is that if you are having a boy, you will attract baby girls and if you are having a girl you will attract baby boys. What I mean by that is for example your at the park or grocery store and little boys or girls will come up to you or stare at you, supposely tells you what sex your having because babys will be attracted to the oppossite sex baby. I am not sure if any of this is true but it is fun!!!!!!!!

Hi H.!
I have heard some myths you may want to try. Hold a pendant necklace above your belly while you are lying down.....if it makes circles, then you will have a girl. If it goes back and forth you will have a boy. However, this is DEFINITELY just a fun myth because my friend tried it and she thought she was having a girl....well it turned out she has a beautiful boy. Either way, I am sure you are excited about becoming a mom again. Best wishes and have fun!!!

Chocolate! If you can't get enough you are haveing a girl. I'm talking middle of the night you have to have a Hershey bar kinda thing. My best friend told me about this when she found my stash of kisses in my work bag and told me I was haveing a girl and it turned out to be true. Also my sister had called me and asked me about her unusual craveing for chocolate while she was pregnant (she is the kinda person who eats a candy bar once a year maby) and I told her it had to be a girl and was the only one in the family who had it right (everyone else used some of the other myths like how she carried, the pendant thing and heart rate)
Let us know which ones turned out to be true.

One of the myths that I used that hasn't been listed is using Drano. First you pee in a cup then add a small amount of Drano to the urine and stir it up. If the color is any shade of blue to green then it's suppose to be a boy. If the color is orange to brownish then it's a girl. I have used this method just for the fun of it on my each of my pregnancies. The first one was a boy and the color actually did turn blue-green, on my second pregnancy the color was brownish and I had a girl, but on my latest baby (born 7-24-07) the test was wrong. The color came up blue-green again. I even did the test twice and I ended up with a beautiful baby girl. So of course it isn't fail-proof. I hope you're having fun trying out the different myths until you actually do get to find out the sex of the baby.

Sorry I don't have any others than what are listed here. I do know that the heart rate does NOT matter. They did a study on it and there was only a difference of about 1 or 2 beats per minute. Also you can't really depend on the morning sickness thing because I have a boy and a girl and didn't have morning sickness with either one of them. Well have fun with the other methods. God bless!

OK here is one that I have not seen mentioned... Without thinking about it, look at your hands.

If you hold your hands out with the palms facing down, then it is a boy, if palms are up then it is a girl.

Also, the needle thing also works with a pencil, your wedding ring, a pendant, a paperclip, any sort of metal. You can also hold it up above your wrist (where your pulse point is) and it will work too. Be aware though, that it will list the sex of every pregnancy you have had. If it is a boy then the metal object will swing from side to side. A girl will go into circles.

When I was pregnant and working with 7 other women who were pregnant this worked on all of us, then we tried it on a girl who was not pregnant and nothing happened...

Good Luck to you and Congrats!!

hey H., i know you probably already know this but you can tell by the heart rate as well. if the heart rate is i think 156 and below its a boy and if it between 156 and 170s its a girl. so the higher the heart rate a girl the lower a boy. god bless and good luck. R.

Sound crazy? I've heard of the pencil on a string trick. My family has been using the trick for generations to predict the sex of unborn children. It works on males, and even if you're not expecting. The way we do it: thread a needle, stick it in the eraser of a (sharpened) pencil, and dangle it above the exposed underside of your left wrist. Try not to wear anything on your wrist during the test, and hold as still as possible. Otherwise, you compromise the results. The pencil will either swing crosswise or lengthwise above your wrist. It will read your children in order (so if you wait until the pencil stops, you'll even know how many children you're having throughout your life!). I can't remember which way means boy and which means girl, but you can easily find that out because you already know you had a girl first. If it starts swinging crosswise first, then that means girl, and vice versa. In between each child the pencil will swing in a circular motion, and at the end the pencil will stop almost completely. Just remember to hold still or have someone with a steady hand hold the pencil. Some people don't believe it works, but it's not been wrong unless the person moved too much. Well, it's kind of cool anyway.

People swear this doesnt work.. But I've matched it up with everyone I know that have had kids and its always right on. I used the chinese conception chart to find out what I was having after i concieved. (you can use this if you are trying to concieve a certian sex also) You just look up your age, and the month you concieved in (or if u are trying to get pregnant the months you should try for) and go down on the chart and it will tell you M or F. I was 21 and concieved in December and I looked it up before my sonogram, it said F and sure enough at my sonogram they told me it was a girl! pretty cool



Congratulations on the upcoming arrival. You are dues 24 days after I am. Although with my first two they arrived Early and this one probably will as well. I have gone by the ole wivestale where you get a needle and a thread and rub it on thet outside of your wrist the hold it above your wrist and if it goes in circles then it will be a little girl and if it is a boy with it will go in a straight line. I believe in this ole wivestale because I have seen it come true too many times. Please let me know what you find out. The Dr. will normally do an ultrasound or sonagram in the middle of the pregnancy. They can tell the sex of the baby at somepoint and time after the 14th week. When the old wivestale was done on me; it said that all I was suppose to have was little girls and a lot of them. (8 or 9 I believe).

The only one I know of is the needle and thread one that's been mentioned already a couple of times. For the most part it is correct. Two examples: My friend did it to me and what i was told was correct and Her mom did it to a friend of hers and was correct as well. The twist: Her mom found out about a baby that she never knew of in the process. Yeah, her friend had lost the baby during birth and had never told anyone about it. I can't guarantee it's a 100% correct but you can always give it a shot. Goodluck and Congratulations.

I have been told morning sickness is a good sign. None to very little with a boy and extreme with a girl. I know I had a boy and very little. My friend had a girl and was sick the whole time almost.

I read somewhere that if you trip during your pregnancy, you are having a boy. I didn't read it until after I had our son. I did trip in the first trimester, before I even knew I was pregnant. I was just walking to my car at work & hit the ground for no apparent reason... :-)

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