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Boy Names That Start W/ 'A'

We are expecting our 2nd son in May. The first is named Aiden Nicholas and we would like to find another 'A' name that goes well with Aiden & is not as common as Aaron, Andrew, Alex...Something really intresting w/o sounding too ethnic. So far the only name we can agree on is Kade Elliot, but that's not with an 'A'. If you have other lettered names that go well w/ Aiden let's hear those too!

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Thanks to everyone who is helping with the 'A' names. You all have great ideas, and we look forward to telling the outcome. Hubby and I are going to try and decide this weekend!

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I'm very fond of Asher, but that's probably because that's my youngest son's name. Asher is Hebrew, and it has a wonderful meaning!!! It means happy or blessed. I'm a firm beliver in speaking positive blessings over my children, so if you look at it that way you'd be calling him happy or blessed when you said his name!!!!

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OK, so you HAVE ALLOT OF NAMES...but i havent seen...

ABEL...ALEXZANDER...Zander for short...

i think these names are cool...

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My friend named her children,

Ambriz (pronounced AM-Bre), Arden, Alden,Ashton & Alton.

Hope this helps.

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Wow you have a lot of responses...My girlfriend named her little boy Andre and pronounces it On Dray with the emphasis and accent mark on the "dray" rather than the "On." He is the cutest little thing, his name is Andre' LeMaire. I also really like the name Austin and it sounds good with last names starting with "S"

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I Love the name Avery.

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Congrats on your newest baby boy! My husband has the best "A" name in the book in my opinion. His name is Asher, I think Aiden and Asher sound very nice together. I like that they both have 2 syllables too. It's also not as common as Alex and Austin, etc. Good luck on choosing! Let us know what you decide!

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I love the names Asher and Abner...

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when i saw this post i just had to reply to it. i have a cousin who has a Ashton & Aiden & Ashley. Good Luck

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OK, so you HAVE ALLOT OF NAMES...but i havent seen...

ABEL...ALEXZANDER...Zander for short...

i think these names are cool...

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Hi K.

Have you thought about Ashton or Avery?

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I'm very fond of Asher, but that's probably because that's my youngest son's name. Asher is Hebrew, and it has a wonderful meaning!!! It means happy or blessed. I'm a firm beliver in speaking positive blessings over my children, so if you look at it that way you'd be calling him happy or blessed when you said his name!!!!

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Here's an idea that I went with when I named my children.....I have two girls 14 & 4 years old.

My oldest daughter's name is Dalea pronounced DAH-LEE-A. Dale was her fathers name and I added an A on the end. Her nickname is pronounced LEE-A.

My youngest daughter is named Alexa Janel pronounced A-LEX-A JHA-NEL. My husband and her father's name is Arthur Jerome. I used his initials A&J. Her nickname is Lexa & Lexi. (if we had a boy instead, my husband is a Jr. and our son would've been a III. My husband goes by Jerome which is his middle name because his father went by Arthur. Our son would've been known as Jay or AJ or JJ for Jay Jr.)

Both girls have the same number of letters in their first names (5) and they both end with an A. (ending with an A has been a tradition for all of the girls born on my mom's side of the family..Deanna, Donna, Carla, Nora, Marla, S., Victoria, Dalea & Alexa)

With this in mind have you thought of putting an A in place of the K in your name like "Arist" and pronouncing it ARE-IST. You could also try this with the first and middle names of his father, grandfathers, uncles, godfather etc.

I also think Adrian Kade has a good rhyme to it & that it sounds good with Aiden Nicholas. Both first names start and end with the same letters. I think both names sound grown up, professional, sophisticated and masculine.

Those are just my thoughts. Hope they are helpful.
Good luck.

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Since Aiden is Irish, I thought you might find something here:


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I like Ashton and Austin, but ALEC is one of my favorites. I also like the name Gage.

My boys are Peyton, Riley and Walker.

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my sons name is angel i have a babybook handy and can give you some suggestions, im looking under the a's and i see some pretty good names ready;

adam adrian alan anderson angel anthony aren arthur

thats pretty much it. If you want to try on your own you could always buy a baby book or try to google it. Good luck with your new bundle of joy..

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Sorry this is a little late. It is not an A name but what about Caden. Thats my nephews name and I love it.

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Well if you want a bible name, you could go with Abel or Abraham. But, if that's not your cup of tea; then there is Anson, Alden, Ash, Austin or Axson. As for the middle name I kinda like Nathaniel. Good luck with naming your son. I hope everything goes well and you have a safe and speedy delivery.

P.S. My favorite is Alden Nathaniel.

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awww baby names, that is soo fun!!! I have to tell you my 2 picks for boy names happen to start with "A". I love Ashton and Avery (but I think Avery will be a trend name) Another name that is an oldy but goody and you dont hear very often is Alec. I just love the name Alec bc it reminds me of someone important, a strong name. I dont know Aiden and Alec sounds really good to me!!! Good luck with it, and I will keep thinking about names! Make sure and let us all know what you decide!!!

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We needed an "A" name, too to stay in the family
Our son AJ is Andrew James; his great grandfathers, both called AJ were Arleigh James and Annas Johannas...best...K

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My friend named her children,

Ambriz (pronounced AM-Bre), Arden, Alden,Ashton & Alton.

Hope this helps.

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I had a friend named Art growing up. (Not even short for Arthur..-they just named him Art.) My grandfathers name was Arlington. (I always thought it sounded so regal.) Blessings!

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Hi I am a 27 year old mother of 3 kids ages 8, 3 and 2. We are a family of all C's. People think its weird sometimes that I would keep it going.but I am C. and my husband is Chris, so when I named my first one Colby Christopher, it just seemed fit that i name the others with C's too. My daughter is Carys Colleen and the youngest is Cadyn Chad. In addition to this, the middle names are all named after someone in the family. So I can identify with your delimma.
I like for A's the names...Austin (I know kind of common)and Amery. Amery isn't very common at all, but its one of those names you either like or don't at all. Also Alec, or you could spell it Alik. I have seen it both ways. You could also use common names such as Eric and Aaron but spell them Aric or Arin or Aren. Spelling a name different than normal is really popular these days. Well good luck to you and I hope you fins=d something you both can agree on!

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There are a lot of beautiful names suggested to you. Try the 'yelling both names' exercise out loud. You might be surprised ! Be sure the 2nd name sounds different from the first, practical reasons, as well as making a distinction between the 2 kids (i.e. Adrien/Caden/Aidan/Jaiden/Amon/ gets confusing to hear). Also, spellings that are too unusual can really be cumbersome as the child is older & filling out school forms, etc. (Austyn ?) Trust me, I spell/repeat my name almost every day of my life, and my whole family has 'unusual' names ! Good Luck with #2 and God bless your family !

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Hi Krisiti. I too am outnumbered at my house, w 3 sons, Erik-18yrs, Austen-16 yrs, Dalton-13yrs on Sat., my husb Benjy, my dog-male Brodie. To move on to your quest, think of names that you kind of like and see if you can't change it around a little to start it w an "A". We gave all of our boys a family middle name, Erik Charles-my day, Austen James-my bro-in-law who has always been like a dad to me since mine passed away when I was 11, Dalton Lee-for husb. family-all or most of the males have this middle name. I always tried to remember they would have this name for the rest of thier lives and if it could be made fun of, because we all know some kids can be cruel. I have a new nephew due June 1 and he will be named Daison, how about dropping the D and naming him AISON KADE?? I had talked about Dathan w her, you've already had Athan suggested, how about Athan Elliot? Alton, Aspen?

Well anyway, I hope this helps and good luck w you and the new baby.

Best wishes,

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I have always liked Arlys-you can do different spellings-but that's the little brothers name on Old Yeller! I had actually considered it for my 2nd son. Also, Adrian, and Avery are great to go with Aiden. Let us know what you decide!

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I've always loved the name Adrian for a little boy, and "Aiden and Adrian" sounds nice together. Just an idea! :)

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Hi K.,

I've always like the name Austin. I think Austin Michael is a great name. Hope this helps.



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My sister went the 'A' route. She has a 7 y.o. boy, Alexander; a 4 y.o. boy, Avery; and a 3 y.o. girl, Anderson.
My 10 y.o. son thinks Avery's a girl's name and of course Anderson is androgynous too since there's Anderson Cooper on CNN.


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What about Austyn, or Avid, or Alexander, Abram, Alec, Andrin, or Azra. there are quite a few out there.

I love the name Anthony, as long as you call him Anthony.

Hi K..
How exciting!!
Here are a couple of sites for names: http://www.babynamesworld.com/


I like Addison, Alton, Avery for "A" names.

I like Keagan, Keiran and Keargan for "K" names.

Have fun searching!
Take Care!

Arik (like Eric with a A) or Aamon

I have always loved the name Avery. I also am the only female in the house; we have a 2-year-old son & 2 male dogs. :)

What about Alijah Kade or Jaiden for a first name.

What about Austin? I wasn't the biggest fan of it when we gave it to my son as his middle name but its grown on me and so many folks have mentioned that they really like it.

How about Alec? I little different than Alex and not as common.

We have three children, my son is Aidan, my daughter is Alyssa, and our third and last is Austen.... we ended up sticking with all A names.. :)


Aiden and Adrian sound nice together. I do like Kade though how bad do you want them to both b 'a's

Hi K.. I've always loved the name Addison Jude for a boy - Addi for short. Good luck in the search.

If I had had a third son, I wanted to name him Ashton Tate. I love that name!

How about Ambrose? It goes well with Elliot or Kade as the middle name so see what you think once you throw in your last name as well. And it also sounds well when you say it with Aiden. When deciding on a name for my second and third babies, I used to practice yelling for all of them. You know, like when you call them to dinner or to come in from playing outside. I wanted to make sure that there was a good rhythm to it and that the names didn't sound too much alike. Kinda crazy I know but, it makes sense to me.

I really like Ashton.

Addison, Austin, August

have you checked out the website listofbabynames.org. i like addison, arsen, ace, ashton,

Adison, Anikan (new Star Wars), Adikan are some of my favorites. Also Adan and Adrian (a little more common, but still cool, I think). My sons are Liam (also Irish) and Eli and they are close, but still work.

My little boy's middle name is Augustus after my grandpa. Gus is a cute nickname I think!

Hey there,

How about Aubrey, or Alec?


Hi there,
First of all Congrats on the new baby! One of my friends named her son Athan (sounds like Nathan, just without the N). It's a biblical name and pretty unique.

Hope that helps. I know it's so hard picking names!!!

Good luck,

http://www.justmommies.com/baby_names/boysa.php go to this website. there is a ton! :D Good Luck!

My friends Amy and Anton have three kids all named with an "A" they have Avery (boy) Audrey (girl) and Ashton (boy).

How about:

Aeryk (Eric)

Abraham, Artemis, Avery

I vote for Augustin!

Just a few, i always liked the name DeArman Andrew but when it came to naming my son i went with Kendell Jay. There are alot of different names out there and now a days alot of parents are coming up with more different ones than triditional. Have fun...

My 12 year old daughter would have been named Ashton if she had been a boy! Hope this helps.

I like the name Ash ... it seems a tad grown up, but children grow into their names very quickly.... and it's the same kind of unique as Aiden ... and Kade (which I love too, btw)!

Allistar is great too... after doing business with some guys in the UK over the past 15 years, it is a name I've heard a couple of times.

how about Allister, Asher, Ashton, Avery? to name a few

How about Asa or Addison???

I would vote for Asher or Alasdaire (Alistair).

Without knowing your last name K., it's a tiny bit hard to get the full "rythym" of the childs full name but here's giving it a try: (1) Ashton Kade, (2) Alan Elliot, (3) Aristotle (Ari for short) Kade, and (4) Alexander Elliot. Hope one of these might help or at least bring forth some inspiration!

I have a grandson named Allerick Alloyceous and I also have another grandson named Jakob Austin, I think they are really good names.And alittle unusual. Good luck and God bless you and your new baby.

and my favorite is allistar

Anthony, Abel, Abner, Abram, Ace, Akley, Addison, Adrian, Adler, Aimery, Ainsley, Alec, Ames, Amsden, Anson, Arwin, Asher, Ashton, Asten, Athon, Aubrey, Austen, Avery.

Nash, Nathaniel, Neil, Nelson, Nevan, Noah, Noble, Nolan, Norris, Nox.

Ainsley Nox, Adler Noble, Addison Nash, Asher Nathaniel, Ames Neil, Anson Noah,

Ian is nice but I know it doesn't start with an "A" or how about Abel, you don't hear that name alot.

Good Luck


My nephews name is Evian, like the water. Most people pronounce it AVION, which is also a cute name with an A and goes well with the Aiden brother.

kade is a cool name.
here are some other A's...
Avery, Alec, Aston/Astin, that's all i can think of. sorry.
our son's name is Dane Lansing. feel free to use any part of it if you like :)
good luck and congratulations on baby #2. how far apart are they going to be? ours are just shy of 2 1/2 years apart. 2 is so fun...work, but fun.

My daughter has twin sons named Aiden and Addison.

How about Adam? It means of the Earth.

Adam Troy

Alec Edward

Amon Dax

Atlas Overton

COOL NAMES. Remember, he will be a man someday and you want a masculine name. Not something cutsey or too trendy.

I have always loved the name Tanner Anthony....I know it is not with an 'A'.....or vice versa, and he could go by either....I know what you mean about being out numbered....I have two boys of my own, Jake Allen, and Ty Allen....they have their dad's (Clint Allen), uncle's (Curt Allen), and cousin's (Craig Allen) middle name!!!
just keeping up with tradition....hope this helps....
Good luck with your new lil boys....Thank Heaven for them!!!

My husband and I are expecting a boy in August and our names are A. Marie & Allen Michael. We decided to carry on our monogram (AMK); we have 3 names in mind...just have to decide on one before August! We have middle names for each I don't have them with me.

1st: Aidan
2nd: Avery
3rd: Alfred

How about Aubrey, Austin, Aston, Ashley, Ames, Arden, Anton, of course you could try Apple!! Good Luck and don't let anyone tell you not to choose the name that you like.It is your child and don't let other opinions sway you!

Ashton is cute. I like uncommon, but simple names. My boys are Carter and Drake. Good luck with the boys. It's a wild ride!

I've got a little Alonzo... he'll be one in April... looks cool as Alonso, too...


Go to the website thecradle.com
They have 141 boy names that start with the letter "A".
If that doesn't work, google baby names . a bunch of sites will come up.

I don't want to rain on your parade but you will mix up the kids names. Two A-names might be a tongue twister! My Grandmother named all 4 of her children with J-names. She always had trouble. Good luck! I love Kade Elliott! That is a great name.

Aemon? Atticus? That's a toughie.

How about Addison, can be for boy or girl, can be spelled different ways: Adyson, Addyson

dear K.,
i am responding to your letter on names. another suggestion would be Addison Lane or another middle name of your choice.

my 2 boy cousins (they are brothers) are addison and aiden and i think that the go well together ( i dont know there middle names)

My little boy is named Asher Logan. Asher means "blessed by God." It was one of the 12 tribes of Israel along with Benjamin, Dan, and Joseph (among others)....

How about Arek? My son's name is Jarek (It's Slavic for "January"). It would be different!

I have a 10 year old named Adam, which we selected because it's not heard very often. My Adam has a middle name of Bryant, which is a family name. But it's a fairly easy name to pair up with middles. Good Luck!


We were on a search for a middle name starting with "A" and came up with Adonis. LOL Not sure how you'd feel about that as a first name... I actually fought my husband tooth and nail before I finally conceded, and now the name is growing on me. We actually call him by his first and middle name now. I don't THINK it's too ethnic, unless you consider "Greek" ethnic? :-)

What about Ainsley,Ace, or Asher. I like different names also. I have a son named Stone Alexander which are both my grandmothers maiden names.

How about Abram or Alasdair? There was also a little one in my daughter's PDO class named Ames.

I love thinking of names and some that I think are really great for a boy beginning with an A are: Axel, August, Austin, Alistair, Anders, Ansel, Ashton, Astin.

I hope you like some of those. I think that they are all great names. Good luck!

My neice has 2 boys named Aiden and Austin which are really cute boy's names...Aubrey and Ashton are cute too..just thought I'd give you some names to consider..

What about Adam, Adrian, Anthony, or Aster? Good luck!
G. M

Here is a fantastic collection of names organized by ethnicity:


The one thing you may want to keep in mind is that multiple kids with the same first and last initial can be confusing. My grandmother has a few art projects that she's not sure who made because they all say "KH", which could be any of the four boys.

I just thought that what you are doing is awsome!! I did the same thing, my first it Colton James (middle name from my grandpa), my second is Cameron Joe (middle name from my hubbys grandpa, dad, and his first name)!!! I really dont know any names with an a, but to me Addison seems like a girls name, but so did Cameron, but that is what my hubby wanted, but i got used to it, and have seen more boys with that name!! Its fun to pick out boys names, i would look on the web at a lot of baby sites they have alot of names there!! Good Luck!!

Aiden is Irish and means Warmth of the home, I really like that. Here are some that are different, I do like Kade but if you want it to sound more like his brothers maybe Kaden, my neighbor's kids are Caitlyn and Caedon they're twins.
Adriel is Hebrew means God's majesty
Aric is German means ruler
Ariel is Hebrew means lion of God
Amiel Hebrew means lord of my people
Arian is Irish like his brother means pledge
Audun is Scandinavian means deserted ore desolate--dont' know about that
Ashlin is English means from the ash tree meadow
Austin form of August
Axel is German means father of peace
Adam is Hebrew means man of the red earth
Arden is Latin means ardent fiery

I do like the letter thing though mine are Lauren,Lacey lexis and Landon

We also hunted for a boy 'A' name. We have 2 daughters, Avery and Ashlynn, so we came up with Archer & Anderson. We ultimately went with Jackson because we knew we would want one more after this and knew we wouldn't find a 4th 'A' name that we like.

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