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I am having a hard time finding a boy name, I am exspecting and we do not know the sex and need help with names!!! I like Katelynn (or Kaitlynn) for a girl I have a daughter and her name is Madalynn so I would like a name that flows nice with hers...I seem to like BIG names with a short nickname but am open for ANY suggestions so far I like Jackson (Jack). Please help other girl names would be great also...Thanks!!

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My son's name is Aiden Lane and from what I hear its a pretty popular name. My daughter's name is Samantha Rochelle.

Let us know what you decide:-)

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My brother and his wife just had a little baby boy, their 21 month old little girl is named katelyn and they named their son Brayden. Brayden sounds nice with Madalynn, not sure how you could shorten it. Names are so much fun!!

I have three boys...Cameron Michael, Joshua Bradley, and Benjamin Andrew. I was going to use Madalynn Rose this last go around if Benjamin had been a girl. Katelynn is also a pretty name. Good luck and Congrats.

Here's a few I like
Mitchell, Caiden, Parken, Garrett, Davis and Colten

I named my little boy Jayce ( or jace) i wanted something a little different and never really heard of anyone having that name .. I really like jackson and also jameson.

My son's name is Aiden Lane and from what I hear its a pretty popular name. My daughter's name is Samantha Rochelle.

Let us know what you decide:-)

My sons name is Grant. I wanted something different, but not weird.

For boys I like:
of course Shawn (my eldest son's name)


Maybe Alexa or Isabell/Isabella, Victoria, Gabrieal, those I think sound like they would go nicely with Madelyn.

What about Vincent, Anthony, Alexander, Matthew, Frances (Frankie for short), Thomas or William for a boy?

Wow, I haven't had to think of names in a looong time. Fun and irratating at the same time, lol.
Good Luck and I pray for a healthy and trouble free pregnancy, and a beautiful healthy baby for you.
God Bless,


We had also decided on Kaitlyn when we were pregnant, and then I found out how many Kaitlyn, Katelynn, Caitlyn, Katie, Katy, and Catie's there were in our school... Our last name is Smith... We might as well have named her "Jane Doe." LOL

Back when I was in school, we had 2-3 Jennifer's in every class, now Katelyn, Emily & Emma seem to be the most popular.

Not that you can't keep the name, I love them all, just keep in mind she probably won't be the only one! :-)

I like Allison (Allie) and Abagail (Abbey) for girls.

For boys I definitely like your pick of Jackson (Jack), and Andrew (Andy or Drew). Even though there's no nickname attached, I also like Carter.

Good Luck!

Hello I have to boys of my own I named them Joseph (Joe, Joey) and Jordan

Hi A.,

I am expecting in June and had the HARDEST time with a boys name. We finally decided on Jordan and I had my heart set on Addison (Addy) for a girl :-) just a couple of my favs..

I have one 4yr old son and my husband is Irish, so he decided on the name Roan.
However I love Jackson (Jack), Blake, Kent, or Jayden.
Good Luck!!!


I think you are off to a great start! I just had a baby girl (Isabel) and I considered Katelynn as well. My son is named Brendan, and we had such a hard time chosing his name.
We also considered Tyler for a boy during this last pregnancy and Taylor for a girl as well as Lauren (I know you are looking for boy names).

My cousin just had a boy and named him Madden (which sounds nice with Madalynn, but is maybe too similiar).

I actually really like the name Jackson.

Old fashioned names seem to be coming back, I have friends who recently named boys, Thomas (Tommy) and Henry.

ok so here are my suggestions for a boy
1/ Hayden

Girl names

Hi A.,

I just had a Kaitlyn Rose last year so I am quite partial to that name. :)

If you like traditional, long names, I like William shortened to Liam. Kate would've been Liam if she were a boy. Jackson is fabulous too. I love Jack. Maybe Maxwell (Max), Samuel (Sam), or Harrison (although I'm not real keen on Harry,)

For girls, Alexandra (Ally, ALex, Lexi, Andi), Elizabeth (Liz, Lizzie, Ellie, Beth), Caroline (Carrie, Addison (Addie.) A friend of mine has a Madelyn and her other girls are Katelyn and Emmalyn. Just some thoughts on names that have a shortened nickname attached.

Good luck. Names are so hard and then when you think you have just the right one, you second guess yourself. My Kaitlyn was going to be Carys (Pronounced Care - iss) until the night before she was born. My father-in-law said "Is Carice here yet?" and my husband and I flinched, "We need a new name!" Our poor Lara (Rhymes with car - uh)gets called Laura all the time.

Hi There

Here are a few I like:


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