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Bottoms up Diaper Service

We would like to use cloth diapers when our new baby arrives and are contemplating using a diaper service. The only one around seems to be 'Bottoms Up.' Has anyone used this service? What did you think? Could you use any diaper covers with the cloth diapers they provide?We used Fuzzy Buns previously and I really liked them. Would love to hear your experiences...

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Used them for 7m or so. never had a problem. they rock!

advice though: get lots of diaper covers (I'd say at least 2 per size) cuz when the baby poops a "poonami" haha (like tsunami poonami oh i'm funny!) you'll have to wash the diaper cover and you want a backup around. also have some disposables around just in case.

but yeah cloth is great, bottoms up rocks. they're awesome.

I use fuzzi bunz with my 8 mo. old and plan on using them with all my children. I wash them at home and not once have they not come clean. I highly recommend fuzzi bunz, just don't use diaper cream or fabric softners with them.

Overall, we have been happy with using Bottoms Up. I get the feeling it's a *very* small business, though, as the only person that you ever talk to is this nice lady.
The cost of $16.95/week for 80 diapers is amazing, their service has been reliable, and I love that I'm in a 3rd Floor apartment yet they come up to do pick up/drop off all the way up to my back porch! THAT you cannot beat with a stick.

However, be VERY aware that the delivery date the give you is the ONLY day of the week that they can deliver. I somehow misunderstood this, and was not prepared for our first week. They send you 40 diapers (half batch) to start, one week before your delivery date (you can call if there is a change). I had called at some point and had spoken to someone on a weekend, so I didn't think that they are serious about NOT checking messages after noon on Friday. They really don't.
Here is what happened, and it's been worked out so just be aware:
I delivered on a Thursday morning and (even though I managed to be all-natural) I was out-of-it and didn't think to call for our delivery to start until Saturday morning. So, went on our merry way, and huh, no delivery Sunday night! We called Monday, and we were confused, we had left a message....well, unless I wanted to drive up to Waukegan, I was out after the 40 diapers until the following week! Our delivery date falls on a "monday", here in Chicago/Edgewater, which is really Sunday, so noone updates any orders until after 9am Monday morning.
We also had one week where they had a surprising increase in service, so we had all the crappy/shredded diapers. No problem, we used them ok and mixed with the disposables.

In both cases, we have been credited 2 weeks, so no loss money-wise.
For the diaper covers, we did use at first the ones from Bottoms Up--called Pro-rap. However, the ones that we are using now for 8-15lb. are soo much better and breathable and are called Bummis. We only buy 2 at a time and handwash after any blow-outs (you know what I mean). The Bummis are $10 for the white and $15 for the designed ones, and you can pick them up comparable to the internet by going to Be By Baby.

The disposables we back up with are called Nature Baby Care, and you can get them at the Peterson Target. They work GREAT and it's what we put our girl to sleep in at night. Just make sure you have the leg part flufffed-outward and the rare leakage is minimal. These diapers are 100% BIODEGRADEABLE, and made by some Swedish lady. No guilt, and not much more than the Huggies or whatever.

Congrats and may you have a happy, healthy baby!

Hey J.. We have been using Bottoms Up since last August when our first child was born. It has been a very good experience. The company is professional, prompt, and the service they provide is excellent. I always look forward to getting the smelly batch out of my house and the fresh batch back! Our family is amazed that a compay will take away the poopy ones and bring them back sparkling white.

We looked into buying cloth ones ourselves like Fuzi Bunz, but we didn't want to wash them ourselves, so this is a great option.

Bottoms Up provides the cloth part itself. You can purchase a plastic wrap from them as well, it is called the "pro wrap" cover. They are great and 99% leak-free. They are pretty inexpensive -- you could buy one and see if you like it better / less than your fuzi bunz wrap.

We are have been using Bottoms up for about a month. Their service is dependable, and the price is comparable to disposable. We use the diaper covers they sell, but they told us that you can really use any type. When I called to set up service, the woman I spoke with was very helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them!

We used Bottoms Up for about 4 months or so. I thought the service was great--reliable, no problems. It was great to put out dirty diapers one night and wake up to a bag full of clean ones. We used a few of their diaper covers and then I bought a few online(I can't remember what kind--but basically a plastic like or vinyl like cover). My husband never really got the hang of the diaper covers so he stopped using cloth diapers and then I decided it was silly if I was the only one using them, so we switched to disposables.

I think their diapers are pretty versatile, so you can use most diaper covers with them.

We have used them for 3 months now. We use bummies diaper covers from Be By Baby but any cover would work. It costs about $17 a week.

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