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Bottle vs Sippy Cup at 1 Yr Old

I am currently trying to wean my 1 year old off the bottle. He just turned 1 two wks ago. He is familiar with the sippy cup but has formed a bad habit of taking big sips and letting it dribble out his mouth. He thinks this is funny and I'm not sure how to break him of the habit. The only way I can ensure he drinks his full glass of milk is to give him a bottle or hold a regular cup in front of him while he drinks from it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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My daughter dribbled too! I think it's just something new and different. It won't be long until he will drink it like he is supposed to. We had a little trouble transitioning but I think it is because I would give in and give the bottle. One day I just packed them up and didn't offer the bottle anymore. He will eventually be thirsty enough to drink and realize that is his only option. Good luck.

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my gaughter always hated cups. she threw them everytime i gave them to her. on her first bd i got rid of all the bottles and only gave her a cup. she did the same thing...let it dribble out of her mouth. it only took her 1 day to figure it out though. the suggestions you got about the cups with the straw...i got the same suggestions. i thought there was no way she could figure out how to use a straw. that didn't take long either. she is almost13 months and i don't even take a cup when we go out to eat anymore. i just get her a cup of milk at the restraunt with a straw. the best thing for us was cold turkey. good luck!

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Completely getting rid of the bottle at 1 is NOT a must.
Pediatricians just recommend you start weaning them so they get into the habit of using a cup too.
My son is now 19 mths old and still takes a bottle at nap time and bed time and cups throughout the day.
Since your baby just turned 1, I would let him have the bottle a little longer if that's the only way he's drinking all of his milk.
You sound like your doing everything right so just keep letting him get practice out of using the cup and before you know it, he'll be drinking it from the cup like a pro. : )
Take Care.

My son is the same age, and will do the same thing at times. The problem is that he is taking the last drink, but not swallowing before he takes the cup out of his mouth. I have found that my son does better with a straw cup. He just had his last bottle a few days ago, and he has been doing fine honestly! I also realized that my son did not have as much dribble with the harder sippy cups, rather than the Nuby soft lids that we were using. He does the very best with the Gerber sippy cups, either with handles or the ones that "curve in" in the middle so that he can hold it. I always encourage letting go of the bottle as soon as you can because they really do become more attatched to it the older they get, but that is just me. All 3 of mine were off by 12 months or so. Good luck, he really will get better at it! ~A.~

I would wait a few months and try again. As long as they are not falling asleep with the bottle in their mouth at night, there is not cause for concern. Let weaning happen natuarally and gradually - there is no reason to rush!
All the best, Liz

The straw consept is the answer! Not a sippy cup! Been there done that! Thank you ECI for helping me with this one! A straw is the greatest thing, because you can typically find a straw anywhere, but a sippy cup not so easy unless you lug it around with you everywhere you go... Plus the straw is a great tool to use in the speach development. My child is VERY small for her age so I've always been very conserned about her getting all her milk so I held on to the bottle longer then I should have, however EVERYTHING else she drinks from a straw! Plus it was easier to go to a regular cup from that then from a sippy cup! Skip the sippy and go to the straw! You have to supervise more but in the long run its much better! In my opinion that is! :o) ~T.~

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