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Bottle Nipples for Breastfed Baby

We are trying to find a bottle nipple that our daughter will take that doesn't take so long for her to eat. I returned to work today and it took her 2 hours and she didn't finish the 2 ounces of breastmilk that my husband gave her. I was gone for 6 hours and she didn't even eat 2 ounces, which scares me a bit.

Has anyone found a bottle nipple that flows faster than the average bottle nipple? We have only used the Medela orthodontic nipples to start with but I also have the evenflo nipples, which we haven't tried yet.


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Avent bottles/ nipples are the best for babies that were breast fed to begin with. The nipples are the most similiar to women's nipples, which seems to help them eat easier/ faster.

My suggestion is for the Dr. Brown's bottles. They not only reduce air intake thereby reducing gassiness, but they also have a smaller nipple size in comparison to say, Avent. We tried using the Playtex and the Avent bottles with my daughter, but she really disliked the larger nipple size and shape and consequently, did not eat hardly at all. When we switched to the Dr. Brown's, she began eating the full amount necessary. I would start with the size 2 nipples instead of the 1s that come with the bottles. Good luck!

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I would say try the evenflo nipples. Is that the bottle that you pour the milk into a disposable bag inside the bottle? If so, for breastfed babies, I think that works the best. It's supposed to be just like having mom there....
Good luck!

Most bottle nipples have different flow levels. If you want to try something that flows faster, I'd just buy a nipple for an older baby (the nipples designed for older babies flow faster).
Best of luck. I thought the playtex nursers were very similar to breast (though the bags can be a pain). Avent worked great too. Both have nipples of varying flow available.
:) M.

If you like the Medela nipples, but just want a faster flow, I'd try the NUK size 2 nipples. They are shaped the same (I think NUK maybe makes them for Medela, they are SO similar). My daughter is bottlefed breast milk exclusively and really likes the NUK brand nipples. She, too, went to the size 2 nipples fairly early (not 8 weeks, but probably before she was 12 weeks old).

If you're looking for a change, I know that a couple of my girlfriends are using the Breastflow bottles/nipples for those times when they need to bottle feed their breast fed babies.

Good luck!

We used Avent nipples and bottles. You could try and poke a few more holes in them to get them to flow a little faster, or move to a higher number. The nipples we used had a number system for the flow, 1, 2, 3, etc...the higher the number the more holes in it.

I've nursed 2 out of my 3 kids. And with my son it took 6months before finding the perfect bottle. He enjoyed the Playtex brand. With my daughter she didn't like any store bought bottle so I read reviews and ended up going with the MAM Bottle. You can purchase it at www.mambaby.com or www.target.com. They carry different nipples for the amount of flow you want. Best of Luck.

I used Dr. Brown's wide nipples with my 1st and the Playtex nipples for the bottles you use bags in.

Hi M.
I have 3 children all breastfed and given breast milk via bottle. The only nipples that worked for my children are AVENT bottles and nipples. They are the best and never used anything but when I tried them.
Good luck!

I like the Gerber bottles and nipples. They have silicone nipples in slow, medium and fast flow. Four your daughter I would definetely start with slow, but they have ages when you should move up on them. My son was a fast eater and they always worked well for us.

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