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Bottle Feeding - San Bruno, CA

I have been trying to get my 2 month old to drink from a bottle but she refuses. I am using breast milk and have tried like 5 different bottles. My sister tried at her house and got her to drink about an ounce but she was hungry again once she got home. Her dad has tried many times with me not in the room and she will drink a little and spit it out and scream non stop until I breast feed her. I want to be able to go out for a few hours without thinking she is going to wake up starving. The doctor said if she doesnt get used to a bottle by 3 months she wont ever take it. Any help would be great. thanks

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I found that the cheap gerber bottles that we got from Safeway worked the best, my son did not like the fancy bottles at all. Also, he does well with freshly pumped milk-- he'll drink milk that was frozen but I think it tastes different. Sometimes I have to pull his lower lip down a little so it can fit around the nipple better. Hope this helps.

My daughter (now 3yo) had the same issue. I finally overcame this problem with ME holding the bottle. I would put my daughter in just about the right position to breastfeed, but instead of giving her the breast I would sneak the bottle in there. It took a bit of working together, but dad would even wear one of my shirts (my scent) and hold her in the breastfeeding position, once she got comfortable with the bottle other people could help. It will not happen overnight, be prepared to work on it. I also had to use the Playtex bottles, I think I tryed about 7 or 8 different nipples, but the one she seemed to latch to easiest was the one we worked with the most. Hope this helps. Any other questions, just ask...

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To S. H.,
My only advice is that you just need to be patient and it might help to have someone else like your husband or mom, maybe even your sister try the bottle thats what worked for my youngest son who is two now. I would take a short walk and let them feed him and it did take a couple of weeks. It did work though, he was very fussy about the nipple that was used until we found the right one. Its made by Gerber they came with their breastpump that I bought, it worked so then we went to Walmart and found them separately. The nipples are soft and have a unique shape. Anyways this is what worked for us. Now we use the same bottle but with a sippy cup lid.

Hi S.,
My name is S. and I have a 9 month old son that I had to put on a bottle due to the fact that I was not producing breast milk. I had some trouble at first too but the thing that made the biggest difference for me was the nipple, not the bottle itself. I found a nipple that had little nobs on it. He refused to drink from a bottle that did not have any kind of texture. I have used the same nipples all these months and have not had a problem. I believe they are called teething nipples and you can get them at Wal-Mart. Good Luck!

Try the Dr. Brown's bottles. My son was exactly the same way and that was the ONLY bottle he would take for a few months. Then when he was about 4 months old he started taking other ones that were such a pain to wash. good luck!

That 3 month rule is definitely not true. I didn't give my second daughter a bottle until she was 8 months old. She was a little resistant at first but we continued offering it and she finally got the hang of it. So don't give up and don't let that 3 month mark put too much pressure on you.

I had a lactation nurse recommend Avent bottles & nipples. Have you tried those? You want to make sure that the nipples you are using are designed for breastfeeding babies. (long tip, wide base & low flow.)

Hope that helps!

The three month rule is not true. My daughter took a bottle for the first time when she was 7 months. I tried feeding her in her swing or car seat. She would only drink a couple of ounces of breastmilk from the bottle until she got the hang of it. Then I would mix breastmilk and formula. I didn't use any special nipples. I used the bottles and nipples that came w/ my breast pump. Don't get discouraged and good luck.

I am in the same boat. My son just turned 3mo yesterday and will not take a bottle. We've tried many different bottles and nipples with no luck. He just likes to chew on the nipple for a little bit then throws a fit and wants to breast feed. Its even more frustrating because I was supplementing with formula for the first couple of weeks and he took a bottle just fine then. But then when I no longer needed to supplement I made the mistake of not giving him a bottle at all for a while and now he won't take them. I try frequently but he just gets mad. I hope someone has some good advice.

HI, With my dauther, now 5yrs old, the nurse at the hosital feed her my breast milk out of a tiny cup. Like the medicine cup you get on top of cough syrup. Or, you can feed her out of a small spoon. That is what I will do with my 2 week old son if need be. Some babies have what is called "nipple confusion". Just like breast feeding, drinking from a bottle in a learned process. I nursed my daughter for 18 months, with no bottle or pacifier. The cup or spoon worked great. Plus, you don't have to wean them from the bottle later. When she was at the age to use sippy cups, she was able to use a cover cup with a straw instead. So, I never had to wean her from anything but the breastfeeding.I hope this works for you. Try it! Also, call your local La Leche League for more advice. Their website is lalecheleague.com Good luck!

Hi Sasta

Well let me tell you my little baby is 1 yr old now & to this day she never liked or has wanted to take the bottle with breast milk or baby formula. I tried everything you name it brestmilk in the bottle or little cup + all different baby formulas & she just would not take it. She is a 100% breast feed baby. I could not go or do anything because I had to run back and breast feed her. Some babys are just like that and she just likes your breast better then the bottle. Mine did now that she is 1 she will have normal milk in a baby cup or Bottle but I still have a hard time to get her to drink form tha bottle. What I'm trying to tell you is don't puss her she will take it if she whats. The more you try the less she wants it. I tried everything you sed you have tried to do and it did not work for me. But it can or will work for you best of luck.


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