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Boppy Vs. My Brest Friend???

Hi Moms,

I'm curious to hear from mom's that tried both the Boppy and the My Brest Friend. Which one did you prefer? What were the pros and cons of each that you exprienced? I'm working on my registry, and I'm not sure which way to go. I think the boppy's are much cuter, but I hear that the My Brest Friend may be much better for feeding. I'd love to hear your thoughts! Thanks in advance!

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Thank you for all of your wonderful input. Based on all of your advice, I think I'll register for both. I have a two story so I can always keep the other one on the opposite floor. I'll definitely try both in the store before making my final decision, but at this point I expect I'll put both of them onto my registry. Thanks again!!! Your input was very helpful and informative!!!

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I used both. For early on breastfeeding, I had a lot better luck with My Brest Friend. I loved the back support as my back was sore for several weeks after my c-section. The firmness made it easy to position him. For playtime, I liked the Boppy.

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I have to say I preferred My Breast Friend. My Boppy kept creating a gap between me and my son, causing him to slide into it. It is funny because my girlfriend used a Bobby and hers never seemed to do that. I'm not sure if I had a wonky Bobby or what. However, the Bobby is great for many other things as well. I would suggest you just put them both on your registery. You may get both. They are both useful!

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I used both. For early on breastfeeding, I had a lot better luck with My Brest Friend. I loved the back support as my back was sore for several weeks after my c-section. The firmness made it easy to position him. For playtime, I liked the Boppy.

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I have both and used both with both of my kids - (could I use the word both a few more times here!?LOL!) Anyway, I used it with my first more than with my second (My Brest Friend). For whatever reason, with my second child I hardly ever used My Brest Friend but I used my Boppy all of the time! It wouldn't hurt you to receive both. The Boppy doubles as something you can use for playtime/tummy time/sitting up, etc..

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I'm a Boppy lover. LOVE the Boppy. I never had a problem with it, it lasted through BOTH my kids, who are 4 years apart....and I nursed my first child for about 2.5 years... it always held up, was very comfortable, was not "hard" to hold, nor hard to hold the baby in a proper position, and is completely easy to clean.

When I was not nursing... the Boppy is a REAL great "lap reading" table... I would put it around me, and read magazines and it holds it up nicely while giving support to your arms. I also did my nails using it while just sitting in a comfy chair. It has MANY other uses, even after you are done with breastfeeding. I STILL have mine, and it's been 6 years since I got it. It is still in good shape. Perfect as when I first got it. I keep it because it is SO useful for other things.

And it also is a great support for a sitting baby to just hang out in.

To me, viewing the Brest Friend... I don't care for the "firmness" of it, and I would hate all those straps on it and the convoluted shape of it (ie: a woman's waist line comes in all different "widths" especially after having a baby. And I would find it a hassle just using it every single time I breast fed.) With the Boppy, it is simple to use, no gadgets, and no fuss, easy and straightforward. I was also recovering from a C-section with both pregnancies and it never was uncomfortable. It is just very very much a no brainer to use. AND, you can just use it for any "side" you have your baby laying down on (whichever boob your'e nursing on in other words) and you don't have to switch or rearrange the Boppy to nurse.

And, the Boppy covers just zip right off, and I'd put it in a mesh-lingerie bag and throw it in the wash to clean it. Easy.

Just my opinion!
Good luck,

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Hands down 3X winner in my house get the BOPPY. I had 2 of them with all 3 of my kids one for home and one for car (dont leave home without it). I still have 2 BOPPY's and 3 cases one white with pastel circles, mint green velour, and and double sided blue velour, and blue and green stripes, I hate to just toss good stuff. I am in Norco if you want if your ever head IE let me know. bye

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I have both and although i do agree, the boppy is much cuter. The my breast friend was way more user friendly and appropriate for bfing. It was the only thing I used for breastfeeding. Here is why.
~it velcros around you so you can get up and walk around and not have to get readjusted when you sit back down. This velcro also makes a more secure attachment to your body, i liked mine tight agaisnt me. The boppy slips off easily, making a gap between you and the boppy where the baby can kinda get wedged into, requiring adjustment. And in the beginning for breastfeeding, any change in position can be disatrous! Once you get a baby latched you dont want anything disturbing that!
~it has a handy little pocket. In the beginning I kept my lanisoah there, so I could put it on after every feeding.
~lastly, it accomodates mommys with more weight in their middle. I was heavier after my second pregnancy (3rd baby) than I was with my first. I couldnt really get the boppy around me, the C shape part was not contouring to my waist as it was meant to! If youre a skinny mini, this wont be an issue. As it wasnt really with me the first go around.
The only con, the velcro can be kinda loud. But I just was able to stand up and slip it off down my hips/legs if baby was sleeping.

The one thing the boppy is great for: propping a baby. If you bottle feed, once he/she can hold the bottle you can lay him here with his head propped up and he can drink a bottle not laying down flat. It also is great for helping a baby sit. Or for tummy time practice. Good luck.

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I like the Boppy. I would go to the store and try both if you canor see if a friend has them to try. I like the Boppy cause of how I could fit it on my body type (when I delivered I was a size 18). Plus I had a c-section. I also liked the Boppy as it was a great safe place to put my son and help him learn to sit up.

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I vote along with several other moms--try to get both. I used the MBF early on, then the Boppy later once I knew what I was doing (plus also good for playtime once baby's a little older). But MBF works great for feeding at the beginning--it supported my little guy so that MOMMY had a hand free to eat/read a magazine/flip the TV while breastfeeding...so important in the early weeks when the little one nurses every two hours! Boppy isn't as rigid, so you'll still need a hand to cradle your little one.

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