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Hey, I have a question about how appropriate the word booty is to use with my daughters. We always used the word booty instead of butt or backside or rump.. My MIL thinks the word is inappropriate to use and that it's more of a perverted word. She takes up the word booty call and that it is supposed to be used as more of an adult word. I found this very strange as I have never associated the word to anything perverted. I have been living with my husband out of country for many years now and my daughters have lived their whole lives here although we visit The States every couple of years. I may not know what is acceptable terms really so I thought I would ask you ladies and gentlemen. Is the word booty inappropriate for my 3 and 5 year old daughter to use instead of butt? What terms do you use?

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Wow, thanks for all the answers!! For those wondering I am living in Sweden and have been here for quite some time. So any slang they have here would be in Swedish and I only speak English with my girls.. I always thought of booty being a cute version of butt much like Megan M said. wipe your booty, shake your booty (when they are dancing).. I was never a big fan of butt and fanny to me is not the term as it means something else in British English. My mom said she used the term and sees nothing wrong with it, must be where I got it from.. I dont know it just always came out as the most natural.. maybe I should think about using a different term as well especially when I'm around my MIL.. I appreciate all of your answers quite insightful.. My MIL would like us to use the term back side.. yeah I dont see that happening.. I will continue to use booty, but will try to think of other terms as well.. thank you very much all of you..

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We use the word "butt" which is short for "buttocks" which is the actual anatomical name for this part of the body.

I woudn't want my young daughter to regularly use "booty". She will use it in fun around me sometimes and I'm OK with that.

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I think of it as a sexualized word, so I don't use it with my kids. I sometimes use it with my husband. ^_^ But I don't really think it's inappropriate or bad, I just don't like that word in reference to my children.

I refer to my kids' posteriors as their "bums." ^_^ I will also used "butt," since I think it's just short for buttocks, which is the actual anatomical name for that body-part.

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i too, think it's a context thing. they won't be starting riots if they come over here and say it. i have heard moms say it to their little ones here. i think it's a bit of an odd choice just considering the world we live in (why open that can of worms?) BUT i don't worry about it. there are a LOT of words in the english language that are like that. i had to explain the word "dam" to my son the other day. no biggie.

but for the record, we use "bottom". now that he is almost 6 we have used "butt" too, but i still like "bottom".

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Our daughter has a Beyonce booty.
She is a skinny kid, but has a big round butt, always has, even as an infant.
It's really funny:)

So her entire life there have been "booty jokes".
Like "I see a booty girl!"
or "Look at that big ol' booty!"
or when she was little and just starting to dance to music, it was "Shake your booty!"

I don't see the big deal, we use it in a joking, silly way.
She also says butt, she is almost 7.

We have never said "bottom" I don't like that word for that part of the body, it just sounds weird to me, shrug.

Booty, to me and my family, is just a different, playful way of saying butt.

I have NEVER in my life used the phrase "booty call" I would say "one night stand" or "friends with benefits" not "booty call" for that type of activity.

I also don't say "booty shorts" I say "hot pants".

So I guess it is a dialect and region thing, maybe?

ETA: Fanny means your vagina in England, it is all about context and region.

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"Booty" is slang with a bad connotation. Historically, it was a word born out of the European- particularly the English and American slave experience/culture. Slaves were called "booty" which means valuable treasure, by the slave traders when they were stolen from their home country and imported to this country and other European colonies to work against their will for someone else's financial gain.

People not up on their early American history probably fail to draw the historical connection between light hearted cartoons and movies of today that depict pirates and their "booty" and the old slave trade and plundering of royal and privateering supply ships. Yes, people think of diamonds and gold coins but "booty" also included humans trafficked for menial labor and sometimes prostitution.

In time, the word stuck in the American language. Slaves (maybe even owners) eventually would call each other "booty" because their physical body was the only thing of value they owned (....Get your booty over here boy!). It was rarely used then as a form of endearment but to insult and demean. Despite this, in time, this word stuck and became an African-American slang word that eventually made it's way into the daily dialect, and on the street is a word that primarily has sexual connotation. i.e. prostitution -i.e. (sell your "booty") and sex culture i.e.( booty call or goinna get some booty), and depending on how it is used, is the sort of word used to demean someone.

Interestingly, thanks to the music industry, and so many songs that reference "booty" and "getting it out on the dance floor" or to "shake..shake..shake your booty," or comedians have had much fun with the word because of how it sounds...the word "booty" has become a term of light-hearted endearment for some and there is even an organic snack pop corn for kids named "Pirate Booty." Clearly the word has lost it's historical significance and meaning with time.

With all of that said, I think depending on how the word is used, it might not be polite and considered crass. I chalk it up to "potty" talk and don't let my kids use it. I think the word is ugly (because of its origins) and just sounds ugly. It doesn't sound good coming from anyone's mouth who wants to be considered polite and well mannered. JMO.

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We say booty sometimes (shake your booty), butt, bottom, bum, keister... in public though I say bottom or butt (put your butt in your car seat please). I've had friends though tell me they thought butt was not nice...

I don't think booty is inappropriate, but if your MIL does, maybe you could just remind them that grandma prefers "bottom" or whatever.


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I am shocked at the amount of people who are saying it's wrong. We use it in our house and have since our kids were little. I see NOTHING wrong with it, but to each their own.

I wouldn't change the way you are or speak for others though. I'd tell MIL to go find someone else to pick on.

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Booty is slang. And that slang can be taken in various ways depending.

I have kids that are 5 and 9. And well, I think if they used that word around me I find it real, tacky. If they used that term in school, the Teacher would correct them.
Kids that age don't know what a "booty call" is.
My kids have heard "booty" before. They know it means rear end. But they don't say booty.

Rear end
are other words for the same thing.
Regional or cultural differences exist.
Sometimes, the wording a person uses, slang or not, also denotes or reflects a person's station in life or upbringing.

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We use the word "butt" which is short for "buttocks" which is the actual anatomical name for this part of the body.

I woudn't want my young daughter to regularly use "booty". She will use it in fun around me sometimes and I'm OK with that.

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I say "bottom", "bum" "butt" or "rear end",but "booty" is not a big deal to me. Just tell your DD not to say "booty" around your MIL. My MIL has an issue with using the word vagina... Oh well. I still use it because that's what it is and it's fine by me for my kids to say it. I'd rather that than calling it a "cookie" or a "coochie" or whatever. :o)

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Hi M.-

We are a 'fanny' or 'bum' family here.

Best Luck!

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