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Book Recommendations for Book-Loving Mom

Hey Ladies,

So my husband & I just decided to renovate our house (going from a 2 fam to a 1 fam) instead of selling it. I'm so excited b/c this is what i really wanted to do! Anyways, my husband told me, that the spare room can be turned into my library/study room!!!!!! I'm stoked b/c I've always wanted my own library! I have a small amount of books of my own (and my kids have a TON already) but I"m wondering if any of you could recommend some really great books for me to add to my collection!

I already have: all 7 Harry Potter books/ The Alchemist & The Magician/ Eragon, Eldest & Brisinger / the 4 from the Twilight Series / The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings Series / The Chronicles of Narnia / The Children of Hurin / Bringing Down the House / Shepherding a Child's Heart / Bringing Up Boys / Destined to Reign / Can You Keep a Secret? / The Tales of Beetle The Bard / Life in the Word Devotional / and tons of diff. magazines - National Geographic, Parents, Parenting, Family Fun. I also have tons of 'family books' like crafts to do with kids, etc.

I'm not into anything creepy or gory. I love adventure, romance, comedy, drama, true stories, and I enjoy learning about other countries (especially from my background). I've been in "KID BOOK" mode for so long that I have no idea what's out there & what's good.

Any advice / titles would be wonderful! THanks so much & Happy Reading~!

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Wow! I can't believe how many responses I've recieved so far! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I can't wait to get started on the library (will be done before march!!!) and now people will know what to get me for b-day & christmas gifts! lol Again, I can't express how helpful you've all been to get me back 'in the game' with my reading material. Both my boys are reading on their own now & although I'll always read at bed time to them - now I get my time in too - and a comfy/cozy place to relax while reading. Any other titles/authors you can think of - please keep 'em coming!!! Thanks again!!!

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Based on some of the young adult fantasy you listed, I'd recommend Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy and the Bartemaeus Trilogy (Forget the author off the top of my head.)

If you want some adult fantasy recommendations, or if you like victorian or 18th C novels I could offer a ton more suggestions--let me know!

The Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyers is a great series. It is about werewolves and vampires but is mostly a love story. Very few gory parts but does touch on life lessons, divorces, parents, high school love, heart break, friends and family dying. Excellent books, easy reading.

I would HIGHLY recommend the "Outlander" series by Diana Gabaldon... here is a link...


The books are addictive and fun and everyone I know wo has read them LOVES them...


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I have enjoyed John Saul books - some can be a bit creepy, but in a mysterious way, not the gory way. I haven't read all his books though, so maybe some could be?? I didn't like "The Homing" by him as much - cause it was about bees... but the other ones I've read were good so far! I think he's in the realm of the Stephen King without the gore... so more along the Lord of the Rings level, but not "fantasy" style either. More mysterious type.

I know that Nicholas Sparks and Danielle Steele are great authors for romance books.

I also loved "Look me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger's" as a true story by John Elder Robison (Sp??). interesting.

I love Karen Kingsbury. She is a Christian fiction author that is not preachy, but very emotional.
"Karen's books are regularly bestsellers and include the Firstborn Series, Redemption Series, Red Glove Series, Sunrise Series, and the series dear to her heart, 911 Series."
Another set to look at is the House of Winslow series by Gilbert Morris. which has over 40 books. To quote:
" House of Winslow Series: Gilbert Morris
Epic in scope, Gilbert Morris' HOUSE OF WINSLOW series is nothing less than the compelling story of the forces and people that shaped American history. Following the Winslow family line from Gilbert Winslow’s voyage across the ocean on the Mayflower, the series views the most important moments of history through the eyes of characters living the experience first hand. As well, the series is rich with spiritual journeys as the many characters each must struggle with their own individual faiths. "
Have fun reading!

Based on some of the young adult fantasy you listed, I'd recommend Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy and the Bartemaeus Trilogy (Forget the author off the top of my head.)

If you want some adult fantasy recommendations, or if you like victorian or 18th C novels I could offer a ton more suggestions--let me know!

I am a fellow book-loving mom, and a few of my favorites are: What Dreams May Come, White Oleander, East of Eden, Siddartha and Memoirs of a Geisha. I am a huge fan of Stephen King, but you said you don't like any horror. He actually has some really great ones that aren't gory/scary in the slightest. Drop me a line and we can compare books, I'd love that! Happy reading, and congrats on your library, you must be psyched!!

It looks like you already read one of the Sophie Kinsella books, but I would recommend all of them... the Shopoholic Series and Undomestic Goddess and Remember me? I have read all of her books and enjoyed them.

I see you enjoy photography so I would sugggest for a magazine, "Photographic". It's a terrific magazine. I love it. My favorite author is Lisa Scotoline. She writes wonderful mysteries. I hope I have been some help and have fun. : )

I love anything by Jodi Picoult or Sophie Kinsella!

If you like creepy books, try reading any of Dean Koontz or Stephen King. They are great authors. I like both but rarely have time to read. Good Luck with the room remodel.

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