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Boils or Risens Home Cure

Hello Moms well this issue is with me I notice on Wednesday in the shower I notice a big round hard lump in my private area. And of course I was very nerves what is this come to find out it something called a Boil or Risen which I have never had in my life time. And let me tell you is is very very painful. I went serching on the internet for home remedies that didn't help much so I thought I would ask my family of women. So can someone anybody please help this is the most Uncomfortable and Painful thing ever.

What can I do next?

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Sitting in very warm baths can help. DON'T squeeze it. That will just make the pain worse. It will come to a head on it's own. If I have one I wipe it with an alcohol wipe several times a day, usually after going to the bathroom just to keep the area clean. There is a product called Boil Ease, you can google it online, that can help with the pain and is supposed to help it come to a head faster. Actually, I accidentally found that orasol gel, the kind you use for tooth and canker sore pain, the maximum strength with 20% benzocaine really helped with the pain. After it comes to a head I usually put some antibacterial ointment on it like neosporin until it's healed. Sometimes mine come to a head, but since I started wiping them with an alcohol wipe and soaking in the tub as soon as I notice it, more often than not they just get bigger for 2 or 3 days and then start going down on their own. The orasol gel makes the pain bearable for those few days.

I know how you feel.they are very painful and really cant do much till the pop. The cream boil ease will help so much.put it when ur going to bed. I would get them all the time the dr says it has something to do with my sweat glands.I have tried aloe vera.. u can put it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds and stand the heat.dont burn yourself..place it on the boil.it will bring it to pop. then let it drain..and it wont come back.. i couldnt do it alone and had my husband to help. cuz the dr. will give u some meds to make it go away but they will come back after awhile.hope this helps.

has a dr diagnosed this? or did you diagnose yourself? i personally wouldn't play arond with something like that, there are a lot of potentially fatal infections that start off looking like a boil... also, could it be an ingrown hair? i have had those before, and one got to be a grape sized puss filled nightmare. AFTER you see a dr and it's diagnosed as something that's just painful rather than dangerous, try hot as you can stand it compresses. hope you are feeling better soon :)

When I tell you this is the worst pain in the world next to having a baby some what.. I get them on my private area under my arm and butt shawty I swaar Ibe bout to lose my mind then when they pop they smell so bad...

So far the only thing that has helped me is a product that I found at Rite Aid pharmacies, its called "DRAW OUT SALVE". It's a black ointment that comes in a small tube, it has an odor but its not too bad. I place a pea sized amount on gauze (you will have to tape the gauze to your skin) or a large band aid and place it on top of the risen/boil. I apply it every other day with fresh gauze or band aid. The salve softens the skin and "pulls" the pus to a head and in about a week or so it breaks open and drains, sometimes I help it open once I see the head by pricking it. Unfortunately I have not found a quick way to get through it except to go to the emergency room and have it lanced. There is also a product called "BOIL EASE" that helps ease the pain. I have applied them together on the gauze or band aid at times. I have had them off and on for over 15 yrs in my arm pits, my butt, my upper thigh and on my vaginal area (may have to shave this area a little to avoid hair pulling when changing gauze or band aid). Hope this info helps someone.

If it is the same thing I had after having my last one the only thing that helped was getting it drained by my Ob/gyn. It is very painful and uncomfortable I couldn't do much and I took a lot of Motrin to help with the pain. I wish I knew a home cure to help the with it but I unfortantly don't. I hope you can get in soon to see your ob/gyn.

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