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Hi everyone,

My 8 year old son has a boil on his butt right inside the crack and it is keeping him up at night. He hasn't had one in probably 4-5 years and I know that when he did that long ago I had to get him antibiotics to help it finally go away. A friend gave me some vasoline looking gel to put on it that has brought up alot of the puss and bloody liquid so is there anything else I can do for the pain or do I have to take him to the doc for the meds. Is there anything just over the counter that I can get. I do know it's a boil, I don't need a doc to tell me that. Obviously, I'm trying to save some money on going to the doctor so any help would be appreciated!!!!

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Wow, everyone thank you all so so much. I did not expect this many replies, but I appreciate so much all of your caring and concerned replies. I did not take him to the doctor, but I did call her and talked to her about it and since he has had them before (just not in a long time)and she knew it she just called in a perscription of Baxtrim for him so he has been taking it since Monday and the boil is almost gone now and he is pain free. I did try the warm compresses and have been doing everything we can to keep it clean and covered and away from all of us. I absolutely will still be keeping an eye on it and also staying on top of him taking the meds for the next ten days. So thank you again to every single one of you. May God Bless each one of you richly for your kindness.

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I would take him to the Dr. ASAP. There is an epidemic of MRSA in the community. MRSA has boil like symptoms usually in the butt area. If it is MRSA, he needs antibiotic. MRSA spreads and is very contagious and occasionally fatal. So please take him to the Dr.

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Toothpaste is great for sucking the gunk out and drying it up. Be careful tho, if he needs antibiotics to keep the germs out of his bloodstream, especially since it's in a nasty area, then get them. He could get staff or worse if not. This guy that sits next to me at work had a nasty one on his forhead, almost made me puke. ha ha. he put toothpaste on it one night and the next day at work he shows up with it all flat and majorly healed. good luck.

My son had this, in the same place!!!!! To get it to go away you must get the head out, its like a big pimple but the head is long and hard!! Have him sit in a tub of warm water with epsom salts. DO NOT SQUEEZE, just use a rag and see if you get the head out by gently rubbing at it. This may not happen the first time. several times a day do this. Give him Tylenol for the pain as this to will pass!! Once the head comes out put on ointment, keep clean and dry.

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I would take him to the Dr. ASAP. There is an epidemic of MRSA in the community. MRSA has boil like symptoms usually in the butt area. If it is MRSA, he needs antibiotic. MRSA spreads and is very contagious and occasionally fatal. So please take him to the Dr.

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It sounds like staph to me and that does need to go to the doctor. He needs some antibiotics and he needs to have it lanced. You can try a urgent care clinic, it may be cheaper than going to the doctor.

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My son has had two boils and they can be very painful. We took him in to see the Dr. both times and he was given some antibiotics along with a cream that everyone at home including my son had to put a little bit in our nose. We were told this was to help prevent the boils. I also found the information below which refers to boils in the exact place your son has his, which they refer to as a Pilonidal cyst. Hope it helps. see below

Any boil that is associated with a fever should receive medical attention. A "pilonidal cyst," a boil that occurs between the buttocks, is a special case. These almost always require medical treatment including drainage and packing (putting gauze in the opened abscess to assure it continues to drain). Finally, any painful boil that is not rapidly improving should be seen by the health-care practitioner.

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I would take him to the doctor ASAP to rule out MRSA. No joke.

I used to work with a woman whose son contracted MRSA... Her son would get infection sites pop up around his bottom... Oi vey! once it starts getting resistance to antibiotics and your kid gets prescribed more and more powerful antibiotics... It can be a long, painful (and costly!) recovery.

Better safe than sorry.

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Hi S.,
I am going to reiterate what some of the other women have said. First of all the Ichthimol is a good product to have on hand and it does work. We have used it for years. But this boil your son has sounds more like staph. My son, husband and myself have all had staph over the last 3 years. When you said there was puss and blood, that is usually a very good sign it is staph. It needs to be treated with antibotics and most of the time they give you a prescription for an ointment that you put in the nose. I dont want to alarm you, but sometimes they have to lance it to get that out. I was told by my doctor to use Lever 2000 soap, which is suppose to be the best anti-bacterial soap we can buy. Also, you want to make sure that you wash and sterilize any bedding, towels, washcloths, etc before using it again. I would suggest using rubber gloves when touching the area. It is very contagious. Know from experience.
I hope this helps.

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my husband gets them and he puts regular toothpaste on them....he swears by it says they r gone the next day!

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Hey, you need to get your son on antibiotics. My son had the same painful issue and the doctor explained to me that there is a very resistant strain of staph going around. This was a little over a month ago. If the sore is hot or warm to the touch, its infected and can get into his blood stream... not good!! Once my son was on antibiotics (sulfur kind), It started going away and then went completely away by the end of the week.

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Hi S.. I have been fortunate to not have this issue with my children (so far) but was curious since I've known other people with boils. Anyway, I did some online research and it basically said the fastest way to heal a boil is with antibiotics so obviously you would need to go to the doc for this. Anyway, this sight was informative so I thought I would pass along the link. If it doesn't copy as an active link just copy and paste it or type it into your URL address bar. Hope he heels soon. Goodluck and Godbless!


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