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Body Temperature in Early Pregnancy

Did any one of you experience coldness or cold flashes in early pregnancy? I just seem cold a lot this time around(2nd pregnancy) and I didn't feel this the last time. Especially when I am tired, I feel cold and can't seem to get warm and it's summertime!!! I am only 6 weeks pregnant. I remember being hot all the time last time, but I was big and pregnant in the summer months and didn't feel hot until I did get bigger at the end.

Should I be concerned about this?


What can I do next?

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My husband laughed at me for months with my first. Whenever he asked if I needed anything, the answer was to be still and warm. I was always having cold flashes! This time around, I'm going to have a heat stroke! Babies mess ya up!

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My husband laughed at me for months with my first. Whenever he asked if I needed anything, the answer was to be still and warm. I was always having cold flashes! This time around, I'm going to have a heat stroke! Babies mess ya up!

Hi N.,
I was cold during both pregnancies but mostly at night. When I went to bed, I had to wrap an afghan around my belly at night and then the comforter and I slept great. If I did not have the afghan, I would wake up and would not go to sleep until I cozied my tummy again. Weird, but happened with both and my iron was fine, so who knows.

I am about 16 weeks pregnant with my 4th right now and have experienced the same thing. Earlier in the summer, I would wear a sweatshirt in the evenings! I really don't know why. I have not had any problems with the baby, though. The doctor says everything is fine. I just chalk it up to another wierd thing that hormones do.

Yes, check your iron levels. The Dr can just prick your finger and test it. I was born anemic and took liquid iron when I was a baby and have to eat foods with extra iron. Now that I am 27 I can tell when my iron is low, I am always cold and tired. When I was pregnant I took pre-natal vitamins with extra iron. Check with your Dr and good luck!


Ditto to what most of the other moms said - you are most likely low on iron. I had the same issue early in my pregnancy prior to getting started on a good prenatal. Be sure you are taking a good prenatal vitamin that has an adquate amount of iron and explore really eating more iron rich foods. I'd also let your OBGYN know.

I too am preggo with my 2nd and in the start I would have both hot and cold flashes so you should be ok. But you can always leave a message for your OB's nurse if your next appt is far away and just ask her about it just in case too. Better safe than sorry right? :) Congrats on number 2!

Well first, Congrats on the 2nd arrival!!!
I did have terrible temperature issues in my first trimester. I was told it was due to the development of the placenta. Right at 12 weeks I became the typical "hot pregnant" woman. I remember sitting in hot baths in the middle of night trying to get my blue finger nails to pink up!!!! I feel for you, but it will pass. I was told that if it didn't pass into the second trimester, I would get checked for thyroid issues, but like I said, it went away. Good luck, get a electric heating blanket...that worked for me!! :-)
Good Luck

As well as iron, I would suggest they check your thyroid including TSH, Free T3, Free T4 and thyroid antibodies. Low body temperature is a known problem with low thyroid function (and low iron as someone else mentioned). Having the thyroid checked is really important because if you are low thyroid, that can impact the health of your baby.

It definitely could be related to low iron/hemoglobin and thyroid. Thyroid problems are common with pregnancies in women. It could just be your hormones, pregnancy, etc. I am freezing all day with this pregnancy (20weeks now), but get hot at night. My hubby and I are constantly battling over the thermostat in the house. I love going outside to warm up!!! I wasn't like that at all with first pregnancy. Try to stay warm.

if you are getting cold get into your dr & have your iron checked!! it is common to have low iron during pregnancy & that can cause you to feel both cold & tired! they will give you a pill if you are low, i know i was & felt much better after i got iron pills!

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