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Blurred Vision, Right Side Numb

This morning when I got up, I felt a little dizzy and my vision was blurred (both eyes). I couldn't focus enough to see clearly. This lasted on and off for about 20-30 mins. Then after that, I was standing in the kitchen fixing my daughter's hair. When I finished that, I started to walk away to go get my shoes. All of a sudden my right arm, right leg, and the right side of my chest/abdomen were numb. My husband had me lay on the bed & he got me some water. The numbness didn't last long, maybe one minute if not less.

My husband thinks I was just dehydrated. My sister and mom think it may have been a small stroke.

I've been working with a company cleaning houses, and have to spend some time outside in the heat. I don't normally drink as much water as I should be during the day. So dehydration is highly likely. Also, my husband said I was sleeping on my right side all night, so that could have had something to do with the numbness. After drinking some water, I was ok. I even went to work and did ok, other than being tired (didn't get enough sleep last night).

My mom is going to be calling our doctor's office tomorrow to see what they think.

Could this just be dehydration, or something else?

What can I do next?

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My mom called our doctor's office this morning and spoke to a nurse about my symptoms. She said it was probably just a pinched nerve (from sleeping on my right side all night), and possibly some dehydration. She said if I had had a severe headache that wouldn't go away, then it might have been a stroke. But I was completely fine soon after all of this happened. I was able to speak, walk, laid on the bed when my husband told me to, and I also sat up and drank water just fine.

Thank you for all of the responses and concern! I am taking a frozen bottle of water with me to work now so that I can have cool water to drink.

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Get to an emergency room now!!!! What you are experiencing is a stroke. You can have serious consequences. Go, go , go
to the nearest emergency room now and demand that you have a cat scan or an mri to rule this out

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Go to a hospital. Now. The internet is no place to go at a time like this.

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It sounds like a small stroke, but I would get to my ER and have a cat scan or MRI done ASAP. What if you have a blocked vessel and that was just the beginning of something worse? You need to get seen immediately - it might be something they can solve now - if you wait, it might be too late. Have you had any chest pain or headache? Tell the ER if so.

I had a stroke when I was 21. I had zero risk factors, healthy weight, etc. The Dr's think it was because I was on the birth control pill and got very dehydrated. I had a stronger stroke than what you are describing and had residual health problems as a result for life. I was told I could never get pregnant - as death would be inevitable. As a result, it took years of dr consultations, etc, to finally figure out that I could have kids, but I'm high risk and it's not been an easy journey. I see you have one 3 year old and if you want more, I would take this seriously.

Please take my advice, run - don't walk - to probably your local hospital ER so they can check you out. It's not worth messing around with.

Good luck!

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Absolutely, you need to go to the ER and/or see a doctor right away. You have classic signs of a stroke, or other dangerous neurological problems. If you are having a stroke, or CVA, you have a limited time (sometimes under 4 hours) to get medicine to possibly stop the stroke. Please don't take this lightly. Dehydration is more likely to cause muscle cramps than the symptoms you have had. By the way, I'm a physical therapist who has worked with many people post-stroke. I'll be praying for you and hoping it's not something serious!

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Get to an emergency room now!!!! What you are experiencing is a stroke. You can have serious consequences. Go, go , go
to the nearest emergency room now and demand that you have a cat scan or an mri to rule this out

i have a sim prob. get the dr to check you b6 and b12. if it is low or high it can cause prob. i'm going to see a neuro soon to see if there is something else going on with me. my right leg started burning just any time and now it is more so i need to get checked hope all goes well but make them do the blood work my b12 was low

Get checked out! Just in case! Stroke is not something to mess with!
Good luck!


I'm not a doctor but I'm very educated in the body and natural wellness. You should of course, start investigating the possible cause....one thing you shouldn't overlook is the possibility of toxic overload since you work for a cleaning service. Do your own due diligence and start reading the side effects and chemicals used on the cleaning products you are being exposed to.
Your home is actually the most toxic place you live in.
You may want to check this website:

Take care,

I think you should see a doctor ASAP. My dad had a stroke last fall, and he has lost his peripheral vision on his right side. Please go get it checked out.

It sounds like a seizure to me.

It could have been a stroke.

It doesn't sound like just dehydration. But if you're working in a hot environment, you have GOT to drink lots of water. We're talking maybe 12 8-oz glasses a day. Under normal circumstances, you should be drinking, at minimum, 8 8-oz glasses of water per day.

Transition by using Vitamin Water or Gatorade if you must. But get used to drinking lots of water! Make sure to take the time to take care of yourself!

And meanwhile, you should go to see your doctor ASAP, and try to take it easy in the mean time.


i would get to the er this morning. although in all will likely be fine and something like dehydration. in the small chance that it is a small stroke time is of vital importance! there are meds that can be used only early in the course of a stroke. also there is something called a tia (transient ischemic attack) that can be a warning sign of risk for future stroke that would need follow-up by a neurologist.

Good Morning S.,

I can understand your feelings...This could also be a number of things...It could be stroke,heart attack,or diabities...You could of been dehydrated...I'm hoping thats all it was dehydration...Ask your doctor to do an A1C test on you...All they do it draw blood...I wish you the best...


Most stroke victims will have numbness on one side of the body and/or blurred vision. Were you in a state of confusion? Were you able to raise your arms above your head or follow a simple physical command? Were you able to speak? Did you experience a sudden severe headache? You don't have to have all of these warning signs to have had a stroke. But if they don't go away...go to the ER immediately.

It could have been a mild stroke. It could have also been heat stroke. Other possibilities:

Diabetes- will effect your vision and cause numbness to hands/feet

Bell's Palsy - causes facial numbness on one side (but highly unlikely since it doesn't normally effect the lower extremities)

I would definitely get it checked out if you continue to experience these symptoms.

God Bless you!

Usually dehydration makes your muscles stiff, and unable to move them. the numbness is definately something else. the blurred vision and numbness is more likely to be close to a mini stroke, or something less that that.

There's about a million things it could be! Make sure they test for diabetes and thyroid disorder. It could be heat stroke, but I doubt it, because you weren't in the heat when it happened. Dehydration is often accompanied by abdominal cramps, and you didn't mention that,so diabetes or Thyroid disorder is a real possibility. Insomnia can occur with both disorders, as well as the eye blurriness and tingling.I would lean more towards the thyroid disorder, because you said it passed quickly,and you said you drank water to alleviate it. Normally you would have to have sugar of some sort, to alleviate diabetic symptoms.I agree with every one, get it checked right away! Exhaustion, and heart palpatations go along with this disorder also!


You need to go to a doctor asap! Even if dehydration is suspected, the symptoms are that of a stroke. Its better to be safe than sorry, and the sooner you seek medical attention the better. I pray that the doctor finds all is ok...

Don't ignore these symptoms! you should have this checked out imediately!!!!! Even if it turns out to be a little dehydration you are better to get checked outA dr will tell you to never ignore symptoms that involve a change in your vision.
My mother ignored these kinds of problems for some time because she fely better and it went away. She ended up having a major stroke and is in a wheel chair now. Her Dr now said if she had been treated it could have been avoided. You didn't say your age but mini strokes can happen at any age. I don't want you to be scared but you owe it to your family to be on the safe side.Please don't wait.See a dr now!!!!! L.

It sounds like high blood pressure to me. I had it towards the end of my pregnancy. Laying on your left side helps to bring it down, but that's temporary. You should have your blood pressure checked.

I had similar symptoms a few summer's ago while working an outside job and was told by my doctor that I was just dehydrated. The next summer when the same symptoms showed up again (different job inside), another doctor said it may have been a mild heat stroke that has made me sensitive to the extreme heat. He also said that unless you actually pass out from a heat stroke they are hard to diagnose. Definately go and see your doctor, but also be careful when you are outside and drink lots of water and/or Gatorade.


Sounds like Multiple Sclerosis to me. I fight the disease myself. I would go to a neurologist and he would most likely do a brain MRI and spinal survey. Dehydration would not cause that and you are too young for a stroke.


Please Please Please check with the Dr about what happen this morning it could had be a small stroke. You need to be check out by the Dr. I have family member who had strokes in the past and what happen to you in a sign of a stroke. It could be something less serous but please to not take the chance. If it was a small stroke there is a nerve the runs up the neck that can be fix some how that will less your chance to not had a serous stroke that would leave your family with out their mother and wife.

If I was your husband I would have called the doctor's office and if they gave me the usual run around I would put you in the car and brought you directly to the doctor's office and insisted on he/she seeing her. Obtain a blood test and x rays.

Hell my wife's doctor was out of town, I called the office, this was during office hours, and they had the audicity to tell me to take her emergency room.

I rolled her into the doctor's office at about 4:40 and they asked me what I was doing there. I told them to tell who ever instructed them to bring there mother's or husband to the emergency room. I said you have all of her records on hand not the emergency room. And why should I take her to the emergency room and sit and with for 1 to 6 hours. In the end I had to raise my voice some but a doctor finally agreed to see her.

I know health care is expensive, but do not take chances with your life. THere is no reason to at this time. Socialize medicine will be here in a short time and it will be that we will not be able to see a doctor nor we will be able to have operations when needed.

Yes we will be waiting for months to see a doctor and then when he said we need hospilization we will have to wait months. In the meantime we either get worse and in a lot of cases drop dead. I have Canadian friends who say they say any Canadian that can afford it has U S medical insurance and come to the states for care.

God Bless

Hello S.,

I just went through something just like this. It was last month when it happened to me I was waiting at my door for my little girl to get off the bus...Mine on the other hand last about a week and a half...I would say go see your dr and have test done I did and luckly nothing showed up on any of the test...I also told my dr I was going to see if it went a way and he said that it was good that I went in when I did incase something was going on they could have cought it in time...I was dehydrated and my mom and sister though the same as your's did the thought I might have had a stroke as well..My advice would be go get check out to be safe I hope this helps you out to let you know that my turned out to be nothing...


Don't take any chances - get to the doctor asap this is not normal! You have a daughter to raise.

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