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Blue Baby Poo

My 3.5 month old daughter recently started formula full-time, Nestle Good Start in the purple can. She has been pooping a blue/gray color ever since...has anyone else had this happen??? She's not acting sick at all, no fever, she's eating...The doctor was puzzled, but not too concerned.

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Well, it's been about 3.5 weeks and my daughter's poo is still blue/grey. We've been to the doctors, I've taken samples of her poo 3 consecutive days and put them on slides and I've taken another sample of poo in a test tube...nothing is wrong with it!! The doctor has concluded what the mom's who responded to me said...it's the formula. The doctor does not recommend that I switch her formula. So...my daughter's poo is blue and that's that. Thank you for all the feedback!

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I had the same problem with my daughter and her getting different formulas. The poo would have a very clear silver sheen to it. We saved it and brought it to the doctor and he didn't seem to concerned. We tried switching formulas and it did get better once we were on a different one. I can't believe that I can't remember which ones but we tried Similac, Enfamil and Good Start. If she isn't acting sick I wouldn't be too concerned; I was overly cautious, since it was my first baby. Good Luck!

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Yes, P. - the same thing happened to my twins. I switched from Enfamil w/Lipil to Nestle Good Start when they were 6 months old since it was less expensive and comparable. They had the blue/gray poo for a few weeks. No apparent problems with their digestion, but just an odd color. I was concerned at first, but they seemed fine. Good Luck!

My son who is now 9 was switched to the Good Starts formula when he was 2 1/2 months old and I had the same problem. The doctor said it was because of the change in the formula and he just needed to adjust. it took about 2 weeks and he was back to normal poop. He switched to the follow up at 8 months and had slightly discolored poop fpr a week then also.

My son was on Nestle Good Start in the purple can as well and never did he have blue poo! Not sure what to say here but I know his stool was fine on that formula.
Good Luck

When i would supplement formula my babies would get a greenish poo. I guess if the pediatrician is not to concerned and your daughter is acting fine it should be ok.

I know almost white is bad and almost black is bad...I've never heard of blue/gray poop. Did you try calling Nestle? maybe there is a nutrient in the formula that can cause the poop to change color.

we use NGS (purple can as well) and my daugter's poo is army green. It is also VERY foul smelling and really pasty, instead of seedy like I feel it should be at this age (she is 4.5 months). I asked the doctor as well and he wasn't concerned, said it varies color wise and consistency wise by baby, but I have done some looking online and it seems like both NGS and Enfamil Gentlease produce odd, dark colored poop that is particularly foul smelling. Maybe due to the fact that both of these formulas have broken down proteins? I'm not sure, but other than the poop issue it has been a good formula for her so we are sticking with it. Good luck!

i have the same problem too, i just bought the nestle good start in the orange can aswell and my one month old now has grayish silver poop... idk she seems ok, doesnt really bother me too much, from everyone else's respones it seems like no big deal. I dont think all babies are as fragile as we think they are. And you gotta remember adult poop changes color sometimes with different foods too, doesnt mean your sick.

Compared to breastmilk, the iron in formula is not at all well-absorbed by an infant's immature intestines. So as a result, formula manufacturers must overload the formula with iron. Since there is SOOOOO much iron in the formula, and it can't be absorbed, it's pooped out, which is what's causing the strange greyish color.

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