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Have any of you moms ever tried the Burt's Bees Herbal Blemish Stick? Does it work? I have normal type skin and have been using Clinique soap for yrs, but now all of a sudden it seems like I'm dealing with problem zits every week. I would've thought I'd be over that 15 yrs ago! LoL I've heard the blemish stick works good, but I'd like to hear from you. Thanks!

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Well, so far so good with the Burt's Bees stick. It really works when you can feel a zit coming in. I've also implemented exfoliating and moisturizing into my daily routine, so I'm sure that's helping too. The real test will be in the next couple weeks before that time of the month when my face really breaks out =)

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It is expensive, but Proactive really helped me. H., you may not need it, but other moms out there might. It really made a difference in my life.

However, I did run out a couple of weeks ago, and Arbonne face cleanser is doing very well.

i dont know about the the stick, but my sister began having a problem like this and the dermatoligist told her that certain Birth control can trigger acne in women in their 30's i know that the IUD type is one of them. so maybe if that is what you use you should look at switching. Good luck.

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I don't know about the blemish stick, but Oprah just had a show yesterday about skin care and products that work (and those that don't), etc. Here's a link to the show. http://www.oprah.com/dated/oprahshow/oprahshow_20081023_b...

Myself, I find that when I get a pimple, I try to get the oil out as fast as possible by squeezing it 'til I can't get any more out (before it starts to bleed) and then holding a cotton ball with Sea Breeze on it until I can feel it tingle and it has gone down to the regular skin level. I do the Sea Breeze thing twice that day. It's usually gone in about 24 hours. However, Dr. Oz says this is a really bad thing to do, so I'll be trying something else next time. :)

Hope this helps...

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I am 49 years old and still have acne. It's so frustrating going through pubitrey(sp) again! I found an acne product called Acne Free and I cannot tell you enough how great it is. It's compared to Proactive, says it's better, but I just know how well it works. I've used the prescription creams and they never worked as well as this. There are two formulas, regular and severe. I like the severe because it has a night cream that has retinol in it and it helps smooth the skin, etc. At my age, I'm looking for stuff like that. When you first use Acne Free you may break out, but that's because it brings all the bacteria out. After that it's smooth sailing. Less break outs and really nice skin. I have my 12 year old daughter using it because I wasn't going to let her suffer the way I did. There is a lotion in the three step process that is benzoyl peroxide, I don't know the strength and you can apply that when you feel a blemish starting and in one day it's practcally gone. You used this all over the face after cleansing. It is also good to use on the chest and back. But be careful, it bleaches everything. Be careful with the exfoilating, it can aggravate acne, but the moisturizing is good. The Acne Free is a three step product twice a day. I absolutely love it. Remember, I'm 49 years old and have had acne all my life and have never had anything as good as this, even prescription creams.

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Hi, H.. Sorry this is so late. My complexion was awful. I am going through menopause, and the hormonal changes can be awful. I found a snack on the Weight Watchers website by Hungry Girl. It's 1 snack cup of sugar-free pudding and a half cup of canned pumpkin. I add in 2 Splenda packets and some cinnamon and nutmeg. Mix it all up together really well. Then I like to pop it in the microwave for a minute. My skin is doing beautifully lately. I suspect it's the beta carotene, which of course is vitamin A, in the pumpkin that's doing the job. Plus it's a yummy snack.

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Hi H.,
I didn't see your original request, but saw the follow up "what happened". I do this and have told quite a few people who have all come back and said WOW... where'd you come up with that?
As soon as I know I'm going to break out (or worse, gotten lazy and didn't cleanse and moisurize as I should and waited) I clean my face, soak a cotton ball with Listerine and hold it to my skin for at least a minute, then I dab on whatever acne medication I have (usually Mary Kay), the moisturize. By the next day, it's healed or almost healed without fail. Doesn't matter what kind of Listerine.
The reason I started to try this was because my grandfather used to have a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry old bottle of Listerine. So old, it still double billed itself as a hair tonic for dandruff as well as bad breath. The reason it worked for bad breath and dandruff is the same reason it works so well on acne. All three are caused by bacteria and Listerine kills bacteria.
I was desperate and tried it. What did I have to lose? Nothing and I will be forever grateful for that old old bottle in the medicine cabinet. As a side note, my daughter had terrible dandruff and we were so frustrated at the difficulty in getting rid of it. I poured it over her head, squeezed the excess from her hair and put on a plastic cap, then soaked all her brushed in a sink of water spiked with Listerine. It worked.

Good Luck

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You gotten lots of good advice about your problem zits, but here's one more. Something that has worked for me on individual zits is honey. After I clean it, I use a cotton swab to apply honey (doesn't seem to matter what kind) directly to the blemish. I see a big difference within a day. After two days the blemish is usually gone. It works best if you apply it as soon as you're aware of the zit. I just apply it at night, since it's sticky and shiny! I don't know how it would work if you have more than one.

Best wishes,
J. J.

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Hi H.,

Sorry for a late reply, I have used that blemish stick, I like it, it works. I have recently bought Desert Essence Blemish Touch Stick (at Trader Joe's) which is cheaper than Burt's Bees and is also natural, and works just as well (in fact, I like it a little better)! It has some of the same ingredients than Burt's Bees and some of the other ingredients too.

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Hi H.,

A place to look for your cosmetic ratings:


Good Luck,

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You had some great advice. The best is to go to www.safecosmetics.org and check out the ingredients in all that you are using. Our company just came out with a totally green not chemical line that is safe for all skin types. Go to www.kygoldmine.com and read about it. Happy New year... oh yes and supplements are important.

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