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Bleeding Diaper Rash

As I was changing my son (7 months old) tonight right before bedtime, I noticed that all of a sudden he has a major diaper rash. So bad, in fact, that it was even raw and bleeding in one spot. Poor little guy cried so hard as I cleaned him up and put on Desetin. I changed him about 2 hours before this diaper change and he was fine. Could this sudden rash be due to the new fruit (prunes) we introduced to him yesterday and today? We didn't overload him with the prunes - just one container over yesterday and today.
More important - is it OK to put rash cream on open skin? I want to be more prepared at the next diaper change. I read another line of questions where cornstarch was recommended for bad diaper rash. I don't have any cornstarch in the house, but will run out to get some first thing in the morning if that is OK for open skin.
Any help you can offer this first time mom is much appreciated. I don't want to make him cry again.

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Thank you everyone! This is all great advice. I am particularly thankful to all of you who empathized wiht my situation, recognize that every child is different, and encouraged me to forgive myself for feeding my baby a new fruit! :-) Josh's cute little hiney is healing very nicely! No more crying! We are avoiding the wipes and are applying a super thick cream (Lanispetic is that it is called I think). I had an appointment for Josh at his Pediatrician so I threw in my concerns about his diaper rash and she thought the rash was healing nicely and did not prescribe anything further. Oh - thanks for all the baby wipe recipes also! I'm going to give those a try!
Thanks again everyone! I truly appreciate all for your help AND I love mamasource! I just don't know what I would do without all of you! Have a beautiful day!
- C.

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Hi C.,
The best thing I have found for diaper rash like this is Questran & Aquaphor. It is available only by prescription. It is mixed at the pharmacy. But it most generally heals a terrible diaper rash after the first couple of applications. In the mean time it is ok to keep using the desitin on the open skin. Good luck!

whatever type of barrier cream you use on the skin remember this- don't wipe it all off with each diaper change. It's meant to keep the skin underneath dry so wiping it all off just rubs the skin raw again.

Is he teething? Whenever my son was teething he would always get a bad rash like the one you discribed. We would put A&D ointment on along with baby powder or cornstarch to help keep it dry. This was the only thing that we could get to work. Desetin did nothing. Hope this helps!

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No real need to panic. My daughter gets this kind of rash when teething. She got her first one about the same age as your son. I took her in, because being a frist time mommy, I freaked! I was told to put Lotrimin AF (Anti-fungual) cream on it 2-3 times a day (especially after BM). Put baking soda in a bath and let him sit there for as long as he wants. Then let him air dry. My daughter (who is now 14 months) just got one the other day, and Lotrimin wasn't really clearing it up. Took her back in (3 molars all came in at the same time!) and TA-DA different doctor told me the SAME exact thing. It has cleared up wonderfully in 3 days withe about 3 hours of air time in total each day.
She did give us prescription for a thick heavy salve, which I'm told is very similar to the Butt Paste brand... put that on thick 3 times a day and you should see results.
Good luck!!!

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I have to agree with the first gal who says any open bleeding rash should be seen by a doctor.

My sister's son had that type of rash for quite a while and her pediatrician recommended something called "bag balm" which I seem to remember is in the Pet Dept (!) at Wal-mart. (This has been a few years, I may be fuzzy on that detail. Try the pharmacy first LOL). It worked miracles for them.

My son is going through this again right now. I use the original desitine...the really sticky one. You can use it over the broken skin. My son is two and he asks for it when his butt is sore, so I don't think it stings to put it on broken skin. It also really helps to just use a warm wet washcloth instead of wipes. The wipes really burn their sore little butts. It makes a little more laundry, but it is worth it to not hear them scream while you are changing them.


I remember those days - heartbreaking to see those tender little spots on their bottom!! My son had events such as these, as well as severely chapped cheeks in the Fall & Winter. The best stuff I ever found was Aquaphor. The Pediatrician suggested it - it's often used by Pharmacists as a compounding matter for diabetic wounds, burns, you name it. It is not irritating like the diaper rash ointments are, so it doesn't burn when placed on raw skin. It comes in a tub - small or large. I think the large one cost nearly $20 - but it's lasted us for years. Great for everything - dry hands,feet, butts, raw noses from colds - you won't regret the purchase. When Clayton's cheeks were chapped, I'd slather it on while he slept. The next morning they'd be almost completely healed!!

Corn starch is not just for making gravy, try it on your little one's fanny. My one grand-daughter has to have it applied every time she gets a diaper rash and it really clears it up. Good luck, she'll love you for it.

My son had it bad when he was a baby. Our pediatrician told us to use Crisco, YES, the kind that you cook with! Your baby's bottom will heal and absolutely no stinging! I just had my daughter in August and we use it for her too. PLUS IT'S CHEAPER THAN ANY OTHER DIAPER RASH PRODUCT!

Good Luck and I hope this helps.

Denise H. Mother of a 3yr. old & a 12 week old.


It could be like a "yeast" infection. I've used Lotrimin AF on my daughters' bottom when she has had the really sore bumps and open "wounds"

It's amazing how quickly it works. My daycare provider suggested it and I did call the doctor to see if it would be okay and they said yes.

If you get it, make sure that it is the regular Lotrimin AF with the orange-ish coloring.

Otherwise call your doctor and see what they think with help.

I can't help you with what caused this, but with my 2 boys I've seen some really bad rashes (my first son loved pineapples and not thinking I let him eat a ton of them - never again)! We've never needed to go the prescription route - what works for us is Triple Paste (expensive, but it lasts forever and is so worth it) you can get this over the counter - I usually get it at Walgreens, but I think I saw it at Target.

I would also not use regular baby wipes right now - just a warm wet wash cloth would be fine. We started making our own wipes (not just to get rid of the chemicals in the fragences of the wipes but also because it's so much cheaper).

We have a large airtight container and cut a roll of Bounty paper towels in half to put in that (I like the select a size) then mix in a bowl 2 cups of water, 2 tablespoons of baby wash and 2 tablespoons of baby oil and dump that over the paper towels. After a minute or so you can just pull out the cardboard core and the wipes pull up from the middle - VERY few rash issues since we've been doing this!

Best of luck to you!

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