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Bleeding Diaper Rash

As I was changing my son (7 months old) tonight right before bedtime, I noticed that all of a sudden he has a major diaper rash. So bad, in fact, that it was even raw and bleeding in one spot. Poor little guy cried so hard as I cleaned him up and put on Desetin. I changed him about 2 hours before this diaper change and he was fine. Could this sudden rash be due to the new fruit (prunes) we introduced to him yesterday and today? We didn't overload him with the prunes - just one container over yesterday and today.
More important - is it OK to put rash cream on open skin? I want to be more prepared at the next diaper change. I read another line of questions where cornstarch was recommended for bad diaper rash. I don't have any cornstarch in the house, but will run out to get some first thing in the morning if that is OK for open skin.
Any help you can offer this first time mom is much appreciated. I don't want to make him cry again.

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Thank you everyone! This is all great advice. I am particularly thankful to all of you who empathized wiht my situation, recognize that every child is different, and encouraged me to forgive myself for feeding my baby a new fruit! :-) Josh's cute little hiney is healing very nicely! No more crying! We are avoiding the wipes and are applying a super thick cream (Lanispetic is that it is called I think). I had an appointment for Josh at his Pediatrician so I threw in my concerns about his diaper rash and she thought the rash was healing nicely and did not prescribe anything further. Oh - thanks for all the baby wipe recipes also! I'm going to give those a try!
Thanks again everyone! I truly appreciate all for your help AND I love mamasource! I just don't know what I would do without all of you! Have a beautiful day!
- C.

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Hi C.,
The best thing I have found for diaper rash like this is Questran & Aquaphor. It is available only by prescription. It is mixed at the pharmacy. But it most generally heals a terrible diaper rash after the first couple of applications. In the mean time it is ok to keep using the desitin on the open skin. Good luck!

whatever type of barrier cream you use on the skin remember this- don't wipe it all off with each diaper change. It's meant to keep the skin underneath dry so wiping it all off just rubs the skin raw again.

Is he teething? Whenever my son was teething he would always get a bad rash like the one you discribed. We would put A&D ointment on along with baby powder or cornstarch to help keep it dry. This was the only thing that we could get to work. Desetin did nothing. Hope this helps!

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No real need to panic. My daughter gets this kind of rash when teething. She got her first one about the same age as your son. I took her in, because being a frist time mommy, I freaked! I was told to put Lotrimin AF (Anti-fungual) cream on it 2-3 times a day (especially after BM). Put baking soda in a bath and let him sit there for as long as he wants. Then let him air dry. My daughter (who is now 14 months) just got one the other day, and Lotrimin wasn't really clearing it up. Took her back in (3 molars all came in at the same time!) and TA-DA different doctor told me the SAME exact thing. It has cleared up wonderfully in 3 days withe about 3 hours of air time in total each day.
She did give us prescription for a thick heavy salve, which I'm told is very similar to the Butt Paste brand... put that on thick 3 times a day and you should see results.
Good luck!!!

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I have to agree with the first gal who says any open bleeding rash should be seen by a doctor.

My sister's son had that type of rash for quite a while and her pediatrician recommended something called "bag balm" which I seem to remember is in the Pet Dept (!) at Wal-mart. (This has been a few years, I may be fuzzy on that detail. Try the pharmacy first LOL). It worked miracles for them.

My son is going through this again right now. I use the original desitine...the really sticky one. You can use it over the broken skin. My son is two and he asks for it when his butt is sore, so I don't think it stings to put it on broken skin. It also really helps to just use a warm wet washcloth instead of wipes. The wipes really burn their sore little butts. It makes a little more laundry, but it is worth it to not hear them scream while you are changing them.


I remember those days - heartbreaking to see those tender little spots on their bottom!! My son had events such as these, as well as severely chapped cheeks in the Fall & Winter. The best stuff I ever found was Aquaphor. The Pediatrician suggested it - it's often used by Pharmacists as a compounding matter for diabetic wounds, burns, you name it. It is not irritating like the diaper rash ointments are, so it doesn't burn when placed on raw skin. It comes in a tub - small or large. I think the large one cost nearly $20 - but it's lasted us for years. Great for everything - dry hands,feet, butts, raw noses from colds - you won't regret the purchase. When Clayton's cheeks were chapped, I'd slather it on while he slept. The next morning they'd be almost completely healed!!

Corn starch is not just for making gravy, try it on your little one's fanny. My one grand-daughter has to have it applied every time she gets a diaper rash and it really clears it up. Good luck, she'll love you for it.

My son had it bad when he was a baby. Our pediatrician told us to use Crisco, YES, the kind that you cook with! Your baby's bottom will heal and absolutely no stinging! I just had my daughter in August and we use it for her too. PLUS IT'S CHEAPER THAN ANY OTHER DIAPER RASH PRODUCT!

Good Luck and I hope this helps.

Denise H. Mother of a 3yr. old & a 12 week old.


It could be like a "yeast" infection. I've used Lotrimin AF on my daughters' bottom when she has had the really sore bumps and open "wounds"

It's amazing how quickly it works. My daycare provider suggested it and I did call the doctor to see if it would be okay and they said yes.

If you get it, make sure that it is the regular Lotrimin AF with the orange-ish coloring.

Otherwise call your doctor and see what they think with help.

I can't help you with what caused this, but with my 2 boys I've seen some really bad rashes (my first son loved pineapples and not thinking I let him eat a ton of them - never again)! We've never needed to go the prescription route - what works for us is Triple Paste (expensive, but it lasts forever and is so worth it) you can get this over the counter - I usually get it at Walgreens, but I think I saw it at Target.

I would also not use regular baby wipes right now - just a warm wet wash cloth would be fine. We started making our own wipes (not just to get rid of the chemicals in the fragences of the wipes but also because it's so much cheaper).

We have a large airtight container and cut a roll of Bounty paper towels in half to put in that (I like the select a size) then mix in a bowl 2 cups of water, 2 tablespoons of baby wash and 2 tablespoons of baby oil and dump that over the paper towels. After a minute or so you can just pull out the cardboard core and the wipes pull up from the middle - VERY few rash issues since we've been doing this!

Best of luck to you!

yes it's from the prunes probably making him go a little easier, maybe the acid in the fruit too. But watch out that the bad diaper rash doesn't turn into a yeast. That happened to my son when he was about 8 month old when he was teething. His saliva was very acidic from the teething and we ended up having with the Dr giving us a Rx for a yeast to get rid of it, and it burned when we first put it on cause he was so raw, but after a couple applications, it worked like a charm....poor little guys!! Hope this helps...

Hi C.....ouch! Isn't it so sad to see those beautiful little butts look so icky? We had one really bad strech of diaper rash with my middle guy (now 3) and our peditrician recommended we use Bacitracin (sp?) and then put a layer of A&D Ointment over it (so it didn't stick to the diaper.) It cleared it up in couple of hours....I was amazed and how much better it worked then any of the diaper rash creams I tried (and I tried alot of them!) She also recommended putting just plain Vasline on their butts before bath to coat it before going into the tub so the rash doesn't sting. Only problem with that is that they are really slippery in the tub...so hang on. Good luck and here is to beautiful butts again :)

My son gets diaper rash out of the blue like this too. Luckily it clears up pretty quickly though. It does sound like the prunes may have had something to do with it. Some of the more acidic fruits can be irritating. I would stick with bananas or pumpkin (things that aren't so acidic or citrusy) for now.

When my son's bottom gets irritated, I stop using wet wipes and switch to a very soft paper towel and water to clean him. I use desitin even if he has some open areas. It seems to provide the best protective barrier. You could probably use neosporin on the area too, but ask your doctor first.

Also, when my son's rash seems to be really raw and uncomfortable for my son, I give him a warm bath and sprinkle some baking soda in the water before I put him in.


Yes cornstarch works wonders!!!! When my little one had a bleeding diaper rash my sister said that my mother, who has past, had told her to use cornstarch. So I tried it and with in a day or so it was gone. Every time she gets a diaper rash or any type of rash down there I use the cornstarch.

Good Luck

My little girls has very sensitive skin, and we have had quite a few times these things have popped up between changes, especially when introducing new foods - tomatos and anything citrus, and then also cherries got her. Also, sometimes juice, even watered down apple juice.

We found this miracle butt cream that we love and still use now ( she is almost 2), called Triple Paste it is Fregrance Free and Hypoallergenic, sold in 2 oz. tubes fo rht ediaper bag, and 8 ox. or 1 lb. jars. I find mine at Target. For some reason, it worked much better for us than Desitin or Balmex, if they are really sore, I put it by the heater vern to get it really soft and runny, and warm, then it is easier to apply without "pulling" as you try to spread it. Also, sometimes even the Triple paste seemed notto help, in that case we used old fashioned A&D Ointment, the kind that is like petroleum jelly - not the one with added zinc oxide, the one without.

Also, from the start, she as sensitive to commercial wipes, even the sensitive kind....we have only been able ot use the Parents Choice Brand of Sensitive wipes for the last few months, in fact, and then if we use them continually, she will still get red. So anyway, I have always made our own wipes. It is wonderful - money saving, and so gentle on the little bottoms - Homemade Baby Wipes.

Homemade wipes:

Buy a rubbermaid container (or two - with newborns 10 diapers a day, it is nice to have one on each floor of the house!) - I got mine at Walmart - 3 qt. Servin Saver Stackable. (some of the Large Sized plastic Coffee cans would work too, after being washed out - for a free/recycled option)

Buy Bounty Extra Soft or Viva paper towels in bulk.

Take a big serrated Bread-cutting knife or electric knife, and cut the paper towel roll in half so you have two shorter rolls.

Place one half in each canister (you may want to brush off some of the "fuzzies" /lint from cutting, into the garbage first).

Take a 2 C or bigger measuring cup (get a cheapo you dedicate to this) and a Tablespoon (dedicated too) - measure out 2 Tablespoons of Baby Wash, and 1 Tablespoon of Baby Oil, and pour them in the bottom of the cup, then fill it with 2 cups of warm water - stir up the ingredients with the measuring spoon. Then pour this over one of the paper towel rolls in the canister. Put the lid on, and let it absorb....to start the roll, pull out the cardboard center - there you have it!

1/2 roll paper towels
2T Baby Wash
1T Baby Oil
2C warm water

I have been using this on CJ for two years now - when we use these, she almost NEVER has a diaper rash.

In two years, we have only used up maybe 25 rolls of paper towels, and only 6 bottles of baby wash, and 3 of baby oil - VERY CHEAP - much cheaper than buying wipes! For short traveling, we would just tear off a bunch and throw them in a ziploc, and for long distance, just ake one of the canisters full!

Hope this helps you!


My daughter had a diaper rash with 2 little open sores on her bottom. I usually use Butt Paste but that wasn't working to heal it so I had called the nurse's line and she told me to stop using wipes (use something soft like a washcloth) and she had told me to use A & D ointment instead - it doesn't sting and coats it really well. Make sure the area is dry before applying the ointment. Hope this helps. As to why he got the rash I can't say - that rash my daughter had was the 1st one she ever had!

Hi C.,
The best thing I have found for diaper rash like this is Questran & Aquaphor. It is available only by prescription. It is mixed at the pharmacy. But it most generally heals a terrible diaper rash after the first couple of applications. In the mean time it is ok to keep using the desitin on the open skin. Good luck!

whatever type of barrier cream you use on the skin remember this- don't wipe it all off with each diaper change. It's meant to keep the skin underneath dry so wiping it all off just rubs the skin raw again.

I don't know about putting cream on an open sore but I do know that you definitely don't want to use baby wipes, use paper towels soaked in warm water that will help with the irritation too.

Poor little guy.... we deal with this issue often in our house. My two toddlers love fruits, but sometimes, we get just a little too much, and the next thing I know we have sore bottoms. I use Mylanta and apply it with cotton balls if the rash is red and inflamed. If it is open, I use triple antibiotic ointment, this helps it clear up quickly. And my new favorite cream is by A&D it is a barrier plus zinc white and blue tube, and our last flare up was cut in half. We also do lots of warm baths, and use wash cloths instead of wipes when the bottom is sore, the wipes sting their bottoms.

Best of luck to you, I would recommend going really slowly with the fruits, especially those that help the through put, citrus and acidy fruits also. because it can leave their little bottoms raw.

Don't panic. With my kids, when we tried a new fruit and they had a reaction to it (i.e., bad diaper rash, burn like diaper rash) it was my first clue that they couldn't handle that fruit. I would wait awhile to try that one again. As for the diaper rash, I have always used A&D, I found it worked much better then destin on my kids. Also, anti-fungal cream was good on really bad rashes.

Is he teething? Whenever my son was teething he would always get a bad rash like the one you discribed. We would put A&D ointment on along with baby powder or cornstarch to help keep it dry. This was the only thing that we could get to work. Desetin did nothing. Hope this helps!

This happened to my son as well..... I do recommend the cornstarch. I use Johnson's baby powder with cornstarch myself. it works better then diaper rash cream. Also, if it persists, it my be a type of yeast infection(which is more common then people think). and you might need a cream for that. so i would see your pediatrician if it gets worse and nothing else helps. Hope your son's bum feels better!

First off don't panic and don't rush him to the doctor. This happens from time to time. It is okay to put rash cream on it. If it is not better in a day or two call your clinic and see what they say. Sometimes my son gets very bad diaper rash and my pediatricion recommended putting athleths foot cream (Clormatrizol) on it and then rash cream of your choice, I like A&D. A warm bath would probably feel good on his bottom. It might be related to the prunes or he might be starting to teeth. The next time you try prunes I would put rash cream on first as a barrier, also don't use wipes that will burn. good luck! He will be fine:)

Personally I didn't like Desitin. My kids cried when I put it on and/or it didn't clear up the diaper rash very good. I used A&D. Worked GREAT! I even used it on daycare kids when I was a child care provider in my home. The desitin wasn't working so I used the A&D, within 1-2 days of using A&D the diaper rash was cleared up. You could also use vasaline, it just acts like a moisture barrier to keep the pee and poop from the baby's bottom and gives it time to heal.

Once in awhile, my 2nd son would get a rash that the A&D wouldn't heal, that is when I used the anti-fungal cream (the same stuff used for athlete's foot.) It was a type of a yeast infection that was the same type of infection as athlete's foot.

WHen my 2nd son was in diapers, I kept both in the house at all times! We still actually have some A&D in the house that one of my sons use occasionally when he doens't wipe his own bottom very well and it gets a little sore. I also have a friend that her husband sometimes used to get chaffing on his inner upper thighs in winter, he would put A&D on it to help it heal and clear up. WORKS GREAT for many things!!!

P., mother to 3 (9, 7, 3)
1st time Gestational Surrogate due Jan 09!!!

My daughter had this problem and I called the peditrician's office and they recomended Triple paste. It is a bit expensive but it works wonders. In fact I quite useing desetin, it never seems to clear it up.

The triple past can make even the worst diaper rash so much better than any other that I tried in a day or so rather than a few days. My daughter was alo bleeding in some and I too felt so bad as I cleaned her up. The doctor's office also said to stop using baby wipes until it was better. The wipes can actually make the bleeding worse as it pulls on the skin. A warm wash cloth would be better.

I asked the doctor's office why they recomended this one, their response was because it is one step away from a prescription kind.

I found it at walmart in the baby section. Sometimes can find it over the counter at the pharmacy but may have to ask them for it.

Good luch nad I hope it gets better.

I like a combination of Boudroeux's butte paste and plain corn starch. It clears diaper rash up quick. It is so hard when that pops up so quickly. Good luck. It will clear up soon.

Try lightly browing flour in a pan and then when it cools, put it on the rash. It works like magic. This is a remedy my great grandma used and it worked for me even when triple paste didn't. Good luck!

I have a son who is now 22 months and this spring he got a diaper rash so bad it blistered and was bleeding. I took him to the Dr. and she told me not to use diaper rash cream. What is causing the blistering and bleeding is called a yeast type of infection. The best way to get rid of it quickly is use Lotromin cream. You can get it at Walgreens. Put a good a mount of it on and with in a day or 2 you will notice a big difference.

-Amanda - mom of three (2 - girls and a boy)

We discovered Triple Paste (used in conjunction with powder) when my first son had a bleeding rash (from rotavirus). It worked really well, and now we use it on my second son whenever there is a *hint* of rash coming, and after one application, his little bum is clear by the next diaper change. Good luck...those rashes are the worst!

I guess the first thing that comes to my mind is to stick him in a nice, soothing bath, for a really long time! My babies have loved baths, so that's easy for me to say--and it's been great for their bottoms. Then I'd give him some good naked time, as much as possible, put him somewhere a little pee won't hurt, so that the open sore can scab over and be a little more protected. I don't know much about cornstarch or any other methods; we used desetin and it didn't work great; we've had more luck with Aveeno and Burt's Bees and I've heard great things about Bordeaux's Butt Paste (I'm sure I didn't spell that right). Did he fuss when you put it on the first time? If not, it's probably not hurting him...even Vaseline would help, until you get an answer you can go with! Good luck! Oh--and I'd say definitely a change in diet; my 2nd baby has had mild diaper rash from things that have surprised me, too.

I know one thing that made a HUGE difference in treating diaper rash for us was waiting until baby's skin is DRY from the wipes before applying any ointment! I also think that every baby's skin responds diffently to the diffent ointments. FOr example, Desitin creamy worked great for our daughter (as long as skin was dry!), but my cousin said it didn't work at all for her twins (same age). Good Luck! SOmetimes the peds will write a prescription if the rash is severe for more than a couple days. Do not beat yourself up--this happens to pretty much every new mom (and the older ones too!!!)

The things that people have written about rashes are great. However, I just wanted to say that the doctor had told me to put an antibiotic ointment, like Neosporin, on the open spot so it doesn't get infected.

Corn starch or corn starch powder is not recommended for babies any more. If they breath in the powder they don't have the little hairs in their nose to block the powder and can cause choking. I ued it on my kids years ago and everything was fine. But many ideas have changes since my kids were babies. My youngest is 17.
I also used Neosporian ointment then covered it with A&D ointment for really bad diaper rash. It helped a lot. The prunes may have caused a bit of diarrha (sp) and that caused a more acid bowel movement. Try the ointments I sugested and see how he does, watch how he reacts with any fruit. Prunes may be too much for his little body.

I'm a day care provider and mom of three, so I've seen a lot of little bottoms and a fair amount of diaper rash. And one thing I've noticed is that kids respond really differently to diaper rash products. My kids always screamed and cried if Desitin so much as touched their tender little butts. I used to use Vaseline when the rash first appeared, to protect the skin from getting irritated more, and that helped a lot. Then I discovered Butt Paste and adore it. It works wonders on 95% of the diaper rashes I see. Every once in a while, there's a really bad one where I use the Desitin Creamy (it seems a little less irritating than the original) or just Vaseline (especially if it's open, since that's got nothing that will irritate an open sore). So if you've got Vaseline, I'd give that a try since it can't hurt and you can save yourself a trip to the store. Otherwise I would recommend investing in Butt Paste, since it's very effective and never irritates skin.
As far as the cause, it's hard to say. Very acidic poop can cause it, but that can have food and non-food causes. Also if he pooped during the night then sat in it for a while, that can lead to it. But I doubt it's as simple as just the prunes. Probably just some unfortunate coincidences. I hope it's better soon!

Changes in diet can certainly change the PH of the poop and cause diaper rash. After you heal his poor butt you may want to keep a protrectant on with each diaper change.

My son got the worst diaper rashes I've ever seen. He would quickly get those open sores with bleeding. Once a bunch of the little eraser size spots merged into a huge sore. I would always take him in and only once was the rash a yeast type. And it was quite different than this.

It's fine to put diaper creme on the sores. What you want to do is but a barrier on to prevent the skin from getting damaged further. Zinc Oxide is a wonderful barrier. The highest content I can find is in regular Desitin. Our doctor told us to put it on him like frosting. Usually this alone did the trick after a couple days. Baths can really feel painful to the open sores, so I would be careful of that. My son SCREAMED when I tried it. Other barriers are Vaseline (put this is petroleum based, so I do not like that idea), Aquaphor, Bag Balm. I've tried all the other fancy diaper cremes, but I always came back to Desitin. I think each child reacts differently to them though.

One thing I tried and I do believe it helped, was using Antacid on the butt! The Pediatrician said in the NICU they would use it around feeding tubes to neutralize the acid. I would use a cotton swap and lightly dab on his butt and let it dry. Then apply the barrier. I know, crazy! But I would do anything for him and his sore butt.

Of course if it gets worse or does not go away, take him in to have it looked at! Good luck!

We have a old pharmisist (SP?) in the family (a great uncle) who would make diaper rash ointment that worked wonders. I use to think that the store bought ointments were the best until one of my daughters had the kind of rash your little one has. I was desperate and willing to try anything. My mom whipped me up a batch and the rash was completely cleared with several treatments, except for the bleeding part - which took the normal healing time for a scap.

Here is the recipe-
Mix a good glop of Vasoline with enough corn starch to make a smooth paste. Use every time you change a diaper until the rash and scab is completely gone.

The Vasoline protects the skin from further rashes and the corn startch dries out the current rash.

The same thing happened to my son and I called his doctor. Their office said any time they have open sores on their rears, they need to be seen. This is because it could just be a regular diaper rash or a sign of an infection. They can evaluate it and recommend something based on the way it looks.

Hi C.,
Poor little baby, ouchy hinders are no fun.
It sounds like he has a yeast type infection. The pharmacist my husband works with recommended using an anti-fungal ointment that has been our cure-all.
Our combination of the "miracle cure" is this:
don't use commercial wipes, use soap and water, wait until his bottom is completely dry, then put a layer of clotrimazole cream (1%) and on top of that a layer of Triple Paste.
Within a day usually the soreness and pain is gone as is most if not all the diaper rash. We have been using this for the last 4 years and two kids.
I like the idea of one of the other moms who responded with a recipe on making your own wipes, what a great cost savings idea!!
Good luck with the diaper rash, hang in there.

Ouchie :(
The best stuff that I found for such awful diaper rashes is called "Caldesine" and can be purchased at Walgreens. It's a powder so you don't have to touch the sores. I find it in the baby aisle, always on the bottom shelf. It's a pink bottle about 6 in. high. It really is the most wonderful stuff out there. My eldest had this kind of rash, and it really helped clear it up so quickly...it was awesome!

Just an added note that you might want to do some testing for food allergies. I wish I had done them much earlier with my first son. I could have spared him many sore rear-ends. Turns out he is allergic to milk and tree nuts, with a cross over sensitivity to "pitted fruit" which causes a very sore rear-end for him. Son #2 is allergic to eggs - would have taken me a long time to figure out that one on my own - it's in so many things and is often used to make bread shiney on the crust.

Once I got their little "rears" cleared up (I used triple antibiotic ointment,then chap stick to maintain). Chap stick is the greatest rear protector - goes on thick and stays on for a while - also you don't have to get your fingers all greasy. :)

Hi....actually you would be surprised how common your son's diaper rash really is!

Desitin is like the god of diaper rash! I used it on my son and he just turned 31 this month :) So it has been around a while. It is fine to put on raw diaper rash and if you noticed it actually takes the sting away. Its so painful even to look at their poor rears like that.

And yes it most definately could be the prunes as you will see when you introduce many new foods. My grandson just turned 2 and he had to be the most sensitive...diaper rash... child around.

He has pretty much grown out of that now and is all loving vharming boy.

Hope this helps and my advice to you is enjoy them now as much as you are able...they grow sooooo fast

I have four kids and all have had a bad rash with bleeding but, I tell you the one thing that took it away with in 24hrs and my kids felt better with is poop goop and your Dr. has to write a perscription for it. It is wonderful and I swear by it.

Hi C..
The same thing happened to my little guy when he was about the same age. We found that he was very sensitive to wipes and diapers with any chemical/chlorine/gel in them. It may be a food allergy too but we did the following which completely healed his sore little bottom and he hasn't had an issue since (our son is now 2 1/2). Weleda diaper cream is a miracle cream and you can use it on open sores. You can get it at Lakewinds or Whole Foods. We also use their entire line of bath/lotion products.
We also switched to using none clorine wipes and diapers. I recommend Tushies wipes and Seventh Generation diapers. The Tushies wipes are moist so you don't have to rub too much to get their bottoms clean. Seventh Generation diapers aren't as absorbent as pampers or huggies but they also don't have any harsh chemicals/gels in them that was causing some of the problem with our little guy. We just change him a little more often and double dipe at night. You can get both of these at Lakewinds. Baby's R us also sell the Seventh Generation diapers and at the best price I've found anywhere.
Good luck and don't hesitate to email me if you have any other questions. I know how hard it is to see your little one in so much pain.

I can't help you as far as what caused the rash, but after my son was born he had the same kind of rash and the nurses told me to wash out my diaper wipes with warm water before I used them. I guess there are chemicals that will irritate the rash further, and washing them out will get most of it out. Along with that and Desetin it should clear up in a few days.
Good Luck.

Our pediatrician recommended Triple Paste. It worked when nothing else did. It's a pricey cream, but completely worth it. We also switched to chlorine free baby wipes. I don't think I'd put cornstarch on open skin.

My son had this as well. You need to call your pediatrician and hopefully they can help you over the phone, which is how we handled it. I hate going in for every little thing.
First of all, when there is a rash, DO NOT USE WIPES, use a warm wash cloth. Our doctor prescribed Nystatin. It cleared it up immediately. You can also use jock itch cream, but I would talk to your doc about that first.
The very best is to stop using the wipes while there is an irritation, and maybe go free willy as long as possible.
Ask about the Nystatin though.
Good luck!

C. - our daughter got severe diaper rash whenever she was teething. We used a cream called Triple Paste. It is quite expensive, but well worth the money. It immediately cleared up her diaper rash. You can find Triple Paste at Target and Walgreens.

Good luck.

Any open bleeding diaper rash needs to be seen by a doctor. Take him to urgent care today.


Abover is the website for Paladin Cream. When nothing else seemed to work, this thick cream stayed in place when my daughter's bottom was so broke out it bled :( There is also an ingredient in there that helps desensitize, so the pain isn't so terribly bad....Good luck!

Just keep cleaning well and make sure it dries well before putting on cream and new diaper. He will cry but its not your fault. Change him often especially after BM. My son has gotten a few bleeding diaper rashes and you don't need to go to urgent care unless it doesn't get better at all in a day or so. A hair dryer can work to dry it (I've heard) and make sure to just pat, not wipe. It could be from prunes but I'm not sure. Was anything else changed like diaper brand, wipes, etc?

He probably already had a diaper rash going on but you didn't notice it. Or if he pooped right after you changed him last and you didn't notice, that could've been enough to give him such a horrible rash.
Instead of wipes use water to clean him. Do not rub! This will make it worse for him. I use warm water and tissues. Basically I use the wet tissue to pat the bottom. I repeat until all fecal matter is washed down. Then I dry the bottom before putting on the diaper cream. I like Aquafor. They told me that it was okay to use on open skin.
Talk to your son throughout the whole thing to reassure him this is only temporary.

Teething can cause diaper rashes to come on fast and strong but if you started with a new kind of diaper, it could be that also. I noticed with my granddaughter that when we used certain brands of diapers and pullups she will get rashes even though she isn't left in wet pants. We quit using those brands and we haven't had trouble with them since.

My granddaughter also loves corn starch and asks for it even though she doesn't have a diaper rash, must be the cool softness of it. She is 2 and not yet potty training.

I don't think I would put any diaper cream on a bleeding sore. Do you have any aloe vera? Or coconut oil? You do need something to protect the wound because urine will really sting him.
One thing I ALWAYS keep on hand is Evening Primrose Creme by Burt's Bees. It heals severe diaper rash in hours. More importantly, it doesn't sting or have harsh ingredients.

Did you change diaper brand, if so it could be an allergic reaction. If not, then maybe the poop was against his skin too long or it could be the prunes that made the poop a little looser causing the diaper rash. Wash his butt off in the tub and pat it dry or let it air dry. Try not to use the wipes because it may make it worse by rubbing it. Apply a think layer of diaper rash cream followed by a thick layer of vaseline. Vaseline creates a barrier so the diaper cream can work. I hope he gets better soon!

Definitely don't use wipes right now - use a soft wash cloth with warm water on it to clean his bottom. My son used to get diaper rash that bad - especially when he was teething. I used Boudreaux's Butt Paste and that worked the best - better than Desetin. I also put corn starch over the butt paste. Good Luck!

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