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Bleeding After a D&C

I had a D&C 17 days ago (because of a missed miscarriage). I had light bleeding for 6 or 7 days, then stopped, then maybe 5 days after that, I had some bleeding for less than one day, then stopped again. Now today I have cramps and looks like old blood, but not much. Is this a complication or am I getting my period? I know it can take even up to 8 weeks before you get your period again. What is every one's experience who's had this done? I hope nothing is wrong.

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I bled for a long time, very heavy and clots. You should have a follow up visit soon though? You can always call the dr.

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I just had a D & C myself on December 3rd. I bled lightly for 2 1/2 weeks. If you have brown blood now that is old blood from the D & C not your period. My doctor advised me that I might see that. That is normal. He told me that with a D & C they do not take all the tissue out because that will leave scar tissue. Instead they break up the tissue as much as they can and your uterus does the rest of the work. He had me take a blood test last week to see if I still have tissue left. I did not get the results yet. Ask your doctor to take this test. It is important if you want to try to have another baby. On New Years Eve I just got my period. It is my normal blood flow like my normal periods. Any of my friends that got D & C's got their period 2 to 4 weeks after the D & C. If it takes more than 2 months you should consult your doctor.

I bled for a long time, very heavy and clots. You should have a follow up visit soon though? You can always call the dr.

Call your doctor. When a D&C is done they can't see what they are scraping. I had something similar happen a long time ago and had to have it redone plus I waited too long and developed an infection so I had to go on antibiotics for over a month. I am not saying this is the case with you, but it is better to be safe than sorry, as I learned the hard way.

i bled for a year striaght the did a d+c when i was 16 in the office ilegaly but like i said i was 16 and didnt know any better and they but me on 2 different birth control pills to stop it and the shot didnt work nothing did until the actual first year anerversery i hope that doesnt happen to you but i felt like i should have stock in pads and tampons lol. not really funny but i did get some cramping relife with lots of motrin.

Hi T.,

When I had a D&C it took about six weeks for my period to return. I had several weeks of bleeding and large clots passing. I would say call you doc just to be sure that it is normal, but I would say that if you do not have a fever you should be ok. Good luck!

This could be normal after the procedure (I had it done, and so did several friends, co-workers) but you should DEFINATELY call your dr. as soon as you have any questions, concerns. That's what they are paid for! Don't worry about bothering them. Another source I always found very helpful, is my insurance company offers a 24-hr nurse hotline 800#. Most offer this, call the 800# on the back of your card and ask them if they have this. I've used this for questions for myself, my daughter and my mother (who is not even on my insurance plan). And they document the concern and even do a follow-up call a few days later.
I wish you a very HEALTHY New Year!!

T., I would recommend heading to the doctor's ASAP, just to be safe.


You didn't mention why you had the D&C in the first place..... If you are approaching middle age, and may be starting your change, the initial bleeding could have been because of your hormones being all out of whack, anda if that's the case, then a D&C doesn't always fix the problem.

When I first started my change, I had my period for 9-1/2 weeks. They tried giving me hormone therapy, but it didn't help. Then I had a D&C, which stopped the bleeding for 4 days, and then it started right in again.
I finally ended up having to have a partial hysterectomy, where they removed my uterus in order to stop the bleeding. So, if you had the D&C initially because of bleeding, and may be approaching the age when menopause starts, then I would check with your doctor as soon as possible if the bleeding continues.

Dear T.,

I had a D&C a long time ago so I cannot remember how long I bleed. I would think if something was wrong it would be bright red blood the fact that it looks like old blood could mean it is still from the procedure or you are getting a period. Just so you feel better I would ask the doctor, I am sure each situation is different so I think to put your mind at ease he or she is the best person to ask. Good luck and happy new year!!

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