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Bites/welts on My Baby!

My daughter woke up yesterday from her nap with a HUGE welt on her cheek with several surrounding little bumps. It looked horrible! She had a couple of other places too. It seemed to be getting redder by the minute so we headed to the emergency room not really knowing what else to do. By the time we got there, it was completely gone. She woke up this morning with a couple of much smaller similar bites and then again from her nap this afternoon. I have completely stripped her bed, changed the sheets. Of course changed her clothes. I have searched high and low and can't find any sign of any kid of bug at all!?!? The welts seem to appear about 5 minutes after she wakes up and are gone within the hour. Has anyone had a similar experience? I'm not going to let her sleep in there tonight, but she can't sleep in our room forever. What do I do?

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I finally figured out it was tied to her feeding not the bed. I am strictly breastfeeding right now and all I can guess is that it was something I had eaten. She was getting smaller bites/bumps at every feeding and this last time, nothing. I've taken pictures and have put myself on a "don't eat anything I had eaten during that period" diet. Thanks so much for the responses!

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Do you have pets? It could be fleas. Even if they are indoor animals. My husband had this awful welt like thing he had gotten bit by a spider. We have orkin come out every other month. You wouldn't believe the big huge spiders that have crawled out dead after being sprayed. So it could be spiders too. Hope this helps!

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Do you have pets? It could be fleas. Even if they are indoor animals. My husband had this awful welt like thing he had gotten bit by a spider. We have orkin come out every other month. You wouldn't believe the big huge spiders that have crawled out dead after being sprayed. So it could be spiders too. Hope this helps!

A., there is a spray that you can get from walmart or any other place that is a bedding spray to prevent and get rid of the bed bugs. that is what is sound like. although it could be little spiders. i suggest replacing the mattress and using the spray regularly.

It could be a number of things. The best thing to do..since they go away by the time you get her to the Hospital..is take pictures and make an appt with the PED and bring the pictures with you.

do u have a dog or cat? Could be flea bites, My girls have had a simialar exp. to that, but we do have 2 dogs and found out it was fleas, so we had to buy a special spray from the vet and spray our beds and all.. Also, she could possibly have some kind of allergic reaction to something in the room as well.. I would dust all things in room, clean her bed sheets and bed clothes with a gentle detergent. Also, you might eventally want to talk to your ped. about this if the problem dont get solved, she could have some kind of allergy that you might not have even thought of. Hope things go well! Good luck!

Hey A.--

Have you been on vacation in he past month or so? It could be bed bugs. When my youngest son was 5 months old we went to The Smokie Mountians and stayed in a really nice hotel and a month after we got back I found bites on him and he would wake up in the middle of the night screaming. I then found this little black tiny balls around the egde of his dust ruffle of his crib and then found these red looking bugs filled with blood. I thought they were ticks and stripped his crib washed his sheets and cloths in HOT water. I thought I was doen with them when about a month later I found them again and called in Wilson's Pest control. He took the bug to the lab and told me they were bed bugs. He got them from the hotel we stayed at I had to throw out EVERYTHING in his room and start ALL over again. We had to completely exterminate his room also. What you need to do to make sure it is not bed bugs is check in the creases of the sheets--if there is a dust ruffle check that and check in the sides of the mattress. Also you can shut the light off and have it really dark in her room for about 20 minutes and turn the light on and look to see if anything is on her mattress--Bed bugs are not harmful they do not carry any diease they are just like mosiqutoes they feed of of bllod. I hope this helps.

I just got home from the doctor with a similar issue. Has your daughter been sick recently? My 11 month old has viral hives. They come and go. My doctor said that they can come up anywhere from 24 hours to 4-6 weeks after a child has been sick. We've been using Benadryl to keep them away. I'd also consider bed bugs or the possible allergy to a detergent you're using. I hope it clears up soon!

Hey A., my son had little bites on him but not welps. Um... the doctor told me he had baby eczema and told me to put an oitment on him at night when he wears those nightgowns that look like dresses. You know what Im talking about. The oitment i used is gentle anturals baby eczema cream and then when he woke up in the morning I put aveeno lotion with no scent on him. Also they told me to only give him a bath every 3 days not everyday or other day and to use selsun blue on his skin leave it on for 3 minutes then wash it off. Also they said to use aveeno baby wash too. She could be allergic to the laundry detergent. I also was told to use ALL clear. it has no smell or dyes. I guess try this stuff and see what happens. If that is it feel free to come back and ask any questions

This happened to our now 7 yr old son @ the age of 2. Huge welts on his body but would go away, it took us a week to find out it was eggs, he was allergic. It could be a food, since you are not finding any bugs. If it were bug bites the welts/bite would stay for the day or longer where the bite was. Another mom put to take pics, which sounds great, to show your Ped. Good Luck!


have you changed laundry soap lately...


check around the windows for ants

Could be fleas. That always brought up a reaction in my children. Have you considered allergies? My 14 yr old wakes up during the autumn time with welts. Random welts, or random swelling. Usually a fat upper lip or various parts of his face. We've never identified what he's alergic to. We give him a dose of bendryl and it'll go away. Check w/ your doctor.

I believe that it could have alot to do with her diet, but it also sounds like a big case of she is allergic to dustmites.... Best advice get allergy tests done just to make sure, I cut down on my daughters problem by making sure i dusted,swept, and washed her bedding once a week... Before i dressed my daughter i put her outfit in the drier for 5 to 10 minutes.

While reading this the first thing that came to mind was fleas.
I am allergic to fleas and when I get bit by one I get the same sort of welt with little red bumps. Mine itch really bad as well.
The reaction usually goes away within a couple hours but if I scratch them they stay a few days :(
Other than that -- I would say definatly look into any kind of allergic reaction she might be having. Which could be anything from the soap you are using to wash with or even the fabric of her blanket/sheets.

Good Luck!

My son had the same thing happen to him. I sprayed his room down, sterilized everything, called the exterminator, had the carpets cleaned...He still continued to get them for a while afterwards then it just stopped happening as quickly as it started. He is 2 now and I can't remember the last time it happened. I think he was allergic to something like the laundry detergent, dryer sheets...or something that we were feeding him. It could be some kind of bed bugs, but I would think that would be unlikely given the fact that you have washed everything. Also hives, which come from allergies come and go quickly like you described..."gone within 5 minutes". I hope everything is ok...give your pediatrician a call on Monday, that is what I would do.

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