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Bites or Chicken Pox?

Hi ladies, My oldest daughter is covered with what we thought were bites but now there are so many that I'm wondering if they might be chicken pox. Every day she wakes up with more of them. We thought they might be bed bugs or flea bites but her an my youngest share a bed and the youngest didn't have any on her until today and they look like mosquito bites (only 2 or 3 in one area). My oldest says they itch really bad and they are all over her torso, legs, arms but not really on her neck and none in her hair. She had her vaccine for chicken pox but I know that is no guarentee that she won't get them. Is there any way to tell the difference between bites and pox? Have any of your kids gotten chicken pox after getting the vaccine? Any advice would be great and much appreciated.

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First of all thanks to all of you for sharing your expieriences and advice. I took both my girls to their pediatrician and she said it looks like an allergic reaction to bug bites. It's going to be a LONG summer for us! We are changing bed sheets twice a week right now and keeping both of them covered in benedryl gel and bug repelent. The pediatrician also put my oldest on Zyrtec. Thanks again.

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i would go to the dr like others suggested...to me it sounds like impetigo...i had it as a child..it is similar to chicken pox...i had it on my legs and torso...they are aggravated by sun and warm places....i believe i took an antibotic and had creme for the spots as well..and they itched as well..


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CP, are actual blisters after they form. They hurt and the child is sick. Maybe fleas? Do you own a dog?

My 6yo son got chicken pox last summer even though he had been vaccinated. A milder case I guess but pretty "itchy" for two or 3 days.

My nephew had a similar situation happen to him. My sil took him to the pedi and he said that it was a mild case of chicken pox. After a few days, she began to doubt him and took her son to a dermatologist. He said it was a rash that is common in kids (I can't remember the name), but it can last for a couple of years, off and on. He gave her an ointment to use and it cleared up in no time and luckily never came back. I would at least take her to her pedi, but usually a dermatologist will know more about skin rashes.

I will tell you that chicken pox looks like blisters. If in doubt, I would call a doctor and check. For now, I would take all the sheets and blankets off the bed and wash them.

Sounds like chicken pox to me as well. I have twins, and when they were about 8 months old, they got cicken pox...one was covered, the other only had them on the palms of his hands and the sles of his feet. I was glad they had them early so that we would not go through the constant scratching. Then when they were about 3 1/2, they both got it AGAIN. I am 36 and to this day, I stillhave not had them. Go figure! ust goes to sho that just because you think they are safe from chicken pox...it can still sneak up on you. We did alot of oatmeal baths. Mykids are nw 13 and we still use oatmeal bath but now it is whnthey get into poison ivy!! Good luck, hope it runs its course quickly.

My two oldest had chicken pox. They both had the vaccine and still had it bad. Oatmeal baths helped as well as benadryl. If you use benadryl pills do not use the lotion/ointment at the same time. Has your daughter run a temp? I would call the doctor as well. It could be an allergic reaction to something. Good Luck!

I'd say that warrants a trip to the doctor for sure.

Did you check the bed sheets and under the mattress. Look around the mattress seems for bits of dirt. That would be a sign of bed bugs. Also make sure your kids have a little bug spray on them if they're out at dusk.

Starting in the torso and moving to the arms and legs, sounds like the chicken pox. Since she has had the shot I would get her to the pediatrician. Lots of hugs for her and you. THe older you get them the worse they are. Hopefully since she has had the shot they'll go away faster.
I have heard that at 10 or 11 they give a booster for varicella.

Hi, B.,

While I cannot be sure, it definitely sounds like chicken pox to me. YES, a person can still get them even though they have been innoculated for it.
I remember being innoculated for rubella. I also remember being diagnosed with it after getting the vaccine.
I think she needs to be seen by her dr. and please remember to tell the dr. that you are pregnant and ask if there are precautions you should be taking.

Good luck, and pick up some calamine lotion and also some oatmeal for baths. Both will help with the itching.


About 3 months ago I went through the same thing with my 5 year old. Turns out my 5 year old had strep. Normally strep develops with a fever and sore throat (which my other daughter had). But apparently it can also develop as a rash-like thing that looks like bug bites. I thought she had the chicken pox due to little bite-looking things on her rear, arms, upper legs, torso, and hands. Very itchy. I took her to the pediatrician (had to go in the secret door so as not to expose other kids). Doctor said not chicken pox, must be some kind of bug bite. I washed all her sheets, vacuumed her mattress (even though it has a dust-mite cover), cleaned her carpets. She kept getting more. A few days later I took her back to the doctor when one of her glands in her throat was swollen and my littler one had a fever. The nurse ran a strep test and they both came back positive. Then the doctor looked at my 5 yo's rash again and said, "Oh yeah, that's strep." If my younger daughter hadn't developed strep the typical way, we'd probably still be trying to figure out what was up with my 5 yo so definitely mention strep to your ped. And good luck figuring out what it is.

Fleas LOVE soft, thin, tender skin, so if your children have difrerent skin types, that could make the difference. Our youngest always got the worst of them if we were anywhere near them and it did look like chicken pox.

i would probably have the pediatrician check her. i can't say i have first hand experience with chicken pox--unless you count me having them as a child! i do know that even with the vaccine it doesn't mean that they won't get the chicken pox, it only means that if they do get them that it won't be as bad of a case of them. your description sure sounds like them, but i'm no doctor. if it were me, i would at least call the doctor and talk with a nurse about what is going on. my guess is that they will want to see her. hope this helped a little and hope everyone will be better soon!

Take her to the pediatrician.

this dosent sound like chicken pox it sounds like spider bites or flea bites. It also sounds like it could be mersa call your doctor and get an app

i would go to the dr like others suggested...to me it sounds like impetigo...i had it as a child..it is similar to chicken pox...i had it on my legs and torso...they are aggravated by sun and warm places....i believe i took an antibotic and had creme for the spots as well..and they itched as well..


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