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Birthing Positions in Hospital

I am 38 weeks and 4 days and my baby is measuring in the 98th percentile. I know the ultrasounds at this point are notoriously inaccurate but my doctor is recommending that I have my bag of waters broken next week if nothing happens. I have been planning a natural birth from the beginning so this is frustrating. We are praying I go into labor this week. I was 3cm and 50% effaced on Friday and the baby has definitely dropped so that's progress.

Anyway, my sister had her third at home and he was 9lbs 6oz. She delivered him squatting. Can you do this in the hospital? I'm assuming my doctor will want me on the bed so he can see what's going on but I'm curious if anyone has any advice on positions for big babies. Thanks!

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With my second, the bed was elevated and they dropped the 2nd half of the bed and it was so easy delivering him that way. My SIL hung from a bar and delivered that way. Both were done in hospitals, so around here anyways, they let you deliver how ever is comfortable for you.

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You can deliver in whatever position you want in hospital as long as you are not needing any intervention. In which case they'll probably prop you up in stirrups and go ahead. They should have other birthing equipment such as balls and stools to help. I'm surprised this hasn't been covered in your antenatal classes or hospital registration/check in/orientation. Good luck.

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They cannot stop you from doing anything in the hospital. But if you have an epidural, you won't be able to squat.

If you end up not having an epidural, then no one can stop how you birth. And yes, I understand you want natural... Doesn't always happen as planned.

I planned to have an epidural with my 2nd... It didn't work because of his position... I had them turn it off. If I could do it all again, I wouldn't have even asked for one.

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You do not have to allow your doctor to break your water. You are in charge! I would be concerned about your doctor's rush to intervene before you are even due. I would be concerned that he will rush to other interventions, also. Make sure you are absolutely aware of the implications of having your water broken - you will then need to deliver within a certain number of hours to minimize risk, so you will be at increased risk of all other interventions including C-section.

As others have said, if you don't have an epidural or other complications, you can labor in whatever position you choose. Let this baby come when it is ready. I know several averaged-sized women who have birthed babies over 10 lbs.

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Listen to your body! Take the doctor's opinion, do your own research and help make medical decisions for your own body. If you don't want your water broken, don't let them do it! I gave birth naturally in a hospital and my daughter was 9 lbs 12 oz. I gave birth on my back with the bed elevated. Luckily my doctor said he wouldn't touch me (induce) since I wanted to go natural.

Good luck! You can do this. Your body will go into labor when the baby's lungs are ready and sends the signal to your brain.

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WIth my oldest, I was on my knees with my chest against the propped up bed. With my youngest, I was laying on my side with one leg up and one leg on the bed. My midwife pretty much let me do whatever felt natural and comfortable.

IDK what the Drs allow at your hospital, butyou should definately ask if you can choose your birthing position. Flat on your back may work for you, but you never know until youre ready to push...

Good luck!! :)

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I gave birth standing up (in a slight squat). If someone had told me to get into Lithotomy position, I would have punched them in the face. Or jumped off a roof. ;-)

I recommend the book, "The Birth Partner", for you and your support person/people. It's a simple and solid read.

In our local hospital, the beds are actually set up with handle bars to hold onto while squatting. The staff is trained to allow you to move in a way that assists labor, rather than in a way that is easy for the doctor.

Don't be afraid to advocate for yourself and your birth process.

Good luck, you'll be great!

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You can certainly use any position that works for you in the hospital! By now (at 38 weeks) have you discussed this with your doctor(s)?
Be open and honest about what YOU want and be open to how you can achieve it.
It's OK if the actual birth goes a little differently than the birth you're picturing in your head! lol
The important thing is that you are happy & healthy and that your baby is, too!
And remember, experience and education count for a lot when it comes to birth. Obviously, you trust your doctors, so you should feel comfortable expressing your needs and wants to them. And L&D nurses are a wonderful breed of people! Truly angels.
Best of luck!

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I delivered my son at a hospital, but had a drug free birth. My hopsital had a birthing ball, a tub, a squat bar, etc.
Trust your instincts and don't let your doctor "bully" you into anything. Your body, your baby, you choice!

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