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Birthday Present for 4 Yo Girl

I'm in the midst of trying to find a present for my friend's daughter who will be turning 4 years old this summer. Her daughter loves dresses, princesses, barbies, etc. The hard part about buying her a present is that she seems to have so many toys already (e.g. princess dress up clothes, barbie dolls, purses, barbie cash register, toy laptop, barbie tricycle/scooter, tea party set, books, DVDs). Any ideas?

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Two of my nieces wanted for nothing. It was a challenge to think of anything to give them as gifts. At about 4 years old, I gave them each a charm bracelet (the link kind). For each holiday, my husband and I have picked charms for the bracelet. The oldest one just graduated from high school. The bracelet is meaningful and special to them both.

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Arts/crafts supplies or a beginning Klutz book--something creative always succeeds with 4s, even a new set of Play-Doh (you can never have enough brand-new Play-Doh!)

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I have found the books, "A Princess Primer" and "Fairyopolis" are great books for young girls who are into the princess, etc stuff. These books are along the same lines as "Egyptology", "Dragonology", etc. Good luck!

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I'm partial to gifts with some educational value to them - and since kids love to get stuff in the mail, how about a subscription to a kid's magazine like Highlights or National Wildlife Federation's "Your Big Backyard" (I know, not princessy, but perhaps the fact that it's something in the mail with her name on it will make it interesting)

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Two of my nieces wanted for nothing. It was a challenge to think of anything to give them as gifts. At about 4 years old, I gave them each a charm bracelet (the link kind). For each holiday, my husband and I have picked charms for the bracelet. The oldest one just graduated from high school. The bracelet is meaningful and special to them both.

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Books are always great. You may find Fancy Nancy books or Princess books. I've even found a Fancy Nancy board game that is ages for 5 years old. I'm planning to give this is a little girl who is turning 6 and loves princesses and dressing up. She also has a ton of dolls.

If she gets to play on the computer, you could give her a Reader Rabbit computer game. My daughter has had the preschool version for several years and loves it! My daughter will be turning 5 in July and I'm looking for the Kindergartern version.

Another thing you could try is a gift certificate to a open play at a bounce house company or other activity place. That way it is less clutter around the house.

Hope you find some great ideas!

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I like to give art supplies, such as paints and play dough, big pads of paper and sparkle markers, sidewalk chalk, etc. They have some great children's easels at Ikea, and there are lots of wonderful craft materials at Michael's. Art and craft supplies are so much better for their imaginations than most toys, and help develop concentration and fine motor skills.

My sons used to give their best friends homemade "gift certificates," that would say "This entitles the bearer to one playdate at the zoo, with lunch, on a Saturday to be arranged." Or, "this entitles the bearer to a day at Waterworld, with lunch and inner tubes provided, on a date to be arranged." Needless to say, these were really popular gifts!

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I have found the books, "A Princess Primer" and "Fairyopolis" are great books for young girls who are into the princess, etc stuff. These books are along the same lines as "Egyptology", "Dragonology", etc. Good luck!

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Find out if she enjoys going to the movies. If so, you could give her a movie pass and Ice Age book or coloring book with it. The newest Ice Age Movie is coming out in July and they could take her to see it. The book or color book is the tangible item since 4 yo usually still does not really understand the concept of "gift cards". Most parents welcome book or art supplies no matter how many they already have on hand.

My 4 yo daughter, who loves barbies, princesses, etc. really loves doing art and playing with playdoh...check with the mom, but maybe you could get something like that with an apron to protect her clothes. Another great gift this time of year is sand toys to take to the park...those tend to break down in the sun and need to be replaced. We gave our friends daughte a "beach kit"...bucket and shovel with a cute character towel (we gave Dora) and some other small items. You could add in flip flops, sunglasses and sunscree to complete it. I let me daughter decorate the bucket with Dora stickers and a ribbon to make it fancier.

My daughter also really, really loves the Fancy Nancy books, so if you want to do books, they are fantastic. My friend who is a Kindergarten teacher also recommended the books Pinkalicious and Purplicious...I think there is a new one coming out or it recently came out too.

Email me if you want more ideas...good luck!

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Arts/crafts supplies or a beginning Klutz book--something creative always succeeds with 4s, even a new set of Play-Doh (you can never have enough brand-new Play-Doh!)

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Gymboree Play and Music sells poster kits - one is a princess poster and the other is a pirate poster. They are big posters that you can put on the wall and they come with crayons. I don't remember the exact price but I think they sell for around $18 including tax. If you're interested, you can email me at ____@____.com. I'm not sure where you're located - my sites are in the East Bay (Lafayette, Oakland, El Cerrito).

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As a mother of 5 girls, I can assure you she probably has all things girl! I don't know about others, but I appreciate you wanting to look for something else, knowing what she already has!

What I have found is a blessing is either a subscription to an educational website (pbskids, sprout, noggin, nickjr, webkinz - get permission from the mom) or a game for the home computer that has educational value, while they are playing. My kids have endless things they enjoy on websites I have pre-planned and they can just click the link without surfing (internet filter in place). Another good one for us is outdoor toys, water games, chalk, things to stimulate the imagination.

Good luck to you!


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Whenever I go to a birthday party Im totally the person that buys clothes. And the mothers are always thanking me. If your friends little girl has lots of toys, I'd buy her a couple cute outfits. The Disney Store has lots of cute outfits with princesses on them.

You could try buying her something that would get used up like art supplies or books instead of toys. I'm a book person and think you can never have too many. Or you could look into giving her an "experience" like movie vouchers, zoo passes, etc.

I'm not sure where you live or what your price range is, but a great gift for a girl that she would cherish is something that she can make herself. You might take her or get a gift card for the Build A Bear workshop or someplace like that....

Why not buy books? I think they are a great present.

Give her a doing present. Like going to a pool, a tea party, a trip to someplace she likes to go. The movies with popcorn, the zoo, the Children's Discovery Museum...

I have a similar situation (I have a son, and my best friend has a daughter). She loves doing art projects and that is stuff that gets used up, so she loves getting art supplies or projects. There are are princess color pages that come with fancy paints, etc. You can check it out at either Toys R Us or Target. Good luck!

My 4.5 year old is into princesses and anything pink and frilly. She also loves Polly Pockets! They sell all kinds of different sets (just the little mini polly figures in cars, clothes for them, little scenery, etc.) Very cute.

Hello J.,

My girls turned 4 in Feb. and they are really into princesses. They received Ariel and Sleeping Beauty Bath dolls and LOVE them. They could stay in that bath and play with them forever. Hopefully she does not have them already.


Most kids already have too many toys, but a birthday is still special and one more toy is not going to hurt her. I like the idea of a gift card so she can go shopping for herself. What about a nice inexpensive 'dress up' little purse with a gift card in it? You could even get the purse at the Dollar Tree and she would love it just as much as if you spent big bucks on it. That way you could afford a larget amount on the gift card.

Greetings J.: I have been to several birthday parties of late for young girls. I thought I would share soemthings we have done.
1. A pretty frame they can put their picture in for their room.
2. A bag for the car of things they can do like picture books, stuffed toy, etch a scetch.
3. By far the most enjoyed book on tape they could listen to in the car, or the Disney CD of the songs from the movies. This is really somehing they got excited over.
Good luck and enjoy the adventure. My boys would have been happy with a transformer car to entertain themselves with.
Nana G PS My Granddaughter just reminded me that I give $2.00 bills or silver dollars and no one ever does that but me ( I am so much cooler than I knew) and she says that its the bestest gift ever. Nana G

You might inquire if she has the Fancy Nancy books. They are great and very girlie. My nephews always had way too many toys that I would just see broken some days later so I started getting them either clothes, books, or gift certificates so they can go to the store and pick something out themselves. Maybe even a ice cream gift certificate could be fun too.
Good luck and anything with pink, purple, and fuzzy frills is always good! =)

I just gave my 5 year old niece a beach towel and I matched a swimsuit to go with it. Target even has towels with princess crowns on them if that is your preference. I "wrappped" the towel and swimsuit in a pink sand bucket with a shovel.

books, games, and crafts are always a good way to go, but if she's a girly girl and loves princess stuff, you could always go with dress up clothes, shoes, and jewelry.
happy shopping,

I don't think you can ever go wrong with art supplies - and I've never known any to not get used and just sit around. It's always what I recommend when someone asks me what to buy my daughter - she was way too many toys already and ALWAYS uses up her art supplies.

Happy shopping!

How about putting together a 'goody bag' filled with fun outdoor toys, accessories, etc.
Some ideas are:
beach towel (with the princesses or barbies on it)
beach ball
sand toys
kiddie suncreen
kiddie sunglasses
flip flops
swimsuit and/or cover up

I know my nieces and nephews love bubbles (i got a cool bubble set at Target that came with an attachment that can blow over 300 bubbles a minute - all the kids loved it), sidewalk chalk, coloring books and crayons, etc.


get her some really nice art supplies. she can draw all the princesses she wants!

Bubbles! You can even make your own mix with dish soap and glycerin. Then get a big bubble wand for her and a pie tin.
Every princess wants to frolic in her gown amongst bubbles, that's royalty!

Arts and craft supplies are always good!

How about an apron for helping mom in the kitchen. My son has one and uses it several times a week. It also comes in handy when doing messy things like fingerpainting.

Since this little darling is your friend's daughter and you care about this gift, what about a mix and match of things. Here are a few to choose from.:
A classic book in hardcover. Poems, literature.
A jewelry box.
A savings bond.
A small piece of jewelry
A children's bible is that is her parents' faith
A subscription or letter mailing kit.
A craft kit to Michaels as she is entering the age of bracelet making, painting, etc
A box of paper, good colored pencils and markers.
A keychain of her favorite barbie.
A barbie storage container
A gift card to Michaels or Target.
A mirror for all of that dress up.
A white or pink trunk for all of that dress up!
A little gardening kit...
A little cooking or baking kit
A bath toy set..tub markers..brainquest books
A set of puppets and a little theater set
A science kit to expand her interests * my 3 year old daughter has learned a ton from her brother..goo paint, measuring tubes...

I hope these are helpful.

how about something thats not a toy, like a great book. My daughter is also a fan of all things princess, and she loves a collection of books called "Fancy Nancy." There is a few books out, and its about a little girl around 5yrs old who loves all things fancy, they are beautiful books, and would be a great gift.
good luck

what about barbie or princess coloring books, crayons, pencils... my 4 year old loves to do mazes and trace letters in books etc.

I've found that my 4 yr old daughter who loves princesses and dress up is very in to "boy" things as well. Dinosaurs and cars, so we are lucky that we do not have to get her princess stuff all the time. Maybe your friends daughter may be in to these things too...?

My sister recently came in to town and got her a wonderful gift just because. She got her a seed kit. They planted some seeds together in a pail. My daughter has been so excited to water her seeds a little every day and is waiting to see them grow. It was nice for them to do something hands on together and now she has the responsibility to care for her seeds/plant.

We recently went to her friends 4 yr birthday and got her beach items: pail, shovels, & sunglasses. A gift like this can also come with an invitation to go to the beach or to a park that has a sand box.

how about a box of crayons and a couple barbie/princess coloring books? about age 4, my daughter really got into coloring inside the lines and not just scribbling. New crayons were a huge hit, you could even get a small backpack or cloth bag for her to "keep" them in.

If the birthday girl likes stuffed animals (show me a child who doesn't!), you could give her a stuff-n-fluff animal kit from Noah's Ark Animal Workshop. From my website www.planetfluff.net you can order from our wide variety of animals and outfits and accessories and have the kit shipped directly to her or to your home. She would get the animal of your choice, stuffing, a rainbow wish star, a birth certificate, a medallion of authenticity, a carrying bag to color, and stuffing & closing instructions (no sewing necessary). Additionally, you can purchase clothing, outfits, and accessories such as shoes, sound chips, bowties, etc. It's a great hands-on activity and the quality of the product is excellent! Or if you have a hard time selecting for the birthday child, you can purchase a Cuddly Cash Gift Card that she can use on my website when she selects her own animal and clothing. Please let me know if you'd like any more information!

Hi J.,

Being four she can start to make some of her own choices. I give my Grandbabies Boarders gift cards and then either take them shopping or their respective Mom does...they love the freedom to find a book or DVD...I am an advocate for reading from a young age...Its always good to teach the love of books/music.

My heart to yours,

I always like to get educational stuff. Some Pre K or Kindergarten books she can read or do activities in. It will be fun and help ready her for school.

Barnes & Noble has a really cute "build your own tiara" kit in their kids section. They have a "build your own superhero costume" kit for boys. I want to buy a bunch of both for all the upcoming birthdays!
The art projects and kits my son got for his last birthday were a huge lifesaver during the winter when it was too yucky to go outside or he was sick. I hid them a way and got them out one at a time - he had a blast!

Little girls love crafts, JoAnns sells cute little craft sets, to make all kinds of pretty things, even if she has one she can always use another. color books and crayons are also a good choice. and preschool activity books are fun too, I have seen them at target

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