Birthday Party Ideas for Five Year Old Train Fanatic

Updated on February 10, 2011
J.H. asks from Abington, MA
7 answers

My son's fifth birthday is in July and I am thinking ahead! He is a train fanatic and I was going to have his party at Edaville, but it doesn't look like that will be reopening. So I am looking for other places in the area that he might like for a party if anybody has any ideas!

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answers from Milwaukee on

If there is a fun and learning center ion your neighborhood (the store with the educational toys) they might have bday parties there. I know ours does and they actually have a train table in the middle but not electric.



answers from Chicago on

Dont know of any places but check out the train cookies at $1.25 a box and in the shape of trains. Could be a cute treat bag idea? I did it for my son's 3rd bday last week. Great train website!!



answers from Chicago on

I don't know your area and if you have a train line near your home! My son was also train crazy. If you have a train line by your house that you are fimilar with. I took him and five buddy's on the train and we went a few suburbs down had lunch and played at this amazing park. The boys all loved it! I knew the train line well and the stops along the way so it did not take me to long to figure out were we could go!


answers from Boston on

There is a place in Essex CT. that has steam trains and I am not sure if they do birthdays. You may want to have a small group of his friends and go spend the day there? They have a little museum as well as the steam train and steam boat onthe CT River. Worth checking out.


answers from Houston on

have it at your house and put a electric train set aroundthe cake. :) and get some chugginton or the other train plastic cars for the cake. at toys r us you can get a whistle and a engineers hat. :) can you find a resturant in a caboose I know they exist. and reserve a table and do these ideas there. use your imagination



answers from Boston on

Wenham train museum, not sure if they do parties, but my son loves it.
I think you can also rent train moonbounce, and toy trains (ones that kids can ride in) for your backyard.

Also the apple farms at Natick have train rides besides other fun activities....
Good luck!

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