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Birth Control While Also Taking Antibiotics!

hello moms, I have currently been taking an antibiotic called augmentin. And I also have been taking my normal birth control; Loestrin24fe. I was just writing to ask if they cancel each other out. My husband and I have a pretty healthy intimacy and didn't really think of the two taken together. I was just wanting to be on the safe side so that we don't have an unplanned pregnancy unless it has already happened. Any advice helps! Thanks!

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I just wanted to thank all the moms for letting me know what they knew about birth control with antibiotics! I have checked with my doctor and found out the same thing everyone was already telling me! I just had a baby 5 months ago so hopefully not pregnant, but if I am it will be another blessing to our family! Thanks again!

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I would talk to a doctor. I have known people to get pregnant by taking the two. However, I am not familiar with the BC you are taking...It has been a while for me.

Good Luck

I have been told by practitioners I trust to use back-up birth control while on antibiotics including augmentin. Better to be on the safe side and do it!

Yes you do need to use other protection when taking an antibiotic and the pill. You're doctor should have told you that. That's how my friend got pregnat at 17.

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Hi G.,
If you're wanting to be safe, you'll need to use another form of barrier birth control (condom, diaphragm, etc.). You're correct, the antibiotics can interfere with the pill, making it less effective!!

Hope you feel better!

Hi G.,
Im am pretty sure they DO cancel each other out. Please be careful. Augmentin also causes urinary tract and or yeast infections too...I hate having to break the bad news to ya right before the Holiday. Just take all precautionary notions....Eat ALOT of Yogurt and Cranberry juice too. Happy Thanksgiving!

Anytime you take antibiotics while on birth control, you need to use an alternate plan. The antibiotics will counteract your birth control. Condoms and spermacide are your best bet for now.

Taking an antibiotic with birth contron will weaken the birt control. The pharmacist should have told you about this and dtold you to use other methods of birth control. I'm not sure for how long, but you should call the pharmicist and check on it. I don't know if the birth control weakens or bothers the antibiotic in any way. That is another question to ask the pharmacist. Just call any pharmacy and ask, it does't have to be the one you had your rx filled at.


Yes, they do. My pharmacy always puts a sticker on prescriptions that "May reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills." The insert that comes with your Loestrin should give you even more information.

Antibiotics can make BC pills ineffective. Use other protection!

my sweet little number 2 was a result of me on birth control and antibiotics.... needless to say you can get pregnant on them so if you dont want a wee one right now stop having sex... good luck!

YES, you CAN get pregnant!!! Your doc should have asked you if you were on birth control before giving you the prescrip. I am also on Augmentin and my doc asked. You DEFINITELY can get prego. I had two friends who did while on antibiotics! Use protection. :o)

Hi G.!

I don't know if all do or not, but I do know that several antibiotics actually will cancel out the effects of your birth control pill. My friend Samantha actually ended up with her daughter that way! You might want to ask your doctor, but I would err on the safe side if you're not quite ready for a new wee one!

Yes, they do. I've always been told to use back up protection when on an antibiotic. Even w/ my husband on anitbiotic, we're told to be careful. So I would just say...play it safe, and feel better =)

Hi G.
Yes you are right! They do cancel each other out while you are on the antibiotic. It should also state on the prescription bottle to use another form of birth control, probably condoms, until you are finished with the antibiotic. I'm not really sure how long after you've finished your dose, that you can stop the additional form of birth control. That would be a question for your doctor or pharmacist. It will depend on what the metabolism is of the drug. So definitely play it safe with the condoms for a while, but still take your Loestrin as usual.
Good luck, PJ

Yes you do need to use other protection when taking an antibiotic and the pill. You're doctor should have told you that. That's how my friend got pregnat at 17.

A million times yes!!! This is something doctors and pharmacists everywhere should be telling women on birth control. They don't really cancel each other out, the antibiotic will work but it does interfere with the birth control. I know a few folks who have gotten pregnant that way! My pharmacist recommends using a backup method while on antibiotics and for 7 days afterwards. You may also want to implement the rhythm method: don't have sex for 10-16 days after the very first day of your period- if you're taking antibiotics you'll either want to use a condom or abstain from sex around the time you should be ovulating.

I was always too sick on antibiotics for any "monkey business," but if you feel okay, enjoy it, just be safe!

OH YEAH!!!!!!! Difulcan and its generic equivalent can also interfere with birth control, but seriously, when I have to take Diflucan I am not going to be enjoying my husband, LOL!

Haha sorry I also just noticed the 24 responses previous to mine. The last time I took Augmentin I was pregnant and had gotten bitten by an animal. I got sooooooooo sick from taking that stuff. I hope it treats you better than it did me- you may want to ask for some Diflucan, too.

Yes they can!!! It should state that somewhere on the bottle.

Good Luck


When I counsel clients concerning taking birth control pills I try to instruct them to use another back up method if taking certain antibiotics, because they can decrease the effectiveness of the pill and you could become pregnant. Usually tetracycline and ampicillin.But to be on the safe side I tell them all Antibiotics because who can remember which ones with our busy schedules.

Your best bet in such a situation is to call your doctor's office and ask him or her what the interaction between the two might be and if you may need to consider some supplemental birth control while on the antibiotics.

Birth control is ineffective while on antibiotics. Since they stay in your system for around a month they say use protection for atleast that long. Hope this helps. T.

My first one was born because of me getting pregnant while on Loestrin... No antibiotics or missed pills - I just got pregnant while on that low estrogen pill! I would be doubly careful with an antibiotic in the mix! ;)

Some (all?)antibiotics will negate the effects of the bc pills. Anoter form of bc should be used for the entire cycle or cycles when you are taking antibiotics.

Hi G.,
My husband is a Pharmacist and he says that yes, the Augmentin could decrease the effectiveness of the birth control. He says you can go to drugdigest.org and look under drug interactions for details. Very cool site.
Hope this helps!

I would talk to a doctor. I have known people to get pregnant by taking the two. However, I am not familiar with the BC you are taking...It has been a while for me.

Good Luck

I have been told by practitioners I trust to use back-up birth control while on antibiotics including augmentin. Better to be on the safe side and do it!

I know that some antibiotics will cancel out birth control, call your pharmacy to check for sure.

Be careful! :-) I got pregnant right after my honeymoon while taking the regular birth control pill and antibiotics. Also, when that child was 6 months old I found out I was pregnant again. I was taking the low dose pill and nursing and I still got pregnant. No complaints now but just fair warning!!! :-)

They don't "cancel each other out," but you are correct in thinking that your birth control pills will be less effective in preventing pregnancy while you are taking antibiotics. You should use a back up method, such as a condom, if you will be having sex while you are taking the AB.

Many times, antibiotics will cancel out the effectivness of your birth control during the entire time you take the medicine and can even affect your birth control as long as the antibiotic is in your system.


Antibiotics will affect the birth control. You need to use extra protection while taking them or you may end up pregnant!

Good luck.

yes they do...talk to you family doc or GYN about other protection during this time, I got pregnant twice this way.

Birth Control and Antibiotics most definitely will counteract each other. If not looking to get pregnant you should seek alternative methods. I have personally found this out. Although I am blessed by my children!
Hope this helps

S. J

antibiotics most of the time do weaken birth control it would be a good idea for him to wear protection until you are off the antibiotics

YES!!! My dr and pharmacist both recommend using another form of BC for an entire MONTH after ANY antibiotic, including augmentin.

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