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I just fond out that I am a bipoler parent and don't know if any body else out there has the same problems that I do I seem to be doing really well on my meds but I don't want a med that zones me out to where I am don't want to play with my kids during the day and that is what my meds seem to be doing was wondering if any body has any thing to recomend

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Hi R.,
I, too, am bipolar and was diagnosed 4 1/2 years ago. I just went through a depression cycle and had to have my meds readjusted.

My advice to you is contact your doctor and request a change in meds due to one side effect...your lethargic mood. And, I must ask you what type of doc you are seeing for treatment for Bi-polar. I found out after a years cycle with mostly depression and the wrong thing my family doc prescribed. I found a pyschiatrist who immediately changed my meds. I have tried numerous meds and one of them had a side effect similar to yours. Don't give up...it might take awhile but you will find the right meds that help you maintain a healthy outlook on life.

And, if your meds are not working and your doc won't change your meds then it's time to move on to another doc who will work with you.

Good luck on your journey...

W. Q

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I am a bi polar parent as well but my daughter is 18 but had problems with mood swings until about a year ago when my meds were switched to Geodone (a new med) and Effexor. I alos have anxiety issues so I am not sure which is for the bi polar..Also my daughter is bi-polar as well but non-medicated some say it is genetic not sure if it is or not

I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder about 8 years ago and have been doing very well on medication. My biggest advice is to read up on the illness, you are your best ally in this struggle. Find a good doctor, it took me 6 psychiatrists to find a good one for me. I think the hardest part is the stereo-types people give you, don't let them get to you. Good luck to you!

I to am bi polar. I found that Paxil worked best for me. Good luck

I was told I was bipolar... I was put on many meds.. One was topamax... and then they put me on another I forget it.. It really zoned me out... Topamex zonked me for a while I got reallllllllly dumb till about 3 or so months Heck I could not spell the word THE for 2 weeks...

THey cut it down and slowwwwwly took it up and that helped but Still It would make you forget many things... and affect me...

My son was on paxal for headaches we took him off cuz he was a jerk and hitting but I am sure for all people all meds are different...

anyway.. Listen... I am not bipolar.. get this....

I had been on the depo provera shot... It can realllly mess you up... anyway.... I sure did.... I got off it.. and Slowly I got happy!!! I can reallly mess with you that is for sure... I just wanted to see if you were maybe on that or soemthing...

Heck they had me seeing a shrink.. on the meds for over a year.. I told him I wanted a baby.. I got off the depo shot.. Took myself off the meds he put me on and WOW I found happy.. To this day.. I am good!!!! I have never been so good... AND I have lost 45 lbs!!!!!

Also you state the father is away... Maybe that is not bi polar.. Maybe you are just stressed out.. Maybe you just need some help about the house.... Everbody is so ready to jump on the You are sick take this....

I hope it is not the case!!!!

Sending a big hug!!!!


If you are weary of drugs that only suppress the symptoms without actually treating the cause of the problem, I've read of great successes in psychological disorders such as bipolar, depression, and others, using EFT. Here is a detailed article you might find interesting: http://www.emofree.com/Articles2/karen-grisham-article.htm

Also, on the EFT site you can find a list of practitioners in your area. I've used and practiced EFT for 2 years now and have seen some amazing results.

Of course, I always recommend Mona Vie which is a natural fruit drink that is high in antioxidants. Everyone I know that has tried it, even for issues such as fibromyalgia and ADD/ADHD, have noted noticable relief by drinking it. So there is some proof that it helps with mental issues as well. If nothing else, it's great for boosting energy and cleansing toxins out of the system and may help counteract the drowsy side-effects of your current medication without interfering with its effectiveness.

If you are interested in trying the Mona Vie, please email me at ____@____.com

Good luck!

my mom is bipolar ... My dr prescribed topamax and it will make me tired but not horribly tired. I dont know how extreme your bipolar is but thats what they use to determine the meds. There is ALOT of info available online.

As a bipolar mom myself, I know how hard it is. But, I also had a chance to get used to being bipolar long before I became a mom. I've been on several different medications and I only liked one of them, which my doctor changed on me without consulting me first. How long have you been on your meds? Most of them take at least 6 weeks to start working and about twice that to have any really effects. It's hard, but you have to give it time.
I am not taking any medication now. But, I watch what I eat very very carefully and I use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Are you in therapy? It really helps, I highly suggest group therapy if you can find one. MAke sure you talk to your doctor. If the medication is really not working for you, make them change it. If that doctor won't, go see another one!
The best advice I can give you is to learn your rhythm. Do you cycle through your depressions and manias regularly? Every few months, more often? I knew a girl who cycled several times a day! Scary! I go through a 3-4 month cycle and I use my manic phases to my advantage and I do my best not to let my depresions get the best of me. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions or just want someone to talk to or vent to. Good luck!

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